The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again! - Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907: 1907
Feng Ruqing smiled coldly and walked toward Nan Luo .

“What will happen if I don’t agree?”
She maintained the calmness in her voice as she looked intently at Nan Luo, trying to find something from her face .
Nan Luo sneered . “I disappeared some time ago . Later, I told my father that I forgot what had happened during that time . If you disagree with me, I will tell my father and say that it was the people from Tianya’s manor who kidnapped me in the first place . By then, he will join hands with Nan Fang . Maiden Feng, I hope you can think about it properly . ”
Feng Ruqing stared at Nan Luo expressionlessly, and it made Nan Luo a little panicked .
Nan Luo bite her lip hard, forcing her heart to calm down .

“Why do you want to join forces with us?” Feng Ruqing asked coldly .
Nan Luo was silent for a second . “I just can’t see what the Nan family is doing . ”
“Is that so?” Feng Ruqing smirked, staring at Nan Luo .
Her tone was so indifferent that there was no hint of emotions, and Nan Luo was unsure if the woman believed in her .
“Maiden Feng, we don’t know each other . What reason do you think I have to deceive you?” Nan Luo forced her heart to calm down and sneered . “You can only choose to believe in me now . Otherwise, you have no idea what other plans Nan Fang has . ”

Feng Ruqing looked up at Nan Luo .
Nan Luo sneered . “Yes . What Nan Fang wants is not just Land of No Return . There is someone else behind him . He wants to conquer the world . ”
“And…” Nan Luo lowered her eyes . “Nan Fang’s son, Nan Feiyu, is not related to Nan Changfeng . ”
“Nan Changfeng?”
Feng Ruqing was stunned .

Nan Luo took a deep breath and continued, “Nan Changfeng is the ancestor of the Nan family . He once made a promise that he will return to the Nan family . That’s why the Nan family always prioritizes male heirs . ”
The old master Nan was an exception . He only had a daughter, Suyi, and he loved her more than anything else .
“Nan Fang has announced that Nan Feiyu is Nan Changfeng . He did so to make sure all the members of the Nan family submitted to him . ”
Feng Ruqing was speechless .
She surprisingly did not know about this matter .
“But Nan Feiyu is not related to Nan Changfeng . I don’t know what Nan Fang has done to make the world believe in him . ” A cold light flashed in Nan Luo’s eyes .

“Moreover, Nan Fang has some other purposes, and I am not clear about that . But I can only tell you one thing . There is someone behind Nan Fang, and he is working for that person . If this continues, I am afraid that many people in the world will suffer…”
Feng Ruqing fell silent, her gaze was fixed upon Nan Luo’s face, and she asked, “How do you know all this?”
Nan Luo panicked, she looked up at Feng Ruqing with a pale face .
“Because the person who kidnapped me is Nan Fang . I heard it by accident . ”
This was something that Nan Luo had heard when she was locked in the Nan family two years ago .
She knew that if she wanted to join forces with Feng Ruqing, she had to make Feng Ruqing trust her .