The Crown Prince I’m Raising Has Turned Evil - Chapter 533

The end of the sweet talk was that Xie Linlang couldnt get out of bed the next day .
It has to be said that young people are not good at this point and have too much energy! Even Xie Linlang is very lucky every time . She is lucky that she has strong internal power . Otherwise, she cant bear it
The servants in the palace are also very shy . Their country queen may be the reason why they used to be men in the past . When they are enthusiastic, they are especially enthusiastic and active . When they refuse, they also have a kind of confusing amorous feelings .
As a result, your majesty is so lonely that he cant control him every night, and then toss about half a night .
But its strange that, according to the degree of love, the queen is not pregnant . Is it possible that there is something wrong with her body?
But what they didnt know was that Qin Jue had been taking medicine ever since she had learned medical skills and advanced skills from Xun Lao .
Qin Jue once saw the pain of giving birth to a child . It was in Xiangcheng . A woman gave birth on the street . Lin Lang pulled him to help .
As a result, he had a lot of shadow in his heart . He really didnt want to experience this experience!
Anyway, the child born to dieshu is also his emperors younger brother . He doesnt mind raising him as a son .
At this time, Fei Lang didnt know that she was grateful for everything .
After she married Qin Jue, her freedom was not constrained . When she met with difficulties in government affairs, Qin Jue would ask her for her opinions . If she had any good ideas, Qin Jue would treat them carefully and put them into practice .
This makes Xie Linlang feel very interesting, building a country is more fun than building a city, but also have a sense of achievement! As a result, she didnt play with the beauty for a long time .
So the afternoon flower party, she is still very attentive, but unfortunately, the participants are very heavy .
In the morning, Qin Jue sent all the memorials to the imperial court, and suddenly expressed his willingness to draft .
Just out of the value of the aristocratic family, he decided to choose only the gold of officials with three grades or above . He did not choose from the people, nor from the officials with low positions . He wanted the highest status!
This makes senior officials feel worried . They have daughters in their family, but they dare not! Directly send his daughter out, that is not the target to Xie Linlangs hand?
Once the daughter has an accident and the family is involved, how can this business not be cost-effective!
But there was no reason why they wanted to retort . Qin Jue said that she was the daughter of an aristocratic family with noble blood and was more suitable for the continuation of the emperors descendants .
Do they dare to say that other non aristocratic daughters are suitable? Thats not to say to your face that the emperors blood is not noble, who can be worthy of it?
If the old emperor was in power, the aristocratic family had great power and did not marry the emperor directly, the emperor would not dare to force him .
But now the times are different . Now they are living in Qin Jues hands . They can only do what he says .
As a result, after they went back to the imperial court, they received a letter from the empress, saying that they would invite the women of the right age to enter the palace to enjoy the flowers .
Combined with the things in the court during the day, it is obvious that the queen wants to see their daughter in advance!
This makes many people start to hesitate
In the past year, Xie Linlang rarely appeared in front of the world . It was not Qin Jue who oppressed her, but her nature was rather homely . When she had time, she was more willing to make small experiments that she liked in the harem .
This led to the fact that although she was not seen, the legends about her continued .
For example, the arithmetic she sorted out has been used as one of the contents of the scientific examination and promoted nationwide .
For example, the grafting technology she put forward also makes the crops rejuvenate!
Such feats of benefiting the country and the people continue . It was difficult for the public to accept her identity as a woman, but the more magic she showed, the more people focused on it, the less on gender .
Moreover, the common people found that whether Xie Linlang married or not, whether he was a man or a woman, was no different from before .
She has always been committed to the peoples livelihood of the world, both men and women, are worthy of the worlds first statesman!
In addition, because of the affairs of Zeguo and Boguo, she was also called a political strategist by the people who wrote books and made biographies .
She set up a feat, the impact, three days and three nights can not be completed!
Most importantly, she is still young and her legend continues .
Gradually, Xie Linlangs popularity is higher than before . With the continuous flow of money into her pocket, which aristocratic family dares to despise her?
This led to Qin Jues stipulation that some ministers would not hold a draft .
It doesnt matter whether the emperor can open branches and scatter leaves . The important thing is that in case of offending the God of wealth in the palace, they dont get any benefits, and they also lose everything with their daughter . Who can argue with this?
Therefore, the daughters who entered the palace were influenced by their father and did not dare to relax at all .
Originally, according to the plan, it was not them who took part in the draft, but the legitimate daughters who were not favored in the family . Those legitimate women would be brushed down . The real trump card of their family was those who were young and beautiful, but whose family status was not high .
As a result, Qin Jue and Xie Linlang, as the most favored daughters of the family, would not be able to come . Otherwise, they would not respect the emperor and despise the imperial power . So they came with a stiff head .
The place where the flower party was held was the spring garden built by the emperor for the empress many years ago .
Because Xie Linlang said that she liked the spring scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, but she was too lazy to move it . So Qin Jue tried her best to move the spring scenery in the south of the Yangtze River to her!
The garden was built in a very short period of time . It took a lot of money and effort .
However, Qin Jue had his own money, and the emperor also had his own small Treasury . He only wanted to raise Linlang .
When you enter this famous spring garden, but it is hard to see its true face, you ladies are full of wonder!
They did not expect that those delicate flowers in the South could grow in the north and grow so well!
Among them, there are many flowers that they have never seen before . They are arranged at random with elegant design, which makes people overwhelmed .
However, with the deepening of the garden, their expressions from the beginning of the exclamation, slowly become silent .
Because there are only two stone chairs on the stone table and all the flowers are a pair . Even the design of the pavilion is double Pavilion . Every place and everything in the garden declares the emperors deep love and exclusive right to the queen .
If not for a persons possessive desire engraved in the bone, how could the emperor even build in pairs?
In the same way, no one else in such a garden even had the chance to insert it . This may be what the emperor thought . In his heart, he was afraid that there was never a third persons position .
These noble women had the most comprehensive education and were very careful . Seeing everything in front of them, they knew how deep the emperor was .
So they were silent, even if one or two of them were ambitious, which would be quite a blow .
But it doesnt matter, Xie Linlang is now 20! They cant compare with anything else, but at least they are younger than her!
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