The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 293

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At the side, Grace finally reacted at this moment. She was ashamed and hurriedly grabbed her mother’s hand to stop her from constantly probing about Lucas’s background. “Mom, stop asking Lucas such questions! What are you doing?”

Grace’s mother looked at Lucas with great satisfaction and then turned to look at her blushing daughter. She whispered smilingly, “I’m just concerned about you. When did you two start dating? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Grace felt even more embarrassed.

The ward was only that big. Although Grace’s mother spoke as softly as she could, she was certain that Lucas must have heard everything!

“Mom, don’t spout nonsense. Lucas is just an ordinary friend. He’s already married and has a lovely five-year-old daughter!”

“Huh? Lucas is already married?” Grace’s mother said with a look of extreme disappointment. What a fine young man. Why is he already married? How wonderful would it be if he could become my son-in-law!

Lucas couldn’t sit any longer and hurriedly got up to leave. “Ma’am, rest well. I gotta get going.”

Only after walking Lucas to the corridor outside did Grace finally stop blushing. She said embarrassedly, “Sorry, my mother is just like that. She’s always worried that I’ll be left on the shelf, so don’t take it to heart.”

Lucas smiled and was about to speak when he suddenly heard a rough voice coming from the other end of the corridor.

“It’s that bastard! Stop him!”

The two of them turned around and saw Liam, who had rolled down the stairs earlier, sauntering over aggressively toward Lucas with two burly bodyguards beside him.

“Oh no! Liam must have brought his men here to take revenge. Lucas, hurry up and flee!” Grace panicked and hurriedly tried to push Lucas away.

Although she already knew that Lucas probably wasn’t scared of the Wallaces, he was now alone, while Liam had brought two strong and burly bodyguards with him. She was afraid that Lucas would be outnumbered and overwhelmed.

“You want to flee? No way!” While speaking, Liam had already rushed over with his bodyguards and surrounded Lucas and Grace.

“Liam Wallace, what are you trying to do?” Grace yelled angrily.

“Hah, what am I trying to do? You adulterers ganged up on me just now and pushed me down the stairs. Someone has to be responsible for these injuries I’ve sustained!” Liam barked with a grimace.

His face was bruised and covered in abrasions from tumbling down the stairs earlier.

“We didn’t push you. You accidentally fell down on your own!” Grace rebuked furiously with reddened cheeks.

“Shut up!” Liam hollered, interrupting Grace. “Stay at the side. I’ll deal with him first before I settle scores with you!”

Lucas narrowed his eyes and scanned his surroundings. He saw that some people had been startled by the commotion and had come out of the wards to find out what was going on.

Lucas said, “This is a hospital, and the patients need to get their rest. If there’s anything, let’s go outside to settle it!”

But Liam was obviously not the type who would take others’ advice.

He wished he could make the commotion as rowdy as possible, especially since Lucas was his enemy. He thought that it would be best if everyone could witness the consequences that would entail after offending him!

“Cut the crap! Who the hell do you think you are? Guys, break his limbs!” Liam ordered loudly.

“Yes!” The two bodyguards immediately pounced onto Lucas.

“Ah!” Grace cried out in shock, her heart full of nervousness when she saw the aggressive bodyguards. What should I do? What should I do now?

At this moment, Lucas’s body flickered, and with two loud bangs, he hit the back of the necks of two bodyguards with his hands as though they were knives.

The two burly bodyguards’ eyes rolled backward, and they passed out without making another sound.

Liam’s eyes were so wide open that his eyeballs seemed to be on the verge of falling out. He didn’t expect the two bodyguards he had brought with him, who were extremely powerful among the Wallaces’ team of bodyguards, to be knocked out by Lucas even before they could lay a finger on him!

This is outrageous!

This thin young man actually managed to knock out my powerful bodyguards almost instantly?!

“I told you not to disturb the patients while they’re resting here.” Lucas took out a piece of tissue and used it to wipe his hands. He then looked at Liam and said calmly, “Now, can you follow me outside to settle this?”

At this moment, Liam was no longer as arrogant as he was just ten seconds ago. Without the protection of his bodyguards, he was just like a weak chicken.

After hearing what Lucas said, he instinctively felt that he would be in trouble because he had projected his own shortcomings onto others and was certain that Lucas was definitely going to take him outside to a secluded place and then beat him up severely to take revenge, just like what he had intended to do to Lucas.

“What… are you trying to do? I-I’m the scion of the Wallace family. If you lay a finger on me, you’ll be in trouble!” Liam shouted menacingly at Lucas to intimidate him. If the trembling of his voice wasn’t that obvious, he might have been a little more convincing.

Lucas sneered. “Hah, is that a big deal? I’ve already beaten up countless people like you.”

Lucas was not bragging but stating a fact. Since he had returned to Orange County more than two months ago, the scions and members of various powerful families—like the Carters, the Wilsons, the Taylors, the Hales, the Brookes, the Douglases, and many others—who were all stuck-up snobs that put on airs and acted like tyrants by leveraging their families’ power and wealth all ended up getting beaten up by Lucas.

Thus, these so-called scions were the ones whom Lucas was the least worried about.

He had already beaten up many of them and long gotten sick of hearing taunts and threats like the ones Liam was issuing now.

But Liam felt that Lucas was bragging. He snorted and snapped, “Hmph, if you dare to touch me again, I’ll call my grandfather to come here and kill you! My grandfather is…”


Before he could finish speaking, Lucas slapped him hard on his face. Soon, bright red fingerprints appeared on his face.

“What about your grandfather?” Lucas said indifferently as he stood in front of Liam.

“You!” Liam was boiling with fury!

He had never been slapped by anyone all his life!

It was simply a huge insult!

“Damn it. You’ve got some nerve. Just you wait…”


Lucas gave Liam another hard slap on the other side of his face, and the fingerprints on his face now were perfectly symmetrical.

Liam was livid and in pain. To make matters worse, he felt a great sense of humiliation that emerged from within his heart, making him feel like vomiting blood!

He got slapped as soon as he started threatening Lucas. But unfortunately for him, his bodyguards had been knocked out by Lucas. So even if he wanted to threaten Lucas, he couldn’t do so. He was so frustrated that he was about to lose his mind!

“What are you waiting for? For me to give you another slap?” Lucas glared at Liam with a cold and hostile gaze, making Liam subconsciously shudder!

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