The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! - Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910: 1910
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“Who else is in this Spirit Beast Mountain besides us? If you didn’t do it, could it be that I did it?” Hui Yan asked angrily .
“Maybe it was you who did it . ” Tianya raised his eyebrows, sounding arrogant .
Hearing the two arguing with each other, Feng Ruqing slowly walked out .
She then saw Nan Luo with a swollen face and some cuts .
Nan Xian glanced at Nan Luo coldly and frowned .
‘It seems the strike last night was too light…’

“Grandfather…” Feng Ruqing walked toward Tianya and looked at Nan Luo, surprised . “Yesterday, when Nan Xian and I were going to sleep . But someone was hiding outside, eavesdropping in the corner . Nan Xian did not hold back and struck out . Could it have been her?”
Hui Yan’s face darkened . “What are you talking about? How could my daughter do such a thing?”
“Oh…” Feng Ruqing looked a bit distressed . “I’m not sure . Hui You, why don’t you tell us what happened to you last night?”
Nan Luo bit her lip hard, holding her anger . She then smiled and said, “Father, I could not sleep last night . I wanted to go out for a while to see if I could recover some memories, and I accidentally fell . I did not come to their tent last night . ”
Hui Yan looked at Nan Luo, frowned, and asked, “Really?”
He did not believe it . How could his daughter fall and hurt herself like this?

“Yes, it’s true, Father . ”
Nan Luo turned to Feng Ruqing, signaling with her eyes for an answer .
Feng Ruqing smiled and nodded slowly .
Seeing her action, Nan Luo understood her meaning . She smiled and turned to look at Hui Yan .
“I think I’ve remembered who kidnapped me . ”
Hui Yan was stunned and rushed toward Nan Luo .

“You’er, you have really recalled that? Tell Father, who kidnapped you? Father will definitely not let them go!”
“I remember I was dragged to a dark room that day . That dark room was so scary . I stayed there alone for several days before I heard someone had come, and… They called him ‘Master’…”
Nan Luo pondered for a few seconds . “It’s Nan, the person who kidnapped me is Nan!”
Nan Luo raised her head in a panic; tears streamed down her face .
“He said he was going to use me to threaten Nine Gate!”
“You’er, how did you escape then?” Hui Yan’s heart ached . His hands trembled with rage .

“He drugged me, saying that after I took it, I would act according to their orders, and he would release me . But I didn’t take it because I knew that I would be just like those spirit beasts and would only obey the Nan family once I took it .
“I don’t remember what happened later…”
Nan Luo was trembling, her face covered in tears, and her eyes were filled with a painfully frightened look .
Hui Yan’s anger surged fiercely . He gritted his teeth . “Nan Fang!!!”
Surprisingly, it was the Nan family!
He had long known that Nan Fang and the Nan family were ambitious, but he did not expect that they would dare to touch his daughter!