Chapter 1419: 1419

Just as Hu Qing turned away for a moment, Nan Xian was already in front of him, blocking him from leaving .

Hu Qing’s face became so fierce as he raised his fist to punch Nan Xian .

Nan Xian moved a little to the other side and dodged Hu Qing’s punch .

He failed to retract the power in his fist, thus, collapsing the ancient tree outside the palace with a single punch .

A powerful and suffocating pressure came from the front . It was so powerful that it could make everyone’s breath be caught in their throats .

Feng Ruqing frowned .

Nan Xian left for a while after Fang Zhu Mainland was destroyed . He did not go looking for her, and now… His strength had increased quite a bit compared to before .

She might have to work harder to catch up with Nan Xian’s level of strength…

Suyi calmly walked toward Feng Ruqing and smiled faintly . “Qing’er, I’ve said that Nan Xian can protect you . ”

Her son was her pride .

How could she be at ease if her son could not even protect his woman, like Mu Ling back then…

Little Guoguo had come back to its senses . It shook its head and instantly rushed toward Hu Qing .

Hu Qing could not even deal with Nan Xian in front of him, let alone Little Guoguo . Therefore, when Little Guoguo slammed him down, he could not dodge it and was hit with a thud . His vision became blurry, and his mind went blank .


Little Guoguo roared angrily as if it wanted to vent out all the frustration and shame it had suffered .


The whole palace became dead silent .

Aside from the buzzing sound of the small pot, there was nothing else that could be heard .

Everyone in Liu Yun Kingdom was subconsciously relieved, looking at Nan Xian in admiration and respect .

On the other hand, those in the reclusive world were nervous, wishing to find a place to hide and never want to appear again…

Feng Ruqing bent down and tried to pick Little Qing Han up .

Little Qing Han quickly moved to the side, avoiding Feng Ruqing’s embrace .

“Mother is pregnant with a baby . Qing Han can no longer let Mother hug me like before . Just now, Qing Han did not hold back before jumping on Mother . Qing Han will pay more attention in the future . ”

The little sister in her mother’s belly had not been born yet, so she must be more careful . If she hurt her little sister… It would be bad…

Feng Ruqing touched Little Qing Han’s head . This little girl’s concern made her feel touched…

This little girl was an old spirit that had lived for a thousand years, but her mind was immature, and she was simply like an innocent child that always softened her heart .


Because the palace was too packed, Nan Xian and Hu Qing had gone outside at some point .

Hu Qing was filled with anxiety, and his eyes sank as he looked at Nan Xian, who was rushing toward him .

This time, he did not dodge Nan Xian’s attack, nor did he fight against him . His chest was facing the long sword in the man’s hand that was heading toward him…

The long sword in Nan Xian’s hand pierced through Hu Qing’s heart .

Hu Qing smiled proudly as if he was the final victor…


Hu Qing collapsed in front of everyone . His body heavily hit the ground and fell into a pool of blood .