The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 17

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Mu Huan’s idea was to mess things up— mess up and destabilize the douchebag’s life!

The scumbag had a good job . He was the manager of a major company . Due to his career, girls naturally believed that he was definitely not a liar .

Mu Huan first exposed the scumbag’s marital status to his company, letting the female coworkers he was dating find out that they had been cheated on and having them cause a scene . Thereafter, she hired a few more women to pretend to be his girlfriends and had them take turns to stir things up at his company, plaguing him with endless scandals .

When the douchebag had asked the security officers to prevent female strangers from entering, Mu Huan disguised herself as a pregnant lady to cause a scene at his company . As she was pregnant, the security officers did not dare to stop her as they were afraid to cause any incidents .

The pregnancy set-up had a great impact as everyone in the scumbag’s company found out about how horrible he had been .

“Yang Feng, how could you treat me this way! You said you would marry me and provide a loving home for our child . You said you would buy us a house, and that’s why I sold my old house! I even returned my parents’ insurance and spent all the money I have for you to purchase an apartment for us . But now, you are throwing me away and claiming that the house belongs to you? Aren’t you forcing me to die?!”

Mu Huan cried and ran toward the window . It scared the workers sitting near the area, who then hurriedly rushed forward and blocked her way .

“Don’t stop her, let her jump!” Yang Feng shouted furiously .

“Manager Yang, you are too much!” an employee, who couldn’t bear to watch any longer, yelled out bravely .

When one person finally spoke, everyone followed after . “That’s right! Manager Yang, you are really going overboard!”

Having an affair was shameless enough, but he even lied to this lady and said that he was single and cheated her of her heart and body . Now that he had caused her to be pregnant, he still wanted to cheat her out of her money and force her to her death!

This was the strategy of a scum!

“I’ve never lied to her, and I definitely didn’t cause her pregnancy!” Yang Feng repeatedly tried to explain himself . But no matter what he said, no one believed him .

This was driving him absolutely crazy!

Mu Huan lowered her head and cried out in despair and hurt . “I’ve never wanted to be a third party and break up someone’s marriage . Since you are already married, I will never be with you no matter how much pain and suffering I will have to go through . But you can’t steal the money for the apartment away from me . If you do that, how will my child and I survive?!”

“What child, you b*tch…” Yang Feng dashed forward as he tried to tear off Mu Huan’s clothes and let everyone have a look at exactly what that thing in her tummy was .

Mu Huan screamed and hid behind the crowd in fear .

Bao Junyan, who was here to inspect the branch office, furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the commotion . “What’s going on?”

The senior management executives who had been following after him broke out into a cold sweat . The head of the branch office was trembling as he hastily hauled an employee over and asked about the matter .

“It’s… It’s Manager Yang, he…”

After hearing about the situation, Bao Junyan glanced and saw how harshly Yang Feng was grabbing the pregnant lady’s wrist . His gaze became extremely cold . He turned around to leave after tossing a statement that there was no need for such an employee in their company .

Mu Huan, whose back was originally facing him, turned around just as he had left . She skillfully grabbed Yang Feng’s wrist painfully, causing him to release his grip on her .

Thereafter, she spoke with a threatening voice at a volume that only he could hear . “Return the money in three days . If not, I will taunt you until you contemplate about life!”

“You b*tch! I’ll kill you!” Yang Feng exploded .

Mu Huan looked at him with a face full of challenge .  Come on! I am right here, kill me if you dare!

Just as the scum lost all his rationality and tried to attack her, she instantly cowered in fear .

Seeing the situation, the crowd instantly barricaded the man, causing the suppressed douchebag to shout even louder!

When dealing with such a shameless and roguish individual, she simply had to be even more shameless and roguish!

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