Chapter 589: 589

The Sacred Martial Hall’s first building was very high . Its top floor was nothing but mysterious to many Sacred Martial Hall martial artists . Qin Fen, pushing open that not-so-heavy door, looked inside the very simple room .

 The room was devoid of any decorations, and neither did it have any inscriptions on the wall; they were just painted with simple white emulsion paint .

 Today, the Six Stars of Sacred Martial Hall were in simple training suits instead of robes with their respective star charts .

 The six experts, who almost stood at the apex of the Sacred Martial Hall, were of different color and races from all over the world . Bogut, the black African Fiend Star was the spokesperson of the Six Star of the Sacred Martial Hall, generally . He was about two and a half meters tall and had a thick waist and round arms . If his body hair were even just a bit thicker or longer, he would look no different than a bear .

 He simply stood in his spot and cast a passing glance through the corner of his eyes . Immediately, Ma Juntie’s bones started to crack . Under the tremendous pressure, Ma Juntie had no choice but to raise his own energy to resist .

 Qin Fen sized up the two and a half meter tall Bogut . Bogut’s figure wasn’t exuding any kind of martial strength at all, none so ever, but it was already giving a threatening feeling .

 There were three white males . One of whom was similarly tall . He might not be as tall as Bogut but many people would still feel intimidated . His sleek and shinning head seemed to be smeared with polishing oil . Judging by his look, he appeared to be of Russian descent; his nasal bone was narrow and high, and his facial features were particularly distinct .

 This was the Leadership Star of Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall, Ivanovsky . Even he didn’t move, his solid foundation of training the Eight Extreme Fists to the peak wasn’t hidden . If Lu Dongbin saw Ivanovsky, perhaps he would not claim to be the firmest and fiercest in the world . This Russian male was also walking on the road of firm and fierce style .

 The Fairy Star sized up Qin Fen with his light green eyes . And matched with his aquiline nose and whitish skin, the man appeared to be of Jewish descent .

 In addition, there was a white male of Germanic descent with light grey hair and eyes . His staunch attitude gave an impression of unyielding power . The Justice Star of the six stars of southern dipper was embroidered on the corner of his martial suit!

 Whereas the yellow skin and the average height of the female didn’t reveal her descent but her very unique hairstyle was a clear indicator that she was a Japanese expert .

 Qin Fen was a little depressed . Originally, he had believed that the strongest of the State of Japan was Neo Kyokushin Karate but he didn’t expect that there would be a Japanese among the six stars of the Sacred Martial Hall . And it would be a Japanese woman who had always been known for honest, obedient, and docile, and would serve the man most!

 The Martyrdom Star embroidered on the collar of her low neckline martial suit that was squeezing out half her breast was particularly obvious .

 And the last Benovelance Star was a Neo Muay Thai master! Although his figure wasn’t as strong and robust as the previous Westerners, his sharp aura around him was a clear indication that he was a martial artist of the firm and fierce genre .

 The firm and fierce martial dao had always been one of the most prominent styles of martial dao nowadays . And its counterpart was naturally was the extremely soft style . Among the six stars, only the Martyrdom Star, the Japanese woman was a soft-style expert . Surprisingly, the rest belonged to the firm and fierce martial dao . Any one of them would make Lu Dongbin, the martial artist of Saturn who was known for being the firmest and fiercest martial artist in the world, blush in shame .

 Wu Zun was sitting not far from them with his legs crossed and his chin resting on his one hand . He was very interested in watching this rare scene of the century; Qin Fen, who was known as the greatest expert of the younger generation, had come to challenge the long-time famous Sacred Martial Hall martial artists, the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall who was known as the six living gods .

 “Seniors . ” Qin Fen cupped his fist and bend over gently . “The Great Ensemble is imminent . I want to test my ability . Seniors, please help me with your guidance . ”

 Black Bogut, the spokesperson of the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall looked at Qin Fen . All the martial artists, who had been known as the greatest experts of their younger generation, had a sharp as a blade aura . For instance, the top expert of the last younger generation gave everyone the feeling of facing hundreds of thousands of swords .

