The Crown Prince I’m Raising Has Turned Evil - Chapter 535

A voice suddenly interposed, people look back and see a figure in Bright Yellow Dragon Robe strides forward!
They all knelt down in a hurry, only Xie Linlang did not move . Then, they saw the heavy wooden soled shoes embroidered with dragon patterns passing in front of them and went straight to Xie Linlang .
Xie Linlang looked at him in surprise .
Why did you come? This little thing, she threatened a little, those family owners will naturally be able to hear her potential threat, and then obedient, he really does not need to come in person .
Qin Jue held her hand, and then some displeasure swept the expensive girl who had spoken before, and said in a deep voice .
If I dont come, I dont know that someone is so bold that even the mother of our country would dare to question and contradict .
The girl was startled and kowtowed in a hurry!
Your Majesty, forgive me! Excuse me, Queen! I didnt mean to . I just Its just thats what the books say Were the predecessors wrong?
Hearing this, Qin Jue sneered .
The book teaches you not to be a swan, but to be a water bird? If so, such a book should be burned!
Whats more, you have violated the laws and regulations . Ill punish you for three months, as an example .
He was not severely punished, but being punished by the emperor was a disgrace in itself .
The girls face was pale, and Qin Jue had looked at Xie Linlang again .
Lin Lang, didnt you always want the original works of the former Emperor Wen of the south? Ive got it for you . Ill show you .
Qin Jues words made all the noble women kneeling at the scene frightened!
The former Emperors things are generally the most taboo things of the current emperor, not only will not touch them, but also severely punish the collectors .
But because Xie Linlang likes a sentence, he will find the original works of the former Emperor!
Plus the whole yard in pairs In the end, to like a person to what extent, will be so precious?
Xie Linlang glanced at him helplessly, but she was really happy when he was so interested . So she took advantage of others heads, and in front of all the people, she gave a sweet kiss to Qin Jues lip .
But what she didnt know was that the scene of natural closeness became a reflection on the water and was printed in the hearts of many people
Thank you very much, my husband Ill make you a cake
Qin Jue smell speech, lip corner tiny hook, or I come, I have learned .
They said, like ordinary husband and wife, leave as if nobody else .
They are so fit, so sweet, really can not insert a third person .
If forced to insert, I am afraid it is also the distance between Swan and water bird, and the mismatch between them is enough to make all water birds feel ashamed . Why do they have to humiliate themselves and become mandarin ducks?
After the flower fair, the lady told her father about the Queens question, only to sigh at last .
Although Xie Linlang didnt make it clear, her meaning was very clear . She and Qin Jue were loyal and loyal . Even if they died, they couldnt tolerate a third party .
Her words are so clear, if they still want to forcibly intervene, it is obvious that they want to fight against her!
And whats the advantage of being against her? The worlds wealth is in her control . In terms of wisdom and conspiracy, can they play with her?
Since they cant play, what are they still struggling with?
The Emperor didnt care about the absence of a harem . For the sake of the family, they had better wash and sleep
As a result, the draft that had been put on the agenda suddenly ended . Officials tacitly forgot this matter, and once forgotten, it was for a long time .
After two years, see Xie Linlang did not intend to settle accounts after autumn, they began to give birth to children .
At this time, Xie Linlang found that Qin Jue had been taking medicine on her back .
This made her cry and laugh, and that night she grabbed him and asked why .
Qin Jue, who was reviewing the memorial, put down her pen and frowned solemnly .
If you are pregnant, it will be very hard for you . It is most difficult to conceive in October . It is even more difficult to give birth to a child . Moreover, it is painful to have a child, and it will shed a lot of blood . I cant bear it . He is not worth your sacrifice for him .
Hear Qin Jue so cold-blooded words, Xie Linlang have a little sympathy for future children .
However, she couldnt help but smile and bend her eyes and betrayed her good mood . She went to Qin Jues arms for a seat, and then hooked his neck .
You are right! I dont want to have children . Its very hard to have children, and there are many risks . If I get old and ugly, and you still look good, how can you do it?
Qin Jue Qingjuns eyebrows and eyes appear gentle, and her tone is even more willful and indulgent .
Then it will not be born . And I love you anyway . Even he is worried that he is too old to be worthy of her . After all, he has not broken through the bottleneck, but Linlang has already broken through . After the breakthrough, she not only has a longer life span, but also grows very slowly . He must work harder!
Xie Linlang smell speech, embrace his neck, half closed eyes, with that kind of coquettish voice said . Its hard to have children But because its you, Im willing to have it!
Qin Jue heart sharp jump, Xie Linlang is a little shy of the chin way .
Fool, try to make a man! Where can I lay the foundation? It has to be the blood of my Xie family and your Qin family . It can last for generations!
Besides, if we dont raise an heir soon, how can we go out and play in the future? I want to play all over the world
Qin Jue was dazzled by her series of words . He didnt hear the latter words very clearly . He just remembered the former one . Because it was him, she was willing to
Violent moved and sweet intertwined, Qin Jue suddenly started to hold Xie Linlang horizontally!
Xie Lin Lang called softly, what are you doing?
Qin Jue seriously said, create people!
Xie Linlang blushed for a while, holding his neck, the voice said softly .
“…… However, you havent finished the approval yet . . .
Qin Jue grinned and strode to the room with her in her arms . She was a little anxious .
Theres no end to this, and now I just want you .
The red account is surging, and in a flash it is another night .
The stars in the sky fall, the candle burns to the end, and their story, still continues, their happiness is also .
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