The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again! - Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908: 1908

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Feng Ruqing responded with a smile . “I got it . ”

Nan Luo was stunned and hesitantly asked, “Then…”

“I have to discuss it with Nan Xian . ”

Hearing this name, Nan Luo’s expression showed a flash of pain .

Even though she hid it well, Feng Ruqing still noticed it .

Feng Ruqing nodded and smiled . “You go back first . Otherwise, your father will notice you’re missing . ”


Nan Luo turned and looked at Feng Ruqing . “I hope you can give me an answer as soon as possible . ”

She stepped out of the tent after saying that .

The moonlight poured down and fell upon Nan Luo’s pale face .

She looked back at the tent behind her with intense coldness in her eyes .

‘I’ll use these people first to settle Nan Fang!

‘Feng Ruqing, I’ll let you go for now!’


Inside the tent .

Feng Ruqing sat in front of the table and poured a cup of tea when the tent’s flap was suddenly lifted .

She looked up and smiled gently as she saw the man who entered her tent .

“State Preceptor…”

“Are you done talking?”

Nan Xian took his seat next to her and smiled .

“Well…” Feng Ruqing took a sip of tea . “I think I know who she is . ”


“Nan Luo!”

Nan Xian was slightly stunned . He frowned, pondered for a moment but still could not remember who Nan Luo was…

“Someone from the Nan family?”

Her family name was Nan, so he guessed she must be from the Nan family .

Feng Ruqing was speechless .

“Yes . She’s Nan Fang’s daughter,” Feng Ruqing said with a faint smile .


He remembered that Nan Fang had a daughter but forgot what her name was and did not recognize how she looked . He only remembered that Suyi and Qing’er did not like her .

“What did she come to see you for?” Nan Xian frowned . “Did she hurt you?”

Feng Ruqing shook her head . “She is trying to join forces with me to deal with the Nan family . She’s different now . Suyi once said the Nan family had hurt her countless times, but she still wanted to stay with them . Now she has Nine Gate… The Nan family is no longer important to her . ”

Suyi had a reason why she did not like Nan Luo .

That girl was quite arrogant outside because the Nan family was so powerful . She did not care about being bullied in the Nan family and refused to leave her position as the Nan family’s young lady .

After all, no matter what her situation was in the Nan family, the people outside always looked at her as the high and mighty Young Lady Nan .

Now it was different .

She had the venerable Hui Yan of Nine Gate as her father, so she did not need Nan Fang anymore .

“I think it’s Nan Fang who has helped her into Hui Yan’s daughter’s body . I don’t believe Nan Luo has the courage to commit suicide and then possess another person . Now, she wants to kill Nan Fang so that no one will know her real identity anymore . ”