Chapter 1057

“This time, the elders will probably choose Xiao Feng or Xiao Shun . When the time comes, you have to accompany your baby’s mother . ”

“Yes, I know . ” Why was her son inheriting the inheritance again .

On the other side .

“Flight 1515 is already… ”

In the airport, two people caught everyone’s attention .

Their fair and beautiful faces, despite wearing sunglasses, were still as beautiful and moving as ever .

A gentleman followed closely behind, so handsome that it was simply irresistible .

This time, he still begged SH to come back with him . Because she had a special status now, it was not convenient for her to appear . Therefore, many things needed his help .

“I have already followed your request and asked the neighbor to buy the house closest to your house, ” Sh said faintly .

“thank you . ” She did not know how to say unnecessary words . Perhaps she could only say thank you .

What SH did not expect the most was not that she remembered everything, but that she was already married and a mother of three children . This matter had lasted so long that he could not come back to his senses .

He felt suffocated . Perhaps only he knew how bad his heart felt .

Since he could not have her, perhaps he could only be her knight and protect her forever . Perhaps she would never know how he felt about her for the rest of her life .

Lu Yuxi’s heart ached when she came to the familiar road and came to the familiar door of her home .

Mom, baby, black tribe, I’m sorry . I will definitely appear in front of you in a period of time and love you well .

Looking at her eyes filled with sadness, he felt inexplicably bad and wanted to protect her .

“Let’s go . ”

He returned to the room he bought and observed her every move . He could understand the situation there better .

“An, what do you plan to do now? ” Sh did not know what she was thinking, so he asked .

Lu Yuxi smiled, “the first step is of course to enter the HEI family . ”

Sh frowned, “An, if you go in like this, won’t you be recognized? ”

“Of course I won’t go in like this . I’m naturally prepared, or else I wouldn’t really say it . ” As she said that, she took out the things that she had taken from Lindu .

Seeing the potion in Lu Yuxi’s hand, SH widened his eyes and wanted to snatch it away . Unfortunately, Lu Yuxi dodged it .

“An, are you crazy? Do you know what this is? Why do you have this? Give it to me quickly . This thing is very dangerous, ” Sh said nervously .

“Hu, I know this thing is very dangerous . But Lindu said that if I use it once, it won’t cause much harm to my body . I won’t use it for long . I only need it once, which is 15 days . I only need 15 days . ”

Sh’s face was cold . “Okay, you said it . You only need to use it once . Please give it to me immediately after you use it . ”

This medicine was discovered by their country . At that time, when they discovered it, everyone disguised themselves to look like they liked it . However, later on, the effects of the medicine slowly caused them to die and be injured .

After that, this medicine became a forbidden medicine until there was no more . However, how did Lindu get it? No, he had to go back and capture him to ask .

“I know . I only need to use it once . 15 days is enough for my plan, ” Lu Yuxi said confidently .

Xiao Ru, I’ll let you know what it means to return the favor .