Chapter 1418: 1418

Chapter 1418: Nan Xian has Returned I

However, before Hu Qing could reach Feng Ruqing…

Countless vines appeared and instantly wrapped around Hu Qing’s body .

The flames around Hu Qing’s body burned the vines, but it did not loosen . Like ropes, they tied him firmly .

Feng Ruqing was startled . She raised her eyes slightly, and her eyes followed the vine . Soon, she saw two figures, one large and one small…

Little Qing Han pounced in through the door . Her soft little body jumped right into Feng Ruqing’s arms .

Even her voice was soft and cute .

“Mother, I’m back!”

Ever since Little Qing Han had disappeared, Feng Ruqing’s heart had never been at ease . After she saw this little kid was safe and sound, she finally breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and raised her hand to hug the little girl in her arms tightly .

“You’re back…”

‘It’s great…

‘My Qing Han is safe…’

Immediately, Feng Ruqing raised her eyes and looked at the man who walked in from outside the palace .

The man was dressed in a white, clean, and elegant robe .

He was like an immortal, beautiful beyond the ordinary as if he was the only lotus on a cloud mountain .

“Nan Xian…”

The moment she saw the man again, she could not take her eyes off him .

The man’s gaze fell on her, so gentle and affectionate .

“Qing’er, sorry I’m late…”

Feng Ruqing shook her head with a light smile . “It’s not too late, because you’ve returned after all . ”

‘As long as you’re back, then it’s never too late…’

“I promised you that I would return . ”

Nan Xian stopped in his tracks . He scanned Feng Ruqing’s body before landing on her abdomen .

Recently, the young girl’s abdomen was already visible . Feng Ruqing was always protective of the child in her abdomen, not allowing her child suffer the slightest harm .


The situation would have been difficult to handle if Nan Xian and Qing Han had not rushed back .

“Mother…” Little Qing Han cried . “Just now, this villain lied to me . He said that Mother is dead… I can’t live without Mother . ”

Feng Ruqing turned to Qing Han and saw the tears on her face . She then turned to Hu Qing and stared at him coldly .


With a single push, Hu Qing ripped the vines off . His eyes flashed with a cold light as he continued to rush toward Feng Ruqing .

Nan Xian raised his hand and pulled the Feng Ruqing into his arms . His sleeves lifted in the wind, and with a bang, powerful energy spread out from around the two of them, blowing the whole palace .

Those around them were even more unable to withstand this power and flew out backward .

Feng Ruqing was protected by Nan Xian in her arms so that she was not harmed in any way from this powerful force .

“You… “Hu Qing was livid .

‘Nan Changfeng… The Ninth Emperor’s dog back then is still following her even in this life!’

Hu Qing wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly . “I’ll let you go today, but I’ll settle the score with you in the future . ”

Nan Changfeng’s strength had somehow increased quite a bit, and it would not do him any good if he continued .

Anyway, the time would come soon… And he would have plenty of opportunities to settle scores with them!