The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again! - Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909: 1909
Feng Ruqing sneered . Suyi did not like Nan Luo at first, when it was really Nan Luo’s problem .

There were some things that outsiders were able to see through at a glance .
“And you agreed?” Nan Xian asked with a smile .
“Not yet, but there is no harm in agreeing to her . ” Feng Ruqing shrugged . “But when Nan Fang knows that Nan Luo has betrayed him, he will definitely kill Nan Luo, not giving her any chance . ”
Nan Fang had always been proud and arrogant, and he hated a betrayer the most .
“Alright…” Nan Xian stood up, raised his hand, and touched Feng Ruqing’s head . “I’ll follow you . Let the father and the daughter kill each other, and Nine Gate…”
Nan Xian lowered his eyes; a cold light flashed in his eyes .

“They’re digging their graves!”
Feng Ruqing smiled .
“It’s late now . Let’s rest up for now . ” Nan Xian extended his hand and pulled Feng Ruqing into his arms, his fingers caressing the woman’s lips . “Xia Xia said she wants a sister . ”
The moonlight poured like water .
The man waved his hand and extinguished the candle flame on the table . He wrapped his hand around the young girl, and the two landed on the bed inside the tent .
Nan Luo suddenly realized that she had not seen Nan Xian tonight . Perhaps, Feng Ruqing already knew that she would come and was waiting for her on purpose?

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became, and she turned back again .
From far away, she seemed to notice something… A figure in a white robe inside Feng Ruqing’s tent .
Nan Luo clenched her fists tightly .
Nan Xian was so cold to her and had hurt her countless times .
Yet, she still could not forget him…
The man’s beauty was so exceptional .

She fell for the man at first sight .
She had never thought of marrying anyone, and for the first time, after she met him, she had the urge to have a family…
The man looked so handsome and gentle the first time they met . Even if his tenderness was not for her, it also made her fall in deeply .
So, no matter how badly he treated her, she still could not remove this man from her heart…
Nan Luo closed her eyes sorrowfully and stood outside the tent; her heart was cold .
A burst of power came from the tent and landed on her chest with a bang, sending her flying away into the night…

The next day .
Feng Ruqing walked out of the tent and saw many people surrounding her tent .
Among them were the angry voices of Hui Yan, which echoed throughout the sky .
“Tianya, your people are really shameless! You don’t dare to fight with me, so you made a move on my daughter! Look at my daughter’s injuries… All caused by you guys!” Hui Yan trembled with anger, staring hard at the old man in front of him .
Tianya looked at Nan Luo quite sympathetically, smiling . “I guess you did too many bad things, and your daughter has to pay for it . Whatever it is, we did not touch your daughter . ”