Chapter 1058

“Miss, I heard that you are hiring people here, is that right? ” Lu Yuxi asked Hei Qingqing who was about to drive into the main gate .

It had been a long time since she saw Qingqing . She seemed to have lost a lot of weight . She looked at her very amiably .

Hei Qingqing opened the car window and took a look . She saw an average-looking woman looking at her . There was a sense of familiarity in her smile .

That’s right, this was Lu Yuxi who had changed her appearance . She was an extremely ordinary-looking woman . Her goal had only just begun . Fifteen days . Xiao Ru, just you wait .

“mm, I think so . Go in and ask . Ask the Butler inside . He should know . ” Hei Qingqing did not have the temperament of a miss at all .

Lu Yuxi looked pitiful . “But miss, I don’t look like I can go in . How can I talk to the Butler? ”

Hei Qingqing hesitated for a moment . “Alright then, come in . I’ll help you ask the Butler to see if he has recruited anyone . ”

Lu Yuxi nodded desperately . “thank you, Miss . You’re such a good person . Thank you . You’re really a good person . ”

“Why are you thanking me? I only promised to help you speak up for the housekeeper . I didn’t say that it would be okay . ” Hei Qingqing was a little confused .

“I’m already very grateful that you can help me speak up for me . Moreover, you were able to listen to me patiently . This proves that you’re a good person . ” Lu Yuxi smiled sweetly .

There was a reason why Lu Yuxi chose to attack Hei Qingqing .

Qingqing was a doctor . To her, saving lives and helping the injured was her responsibility . Therefore, she was always kind to everyone . Although she had a sharp tongue sometimes, she was really soft-hearted . Therefore, choosing her was definitely the right choice .

“Alright, stop praising me . It’s useless to praise me . The Butler will decide whether to hire people or not . I’m only responsible for leading the way, ” Hei Qing Qing said lightly .

“Do you want to get in the car? This place is still a little far from the house . It might be faster if I give you a ride, ” Hei Qing Qing said kindly .

“You, do you want to give me a ride? ” Sure enough, Qing Qing was still as kind as ever .

“Why? Is there a problem? ”

“Oh, no . ”

Sure enough, Lu Yuxi successfully entered the Hei family and became the newest servant .

The kitchen was the place where the servants liked to gather because they could talk about matters of the heart and talk big . If the masters didn’t come here, this place would be their world .

“Hello, everyone . I’m a new member . My name is an . I hope that in the future, everyone can give me more advice . ” An looked at everyone dangerously .

“En, everyone welcome our new friend . Now, let me introduce her to you . This is sister Zhang, this is sister Wu, and this is the chef… ”

Lu Yuxi entered and seemed to have received a warm welcome from everyone . Because she was not familiar with the business, there was still an experienced person who took care of her .

“This is the main hall, and that is the living room . We usually… ” before she could finish, a person suddenly appeared in front of the two of them .

That person respectfully said, “Young Madam . ”

Lu Yuxi frowned . As expected, they looked exactly the same as her . It was simply impossible to tell whether they were real or fake . Living with her identity, it seemed that they were living very well .

Xiao Ru, hehe, Xiao Ru, you didn’t expect it, did you? I’m back . This time, I won’t let you off so easily . These fifteen days are enough for you to beg for death . I, Lu Yuxi, am not someone you can replace .