The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 33

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“Your granny is now in her recovery stages . If she were to be deprived of oxygen once more, it would cause irreversible damage to her brain . She might never be able to regain her consciousness in the future . ” Bai Xuexian was a doctor and currently the director of this hospital .

“So, will you beg for it to not happen again?”

Mu Huan clenched her fists even tighter than before, her veins almost protruding out of her skin .

A long moment later…

“Please, please do not do it again . I beg you…”

“Do you beg people like that? How did I teach you to beg in the past? Have you forgotten?” Bai Xuexian elegantly raised her leg as she looked at Mu Huan coldly .

A girl who didn’t have anything dared to defy her and touch her daughter just because she finally had a little power? She was truly gutsy!

Mu Huan clenched her fists so tightly that her entire body began to tremble slightly .

“I’m usually a good mother . If you’ve forgotten, I’ll teach you once more . ” With just one glance from Bai Xuexian, the bodyguards dressed in black and standing by the side kicked Mu Huan’s leg harshly, causing her to fall on her knees in front of Bai Xuexian .

Bai Xuexian looked at Mu Huan as she smiled in a taunting manner . “So what if you’re good at fighting?”

Would she dare to move and attack her?

Mu Huan tightened her fists . Due to the extreme pressure, they almost turned greenish-purple .

“Mom . ” Mu Kexin looked at Bai Xuexian, eager to personally teach Mu Huan a lesson .

“Go ahead . This is the right time . Next time, don’t ever let me see you making such an impulsive mistake again!” Bai Xuexian said to Mu Kexin in disappointment .

The moment she received Bai Xuexian’s approval, Mu Kexin instantly walked up to the front . She was about to slap Mu Huan across the face, but she suddenly remembered something . Bai Xuexian told her not to hit Mu Huan’s face as there shouldn’t be any visible injuries .

Therefore, she gave Mu Huan a harsh kick . “B*tch! Come on, be aggressive! Be aggressive again!”

“You are nothing at all . A useless piece of trash . How dare you mock me and throw vegetables at me! I’m asking you to be aggressive! Come on, touch me if you dare!”

“What did you say last time? That you would pour hot oil on me and leave me disfigured? I should be saying these words to you! B*tch, if it wasn’t for the fact that you are still a little useful right now, I would pour hot oil all over you!” Mu Kexin was ready to kick her a few more times .

“That’s enough,” Bai Xuexian said to stop her .

Mu Huan was still Mrs . Bao right now . If there were any injuries on her and they were discovered by Bao Junyan, the gains would not make up for the losses .

Mu Kexin retreated reluctantly .

Bai Xuexian walked forward and stared at Mu Huan . “Now, have you realized how stupid you’ve acted?”

All these years, she thought that Mu Huan was useless . Therefore, she let her roam outside freely . She never expected that her wings would harden after growing up, to the point that she dared to lay a hand on her daughter!

Mu Huan didn’t move and didn’t say anything either . It was just like how she was in the past when she was being humiliated, beaten, and scolded . She wouldn’t move an inch .

Bai Xuexian smiled when she saw her acting this way .

No matter how old she got and how much she tried to transform herself 72 times like the Monkey King, Mu Huan would never be able to escape her fingertips . Handling her was as easy as a flip of her hand!

She didn’t know that Mu Huan was no longer the young and powerless girl that she once was .

She was going to pay the devastating costs of what she had done today!

“I don’t care what you do, but you have to give up your position and let Kexin marry Bao Junyan . If not, I wouldn’t mind doing these things a few more times!” A lowly person like her didn’t deserve to have someone like Bao Junyan!

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