The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride


Status : Ongoing

Genres : Smut , Shoujo , Mature , Josei

Chapters: 38

Last update: a year ago

4.1 /5

In front of Lise, who worked in the lower parts of town selling flowers, a man fully clad in black appeared and suddenly abducted her. The place she was abducted to was a noble's house. The identity of the black clad man was the general feared as a fierce god, Wizard. In truth, he was to marry a noble's daughter but due to being overwhelmed by Wizard's strength, she ran away. Even though it was after they sent out the wedding invitations. There, Wizard decided to propose to the one who he held foremost in his feelings, Lise. Lise was suddenly proposed to, but

The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride