The Favored Son of Heaven - Chapter 588

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The boundless sea surrounded the huge island . Quirky buildings were erected on it . Looking down from the sky, it looked like a theme park . In fact, it even looked a lot like the world’s famous art center .

 Sacred Martial Hall! Qin Fen looked down through the plane’s cabin and a sense of familiarity surged into his heart quickly . A thought flashed through his mind .

 Before looking for Qilin’s Song Wendong at Qilin Mountain, I should go back to the Sacred Martial Hall first to visit Wu Zun . I might as well visit the Sacred Martial Six Stars whom I never really sparred with before as well .

 The Specter Fighter drew a huge semicircle in the air before it finally chose to land at the air force base in Hawaii .

 Due to the major general rank’s military uniform and his young masculine face, the soldiers of the air force ground crew immediately recognized Qin Fen!

 Today’s Federation, whether it was a soldier or an ordinary civilian, if they saw any young soldier with the rank of major general, they would be able to instantly call out their names loudly .

 The battle at Saturn’s stadium that day which was broadcasted live through the Federation’s platform, plus a series of follow-up news reports, had allowed everyone in the Federation to know of Qin Fen and his group of friends .

 Qin Fen saluted to the colonel of the air force ground crew who came running, looking flustered . “Can you help me to fully recharge this? I will come and get it soon . ”

 The colonel who was in charge of the air force ground crew nodded with utmost sincerity and respect . A mere air force base could actually become the landing base of the world’s top master, who was also the most popular candidate for the future Divine Beast martial artist . This incident was enough for him to go back and brag to other colleagues .

 Qin Fen took a taxi back to the port which had the ship headed to the Sacred Martial Hall . He looked at a distance towards the Sacred Martial Hall island, which could not be seen at all . He sat quietly on a chair to take a break while waiting for the next day’s ferry .

 It was not difficult to cross the straits to the island with his own strength . However, he wanted to pay respect towards the Sacred Martial Hall, which was the world’s martial arts Holy Land, as he also trained at the martial artists’ hall in the past . Therefore, that respect should not be weakened by the growth of his own strength .

 Qin Fen’s knees relaxed, and his back leaned slightly against the reclining chair . He looked into the distance, and his heart felt full .

 Power can easily make people lose themselves . When our power was weak, we regard others as older brothers and seniors . When our power was on par with others, we would talk to each other as peers . This was the major change in the state of mind caused by power .

 If a person’s state of mind can be changed by power, how can he become a real pro? Qin Fen felt the peculiar glances of people passing him, but there was only a faint happiness in his heart . If it was not for the figure of light’s special training which let him re-examined and understand himself, perhaps he would have already lost himself with the control of power . He now understood that he should only trust himself, and not power .

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 The sun set, the moon rose, and the stars shifted .

 The ship from Sacred Martial Hall blew a long and loud whistle; Qin Fen once again saw the cargo ship which carried him to the Sacred Martial Hall that day .

 It was still the same old captain and the ship . Qin Fen gently jumped onto the ship and slightly nodded to the dumbstruck old captain . He stood on the deck to admire the early morning seascape .

 The old captain looked at Qin Fen’s back, and the shock in his heart was obviously shown on his whole face . This person moved around Saturn freely .  He is known as the first among the younger generation, the new generation pro who killed many famous old martial artists, and the one most likely to breakthrough as a Divine Beast martial artist . Why did he come here again? Also, why did he insist on taking the boat? Isn’t it better for him to just fly there directly?

 After the ship loaded all the goods, the boat blew its heavy whistle again and sailed towards the Sacred Martial Hall .

 The ship sailed all the way to the Sacred Martial Hall’s dock . As a ‘senior member’ of the Sacred Martial Hall, Qin Fen did not need to go through the Three Sacred Martial Exam .

 Once again, he walked the road that led to the test of the Sacred Martial Hall . The guards looked at Qin Fen in astonishment and cleared the way for him subconsciously .

 Do I stop Qin Fen? Only pros at the level of honor seats or the Sacred Martial Six Stars can do that, right? Other people can’t beat this young man .

 “Qin Fen is back!”

 “Qin Fen is back to the Sacred Martial Hall!”

 The news, like a whirlwind, quickly spread throughout the Sacred Martial Hall . In a glimpse, the places where Qin Fen passed by was surrounded by martial artists; they all wanted to see Qin Fen, who was called the Sacred Martial Hall’s miracle as well as the super newcomer monster .


 Ma Jun Tie squeezed himself out of the crowd . Qin Fen turned his head and gently waved at him . This young man, under the gaze of countless jealous and envious people, suddenly stepped on the ground with Qin Fen’s Dragon Cannon style . He shook away the surrounding martial artists . The quick and fierce aura of power which seemed to imply that, ‘I am the real dragon, and you are just a worm‘, was aimed at Qin Fen as his fists blasted the air continuously .

 Qin Fen looked at Ma Jun Tie’s actions and smiled . He had accidentally dialed the wrong number and then accepted this little disciple . Compared to Kyokushin Genichi, he had his own style and faintly exuded a fierce tiger’s aura of power .