 But the current Qin Fen wasn’t exuding the slightest bit of aura but was still giving everyone an incomparably oppressive feeling . And that sincere respect in it was displaying the magnificent aura of self-importance of a martial artist .

 “Who do you want to spar with?” Bogut’s eyes flickered with desire . Thick blue veins bulged all over his body immediately . He had every intent to act as soon as Qin Fen opened his mouth .

 Other Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall were also paying attention to Qin Fen eagerly . It was always better to spar with a young martial artist known as the greatest martial artist of the younger generation, the martial artist with the best chance to be the divine beast, than sparring with those young martial artists in their vicinity, with whom they had been sparring with for many years already . At least it would bring a fresh feeling .

 “Well…” Qin Fen lowered his already lowered waist a bit more as he raised his eyes slowly, looking at the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall, and said respectfully, “If Seniors don’t mind, I want to spar with all six of you simultaneously . ”

 Simultaneously!? The seven people in the room drew a gasp of cold air at the same time . Seven pairs of shocked and stunned gazes pierced into Qin Fen’s body like a foot-long nail .

 Smiling, Wu Zun stared at the seven people in the room . He grabbed a bottle of chilled beer that was already half-empty from by side and took a sip .

 Ma Juntie, staring blankly at Qin fen, screamed in his heart, “Has Master gone crazy? Almost any warrior who could hold his ground against any of the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall solo, he can join the ranks of superb peerless masters! There are a few people in the entire Federation who could spar with them one-on-one . As for one vs two, they were rarer than a Pheonix’s plume and Qilin’s horn… One vs six!? Do you think you are a divine beast-level martial artist?”

 The Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall were shocked more than Ma Juntie . They had seen many arrogant martial artists in their life but they had never seen such an arrogant martial artist! In particular, this miracle creator of the Sacred Martial Hall looked extremely respectful while laying out these arrogant words . It had caused had an inexplicable visual contrast .

 “What…what did you just say…?” Bogut’s eyes that were much bigger than a tiger’s eyes narrowed into a thin slit as a shimmering cold glare flared out from within . “What did you just say? You want to fight six of us alone!?”

 “Mhmm, I wish to spar with six seniors at the same time . ” Qin Fen straightened his waist slowly . There was not even the slightest bit of arrogance visible on his calm face . If one just looked at his appearances, he really gave the feeling that it was right and proper and that he just wanted to spar with six ordinary martial artists just for the sake of fun .

 The eager look in the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall had disappeared already, replaced by anger! Fury! They had long heard of this Sacred Martial Hall miracle creator’s favorite catchphrase and the thing he liked to do most was, “All of you can come at me together!”

 In the past, whenever someone retold Qin Fen’s words to the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall, they always found these words courageous and exciting! Their blood would start boiling whenever they heard it! They wanted to praise him as the real man .

 But when the same sentence fell on their head, the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall immediately realized what those challengers, who were casually pointed out by Qin Fen, must have felt .

 Will I be a real man if I kept on bearing such naked contempt anymore? Bogut’s fierce glare prevented the other six stars from making a move . He spread his super-long arms, seemingly covering the entire hall, as a hot aura rose from his body .

 In an instant, his hands seemed to be holding two rising suns!

 The temperature of the room began climbing in the blink of an eye! The entire room seemed to have turned into a huge hover or Daode Tianjun’s alchemy stove .

 All of a sudden, Ma Juntie started sweating all over his body . This situation was far more shocking to him . He had already achieved True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth . He could be said that he could control every function of his body at ease . Meaning that as long as he didn’t want to sweat, he would never sweat even if he went for a high-temperature sauna bath .

 And if he was in a glacier, Ma Juntie could still make himself sweat all over as long as he wanted . But today, never in his dreams had he thought that his entire body would start sweating just as Bogut made his move .

 “Young man, came to me and watch . ” Wu Zun stretched his hand lightly and grabbed Ma Juntie in the air and dragged him by his side using the Dragon Capturing Weaving Crane .

