The Cannon Fodder and Villain’s Happy Ending - Chapter 125

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Ch.125 Embezzlement (3)


“No, of course I do!” Qin Zeyu hastily denied it and eagerly took another step forward.

Hearing this, Qin Xin breathed a sigh of relief. A gentle smile reappeared on her delicate face.

“Big Brother had some misunderstandings about me, so I didn’t dare to look for you either. The maid told me earlier that you would be here, so I rushed over. Ah Yu, I brought you the cream-filled rolls you love so much. Come and have some.”

Then, she lifted up her cloak and brought out a box of treats.

When the box was opened, a tantalizingly sweet smell wafted out into the wind. The gold and crisp cream-filled pastry rolls were very tempting.

“Thank you, Second Sister!” Qin Zeyu thanked her and took a piece from the box.

“Ah Yu, you wouldn’t have been so polite with me before.” Qin Xin put on a forced smile, a light layer of mist covering her eyes. It seemed like tears were going to fall soon.

Qin Zeyu hurriedly said, “No, Second Sister, it’s not what you think…”

Qin Xin wiped her tears with her handkerchief and smiled thoughtfully. “I know you had no choice, otherwise you would get hit by your Third Sister again. Third Sister is also worried about you. It’s just…Sigh, don’t worry about it. I’ll come and see you quietly in the future.”

Qin Xin smiled as warmly and gently as always.

But in Qin Zeyu’s eyes and ears, there was constantly something off about it that he couldn’t put his finger on. It also felt as if the pastry treat in his mouth isn’t as sweet and fragrant anymore.

Qin Xin affectionally pulled Qin Zeyu over to sit down in the gazebo at the side, chatting as usual, “By the way, Ah Yu. What have you been busy with lately?”

Without even thinking about it, Qin Zeyu answered naturally, “Organizing Mother’s dowry with Big Brother and Third Sister.”

“It must be hard.” Qin Xin sat elegantly on the pavilion’s bench, smiling. “But it’s good to have it all sorted out.”

“Yeah.” Qin Zeyu nodded his head.

Qin Xin observed him and said with perfect composure, “To be able to sort everything out so quickly, Third Sister really is capable.”

“Of course not, Second Sister…” Speaking halfway, Qin Zeyu suddenly stopped.

Second Sister wouldn’t be testing him, is she?

Qin Zeyu had always trusted Qin Xin completely since he was young and never felt suspicious of her. However, after being lectured by Qin Zening, he started to feel as if something was wrong when he heard Qin Xin say this.

“Ah Yu, what’s wrong?” Qin Xin smiled and asked him in a warm voice.

“How would Qin Gui know how to look at the books? But Big Brother is still praising her to the skies!” Qin Zeyu’s eyes flashed and he scoffed. “From what I can see, whether or not Qin Gui even knows how to read the word ‘accounts’ is questionable.”

“Big Brother ist aking fish eyes for pearls!”

“The books have been under your control the past few years so they’re definitely correct. It’s the same whether they look through it or not.”

Qin Zeyu put on the appearance of a no do-gooder, slouching around eating the pastries given to him by Qin Xin.

Qin Xin breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself, sure enough, Qin Gui didn’t see anything wrong!

She didn’t suspect that Qin Zeyu would lie to her. Qin Zeyu had been close with him since he was a child, and he would follow behind her all day. Even Qin Zening can’t compare with her relationship with him, so how could one little Qin Gui ruin it?

The thought of Qin Zeyu recognizing her as his sister and not Qin Gui gave her a feeling of accomplishment, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly at an angle where Qin Zeyu could not see.

“Ah Yu, your Third Sister has a bad temper so just follow along with her as much as you can.” Qin Xin softened her voice and said with concern.

“I know, don’t worry, Second Sister!” Qin Zeyu shrugged his shoulders. “Oh, it’s this time already. I have to head back now, Second Sister! I haven’t finished the homework Big Brother assigned me yet.”

He jumped up nimbly and said, “I’ll be going, then!”

Then, he waved his hand and slipped off.

Qin Xin watched him leave and breathed a sigh of relief.


Qin Zeyu had been spoiled since he was young. How could he endure doing homework?

Actually, she knew that Second Aunt was spoiling Qin Zeyu on purpose to ruin him, but it seems now that since the marquis mansion was inherited by Second Uncle, it was normal for Second Aunt to be wary towards Qin Zeyu. After all, you can’t be too safe.

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