 As Qin Fen loosen his waist and bent his knees, his hands turned up and down alternately . He put one of his hands on Ma Jun Tie’s arm with the Dragon Cannon . His ankles and his whole body swayed into a circulating force and Qin Fen transmitted it to Ma Jun Tie’s arm . With a shake of his hand, he threw Ma Jun Tie up high and immediately followed up with a dragon shape movement . He kicked Ma Jun Tie’s lower abdomen, which made him fly a distance of more than ten meters .

 Phew… boom…

 Ma Jun Tie fell to the ground and slammed into a building which stopped him from moving backward . He jumped up with a carp kip-up, stretched his body, and clenched his fists to salute, “Thank you for your teaching, master . ”

 Qin Fen felt like he was looking at his younger self when he looked at Ma Jun Tie . He suddenly realized that he was not much older than his own disciple, but his mentality had changed a lot .

 Qin Fen waved again, “Since you were lucky enough to run into me, come with me . I want to meet the Sacred Martial Six Stars . I’m going to spar them to test my martial dao . You may follow me and watch, maybe it will help you a bit . ”

 Sparring with Sacred Martial Six Stars? The onlookers made bursts of exclamations . Qin Fen was really strong during the Saturn’s stadium battle, but at that time he didn’t seem qualified to spar with the Sacred Martial Six Stars . Now he’s looking for them? Is this the rumored creator of all the records of the Sacred Martial Hall? This Qin Fen is really lucky! It is rumored that the Sacred Martial Six Stars and Wu Zun have just returned to the Sacred Martial Hall .

 A large number of martial artists looked at Ma Jun Tie with envy and jealousy . Zeus Mark who was in the crowd sighed weakly as he looked at the back of Qin Fen bringing Ma Jun Tie with him . He turned and walked in the opposite direction alone without glancing back at Qin Fen again .

 Almost no one noticed Zeus Mark’s action as everyone’s attention was on Qin Fen . No one noticed that this was the person who was qualified to challenge Qin Fen during the Recruit Tournament in the past . Nowadays, not only he was thrown far away to a place that couldn’t be seen behind Qin Fen, even Qin Fen’s disciple, Ma Jun Tie, had far surpassed Mark .

 Nine-star Mark… Mark looked at his own strength and smiled bitterly .  For martial artists who were at his age, his strength now was also considered enviable and admirable . However, as he watched the people who were similar to himself in the past all almost standing at Federation’s martial dao’s peak position, he only knew disappointment in his heart .

 Ma Jun Tie looked up excitedly at the position that symbolized the supreme authority of the Sacred Martial Hall – the towering Sacred Martial Tower . He had never been to such a core position since entering Sacred Martial Hall .

 Qin Fen rang the communication button in front of the tower . Although it was a button that every Sacred Martial Hall member could press, no one actually came to press it normally . Everyone knew that the button was a request to see Wu Zun and the Sacred Martial Six Stars . Who would simply press it if they had no business?

 A projection popped up in front of the tower door . The Sacred Martial Six Stars looked quietly at Qin Fen, “You’re here?”

 “Yeah . ” Qin Fen saluted by gently holding his fists together to keep the necessary respect for the seniors, “I’d like to learn from the Sacred Martial Six Stars . ”

 “You may come up then . ”

 Qin Fen heard the words but did not move . He continued to hold his fist and said, “I would like to bring my own disciple to let him learn more . ”

 “Then come up together . ”

 Qin Fen’s ear twitched gently and recognized it was Wu Zun’s voice . He slightly bowed and walked into the tower with Ma Jun Tie .

 “Master…” Ma Jun Tie followed behind Qin Fen and whispered, “When I saw you battled against the terrorists in Saturn, your aura of power was so overbearing it was as if it was about to swallow the sky . Why did you… just now?”

 “That was to fight the enemy, but this time, we are meeting our seniors . ” Qin Fen smiled, “The Sacred Martial Hall showed great grace to me . I only truly stepped into the martial dao master position after I came here . Whenever it is, I will always retain my respect for the Sacred Martial Hall and it will not change because of my strength improvement . Keep this in mind: when a person controls his power, he is a pro; when he is controlled by power, he is a weakling, even if he has the power to destroy the world . ”

 Ma Jun Tie seemed to understand and nodded . These words are easy to be understood, but how can a person be controlled by power? He felt that it was a little unimaginable .

 Qin Fen didn’t explain further .  Often times, we clearly know the truth, but very few can actually practice it . For example, as long as you work and study hard, you can get good test results . Was there anyone in the world who didn’t know this truth? However, there are still many people who couldn’t do it .

 Knowing and doing are two different concepts! Qin Fen felt very fortunate that the figure of light’s extremely brutal and merciless training made him transition from knowing to doing .

 There were no elevators or stairs .

 The center of the tower was a straight channel similar to a round well, and there were small leverage points around it . If one couldn’t even get up using these leverage points, then there was no need to see the Sacred Martial Six Stars and Wu Zun .

 Qin Fen revealed a smile of admiration . The Sacred Martial Hall is the world’s martial arts’ Holy Land . Every detail exudes its authority; even going upstairs was full of martial dao concept .

 “Master, would you mind if I go first?”

 After Ma Jun Tie finished his sentence, his body curled up slightly . When his legs hit the ground, his body was like a smart ape who used the small protruding points around him to make a continuous surge upwards . He combined the Monkey Form with the pile inborn movement . Qin Fen looked in awe too .  That is my disciple; this combination is really beautiful .


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