The Crown Prince I’m Raising Has Turned Evil - Chapter 534

Soon, the ladies came to the center of the garden, arranged seats, this is a lush lawn, next to the water Yiyi, in front of a hundred flowers competing .
After they sat down, they did not talk, but sat there in the most beautiful manner . They all felt that the queen must want to see their future sisters in advance and give them a bully .
In that case, she will certainly dress up very dignified and luxurious .
When they think of Xie Linlangs handsome mens clothes, they are worried, especially those who look ordinary . They are worried that they will be crushed to pieces .
After a while, surrounded by the palace people, Xie Linlang came!
Different from what they expected, Xie Linlang was wearing a very simple, even neutral white robe, with only a bunch around her waist .
Similarly, her long hair was simply tied behind her head with a light purple hair band .
She had no make-up, but she was as beautiful as a fairy in a picture .
Her clothes were not very neat, but they became a fashion of their own .
She walked towards them with a leisurely walk and a gentle smile . She was clearly dressed up as a daughter, but her temperament weakened the bondage of gender . She only showed the elegance of celebrities and natural strength .
This is the first time that Xie Linlang saw her after she married Qin Jue .
Some of them who have never seen Xie Linlang think that if Xie Linlang can cheat so many people, it must be beautiful and rough . However, those who have seen Xie Linlangs mens clothes think that Xie Linlang is used to being a man . Even if she is good-looking, womens wear must be very inconsistent .
But the fact is that she is the most beautiful, both men and women . This kind of beauty is not only skin appearance, but also the vast expanse of the universe, the refined purity, and the precipitation of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers .
Presumably, the most talented people in the world do not have her unique bearing . No wonder those scholars who despise women most can not help sighing when talking about Xie Linlang .
After Lin Lang, there are no celebrities .
In other words, it is impossible for someone to surpass Xie Linlang, so there will be no more celebrities after her .
After Xie Linlang sat down, she could not help but be amused to see that they were all staring at themselves .
This kind of feeling seems to go back to the past, but in the past, these little girls would look at her secretly, shyly and timidly, but now they can be more generous, because they are all women .
Xie Linlang beside the palace people coughed, these precious girls just like the beginning of a dream, and then many of them even blushed!
They dont know why they blush . Its clear that Xie Linlang is also a woman, but her unique charm and elegant manners make them unconsciously forget her gender and only know that she is a very attractive existence .
Wait to return to God after secretly regret, such an excellent person, how is not a man?
Whats more, the slight hostility they have towards other women disappears in the face of Xie Linlang .
This may be the reason for the gap .
Before seeing her, some of them can cheat themselves, but after seeing her, they will understand how ridiculous their age advantage is in front of her!
Beauty in front of her is superficial, young in front of her is immature, how can this compare? It cant be compared! Not to mention her vision and wisdom, her means and strength .
After that, they said, thank you very much .
In fact, theres no other meaning in inviting you here today . Its just a difficult problem and I want to get your answers .
People are very curious, in this world, there is still a difficult problem to live in Xie Linlang? If she cant figure it out, its even more impossible for them .
One of the older ladies said respectfully .
Empress, please tell me what we know .
Xie Linlang nodded and said in a soothing tone .
I have seen many birds in the wild before, such as swans, albatrosses, and vultures . But who knows why, when they are married, they like to be embroidered with mandarin ducks?
Xie Linlangs question made everyone stunned, because it was too simple, even those who had not read books knew it .
So a noble girl replied, because the mandarin ducks are in pairs and embroidered with mandarin ducks on the quilt, they hope that the new couple can be as loving and harmonious as the mandarin ducks .
Xie Linlang nodded, then said with a smile, however, as far as I know, mandarin ducks are very romantic in nature, and they are very romantic . On the contrary, swans and albatrosses are loyal to their partners, especially swans . Even after their partners die, they will be lonely for life .
So pure, shouldnt it be used to describe new people?
Xie Linlang asked people this question because they didnt know whether the mandarin duck flower was flowery or whether the swan was single-minded . They couldnt answer, so they could only think about the reason why Xie asked this question . See no one to answer, Xie Linlangs own smile way .
So my question is, whats the difference between this Swan and mandarin duck? If you choose, would you like to be a swan or a mandarin duck? Dont rush to answer . Go back and think slowly . It doesnt matter if you dont understand . You can tell your family to think together .
Xie Linlang finish saying, smile let a person serve dish wine .
From the beginning to the end, she was warm and gentle to them .
Can taste out of the meaning of the noble women, but some empty up .
At this time, a very young lady suddenly asked .
Niang, if it were you, would you rather be a swan or a mandarin duck?
She said, her immature face, appeared some delicate and horizontal expression, certainly cant be a swan? You are the mother of a country, how can you monopolize the king? If you can only choose mandarin duck, where can you choose
Her words changed the expression of all the ladies present, especially the servants . Seeing her so bold, she would scold her!
But Xie Linlang but stretched out his hand to stop the side of the palace mother, smile unchanged asked .
Why not exclusive?
Her words of course made people stunned, women can not be jealous, not to mention the mother of a country, but Xie Linlang even said so, she is not afraid of being caught by the official?
Xie Linlang touched his chin and continued .
I am a swan . I roam the world and travel in all directions . In this case, I cant find mandarin ducks . What can match me must also be swans . Since all are swans, loyalty is not instinct?
Which girl is Xie Linlangs opponent? She was tongue tied and her eyes widened .
Yes, but you are jealous . All men in the world dont like it . . .
No? You are brave enough to control my preference
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