 The moment Ma Juntie was grabbed, he felt comfortable immediately as if it was spring everywhere . He didn’t feel the slightest bit of sun-like scorching heat from the Fiend Star, Bogut’s Nuclear Fusion Fists .

 Neo Martial Art! Nuclear Fusion Fists!

 The temperature of the room continued to climb as if the entire room would melt like chocolate on a fry pan . The air began to distort with the rise in the temperature .

 Qin Fen raised his eyelids, looking at the structure of the room . He could not help but wonder which materials were used to construct this room . The temperature of Bogut’s Nuclear Fusion Fists was high enough to melt the cosmic warship in a flash . But much to his surprise, this room was still not showing any signs of melting .

 Bogut’s strength continued to rise in anger . The terrifying Nuclear Fusion Fists turned him into a huge sun .

 Very soon, the dazzling and blazing glow gathered around his fists and feet .

 “Bear form!?” Qin Fen, placing his left hand on his waist, stretched his right hand forward and bend it a bit . Pushing the majority of his weight on his left leg, he rested his bent right leg on the tip of his toe as he took the three talent stance of Back Punch .

 The three talents, heaven, earth, and human! Compared to the opponent, Qin Fen was even more respectful towards the Sacred Martial Hall seniors . If it was any other veteran martial artist, whom he had never met and was as strong as Bogut, Qin Fen would never start by taking a martial art stance; he would just stand there .

 Bogut bent his body slowly like a giant crossbow . His feet pressed forward inch by inch, ready to launch an assault . His speed was too fast for the room to convey his strength . Just as his left foot stepped on the ground, his right foot followed in a flash . The moment he took the step, he reached out with his left palm, grabbing towards Qin Fen’s stretched right arm . But right then, he punched his right fist from above the left hand using the move Seeking Symmetry in Distortion, exerting the energy of soft fist completely . Meanwhile, the left hand that was grabbing towards Qin Fen turned into a palm attack! Bogut was like a wooden boat riding the waves of the sea; his body rose and fell as he punched his fists like arrows, the advancing aura of power mixed in the bear form was simply perfect .


 Qin Fen praised in his heart . Bogut was worthy of being the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall! Snap Punch and Bear Form, these two were simplest of the methods but when these firm and fierce fist techniques were combined together, they looked simple but only the person in the battle knew how strong this move was .


 The floor under Qin Fen’s feet let out continuous and intensive claps of recoils and collisions, which sounded like hundred of drums being knocked at the same time . Suddenly, the right leg that was resting on the tip of Qin Fen’s toes left the ground as Qin Fen’s entire figure pressed forward . His right hand and arm drilled through the air, drilling through the gap between the two Snap Punches forcefully!

 Snake Form! Hiss!

 Just as Bogut heard an inaudible snake’s hiss, Qin Fen’s figure rotated by his left toe as his figure flashed to one side like a drifting cloud . Be that as it may, the Viper Spitting the Poison of Snake Form Fists did not stop at all . In a flash, Bogut was hit by sixteen quick jabs!


BANG! The wall of the giant tower which was a symbol of the supreme authority of the Sacred Martial Hall exploded suddenly . Bogut crashed through the wall like a cannon, flying thousands of feet through the air . His skin burst in many places like tires bursting in succession as the invading true energy was forcefully expelled out of his body, which was even visible to the naked eye .


 Bogut gasped breaths of cold air, again and again . He was getting different responses from different parts of the body . At the moment he was hit, some places felt as cold as if they were in an ice cellar, some places felt as hot as being soaked in magma, and other places felt has if pierced by thousands of steel needles!

 “What kind of power is this?” Bogut, looking into the distance, looking in Qin Fen’s direction even though he could not see Qin Fen, was shocked . There was no excuse for victory and defeat . Obviously, Qin Fen’s strength had exceeded Bogut’s but he still chose to win like this . Bogut had not expected that this young man was strong to this extent .

 The outcome was already decided! Qin Fen retracted his stance and straightened his waist, looking at the shocked five of the six stars with undiminished respect . “Can you come at me together this time?”