The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 136

With no concern for anything else, Scarlet knelt on the ground and bowed several times while begging for mercy, “Lucas, I really know my mistakes! Please forgive me this time . I’ll beg Mr . Hale to tell me where Amelia is now and go bring her back right away! Please forgive me this time!”

Lucas glared at her from above with an indifferent gaze . “It’s too late . Jordan, get someone to drag her away . From now on, I don’t want to see this person appear again . ”

“Yes, Lucas!” Jordan acknowledged and immediately ran out of the room . Soon, two men came in, and without uttering a single word, they dragged Scarlet away by her hair and arms .

Scarlet was immediately scared soulless . She wailed loudly and begged for mercy, “I-I really know my mistakes! Lucas! Lucas! Please spare me…”

Soon, her voice completely vanished . All that was left were the stains of dirty water on the ground .

Charlotte, who witnessed the entire process, was so frightened that she didn’t dare to breathe . It was her first time seeing such a terrifying and resolute side to Lucas, which was worlds apart from his usual behavior .

Lucas simply meant that he was going to kill Scarlet…

This made Charlotte feel even more uneasy, not because she sympathized with Scarlet or thought that Lucas had gone too far, as she felt that Scarlet had brought it upon herself . Instead, it was because she was worried that Lucas’s actions might harm him…

Suddenly, Lucas turned around and looked at Charlotte, who was still wrapped in his jacket . The clothes she had been wearing and forced to take off had long been soiled by the liquor that had spilled all over the floor .

“Jordan, find a clean set of clothes for Charlotte . Then get Wade to send her back to the Carters,” Lucas ordered .

Jordan acknowledged and left . The bar was rather large-scale, and there were plenty of waiter and waitress uniforms in the storeroom, so it wasn’t difficult to find a set of clean and fitting clothes for Charlotte .

Wrapping the jacket tightly around herself, Charlotte asked worriedly, “What about you then, Lucas?”

Lucas glanced at Logan, who was huddled up in the corner, before saying softly, “Amelia is still missing, so I naturally have to find her and bring her home safely . You should get going and head home first, lest your family get worried . ”

Charlotte pursed her lips a little, but she knew that even if she stayed here, she wouldn’t be able to help in any way . Besides, the humiliation she had suffered today also left her heart in turmoil .

She obediently went to the bathroom to change into a fresh set of clothes before leaving .

At this moment, only Lucas, Jordan, and Logan were left in the room .

The henchmen, who had their limbs broken earlier, had all been dragged out by Lucas’s subordinates and thrown into the hall downstairs .

Logan’s face was still a little pale .

After seeing Lucas’s terrifying power and his ruthlessness when he didn’t hesitate to kill, Logan was put on an emotional roller coaster . His feelings turned from disdain to shock, followed by shock to horror .

Now that Lucas was looking at him, Logan simply gave up and went all out . He was certain that with the status of the Hales in Orange County, Lucas would never dare to treat him the same way he treated Scarlet, whom he had gotten rid of silently!

Recalling the fact that he still had his family as his backing and that he still had control over Amelia’s life, Logan was emboldened and fearless . He stood up sluggishly, leaned back on the couch, and crossed one leg over the other while staring at Lucas provocatively .

Lucas frowned slightly . At this moment, the burly soldier who appeared earlier walked in again and reported in a deep voice, “Lucas, our men have searched all over this bar, but we couldn’t find your daughter . It seems they didn’t hide her here . ”

Lucas’s frown grew deeper .

If Amelia wasn’t in this bar, the difficulty of finding her would increase exponentially!

She could be in Logan’s residence or any of the residences of the other Hales . She could also be at the home of one of his sordid friends or even any random place . The range would expand to almost all of Orange County!

Trying to find Amelia in such a large area within a short period of time was akin to finding a needle in a haystack!

Even if Lucas mobilized all his forces and activated all the available manpower he had, it would still be impossible to search high and low throughout all of Orange County .

Thus, the focus was still on Logan . He had to make him speak!

Upon seeing Lucas’s expression, Logan guessed that Lucas must have found out that Amelia was nowhere to be found in the bar . He couldn’t help but smile victoriously .

“If you’re willing to tell me where Amelia is, I won’t pursue the matter . What do you think?” Lucas suppressed his anger and stared at Logan .

“Hah!” Logan burst into sarcastic laughter . “Lucas Gray, do you take me for a child? You have so many people armed with guns under you, and they’ve beaten up all my underlings . Do you really think I’d believe you? If I tell you where your daughter is, you probably won’t let me off!”

Lucas frowned . He had indeed thought of letting Logan off just now in exchange for Amelia’s safety . But unfortunately, Logan often went back on his word, so he projected his own shortcomings onto Lucas and decided that Lucas was also trying to trick him .

“So, what do you want before you are willing to let her go?” Lucas glared daggers at Logan .

Almost an hour or so had passed since Amelia was taken away by Scarlet . Lucas was not especially worried about Amelia’s safety because she was still wearing the white moonstone bracelet he had given her .

The moonstone bracelet had some mystical effects that would protect Amelia from all harm as long as she was wearing it .

However, she might be locked up somewhere . She was only a five-year-old child, and she would definitely be flustered and scared out of her wits .

Therefore, Lucas had to get Amelia back as soon as possible!

“Haha, actually, at first, I didn’t intend to kidnap that little bastard . That bitch Scarlet Wright was the one who brought her to me because she wanted you to panic so that she could lure you over and break your legs . ”

Logan took out a lighter and lit a cigar before continuing, “Scarlet was also the one who came up with the idea of calling Charlotte Carter over and threatening her into getting undressed and sleeping with me . Of course, I’m not trying to put all the blame on a woman, especially since she’s already dead . That’d be too impolite . I just want to say that I actually didn’t intend to do anything to your daughter in the first place . ”

Trying to curb his temper that he was about to lose control of, Lucas patiently listened to Logan’s explanation in silence .

“However, I’ve now changed my mind,” Logan said slowly .

Lucas’s pupils suddenly constricted!