Chapter 1241

“The outside is already surrounded by our people . Even if you have wings now, it will be hard for you to escape . ” Hei Bu’s strange expression made boss Dao ba feel that a great disaster was imminent .

“Ling Hu, I’ll teach you how to handle things here . ” Eating Breakfast was not reassuring .

“Okay . ”

“You’re already like this . Let’s send you to the hospital . ” Lu Yuxi looked at his bloody face and was really a little afraid .

“No need . You guys saved me . I’m already very grateful . Sorry for the trouble . ”

Lu Yuxi frowned . She was obviously injured but she was still so stubborn .

“Alright, you don’t have to say so much . Since we saved you, we’ll send you to the West and send you to the hospital . Coincidentally, we also have to go to the hospital to see what the situation is like . ”

Hei Qingqing had not returned for 12 hours . She had to go and see what the situation was like .

The man looked at Lu Yuxi’s eyes in a daze . At this moment, no one knew what he was thinking . The strange look in his eyes was hard to understand .

On the other side, boss Dao Ba, who was surrounded, was also flustered . “Let me tell you, I’m not someone to be trifled with . You, get out of the way, don’t let me let my brother out, I’ll scare you to death! ”

“your brother? Sea Snake? I’m sorry to tell you, just 10 minutes ago, your brother was already brought in by the police . Are you trying to go in and find him? ”

With a call from the Hei Bu, he had already figured out everything . Of course, he was also the one who brought sea snake in .

“How is that possible, big brother has always been very careful, how could he go in? Is it you, is it your fault? ”

“It was me . who asked you to offend Hei di? I can’t help you . Men, arrest them all for me . ”

“Yes . ”

Even if it was the same number of people, their people could still kill them . The gangs were well-trained . Who could get close to them .

On the other side, at the hospital .

“Doctor, take a look . ” At the hospital, the doctor was the biggest .

“okay, we will . ” As she said that, she used the wheelchair to push him into the ward .

Seeing him go in, Lu Yuxi also let out a sigh of relief . This way, she would be relieved and not feel guilty .

A gentle hand used a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off her forehead . “You can rest assured now, right? ”

“Yes, thank you . ” Lu Yuxi held his big hand with her small hand and looked at him with a smile .

She thanked him for letting her marry him, and thanked him for always taking care of everything for her .

Hei Bu looked at her helplessly, his eyes filled with gentleness . “silly . ”

Xiao Feng also looked at Lu yuxi with a smile .

The big hand holding the small hand, the scene of the family of three was really enviable . This scene was something that many people could not envy . This was what Lu Yuxi wanted after living for two lifetimes .

“Hei Bu, tell me, Qing Qing has been here for 12 hours without going back . Do you think she has settled the matter? ”

“according to Qing Qing’s intelligence, it should have been settled . You can ask her . ” Hei Bu pointed to the nurse station .

“Qing Qing is smart, but the task I gave her was to get doctor Mu to tell her about the medicine . According to the degree that Qing Qing knows him, I don’t think she has told him . ”

“Go and ask . If Lisa wants to know, go and ask . ”

“okay . ” As she said that, Lu Yuxi walked to the nurse station .

At the nurses’station, no one had the time to answer questions . Lu Yuxi had finally caught a person and said it .