The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! - Chapter 115

Chapter 115: 115

Chapter 115: I Only Have Big Brother In My Heart

After cuddling the cat for a few minutes, Xiang Yu still did not realize that his reputation was falling apart under the watchful eye of millions of netizens…

Xiao Naofu looked dumbfounded . At first, it had kicked its little feet in protest, but when it couldn’t struggle free, it could only bear the humiliation…

‘Stupid woman! This Huhu has sacrificed so much so you and your brother can be reunited!!’

Xiang Yu was satisfied from cuddling the cat, revealing a refreshed expression as he held onto the cat and kissed it on the cheek .

Xiao Naofu: …!!

‘Motherf*cker, I am tainted!!’

“Be good, I’ll come see you later . ” Xiang Yu rubbed his forehead against the cat’s and reluctantly said, “I have to go back to the training base . Once I win our competition, I’ll buy you all the canned food and snacks with the prize money!”

Buy food?

Xiao Naofu perked its ears and head-butted Xiang Yu’s chest, rubbing against his collar bone . It squeaked in a bright and milky manner, “Meow~ meow~”

As if it were saying: Big brother is the only man in my heart, big brother must come visit me~

The comments in the stream:

— [Green Tea Meow: It knows how bitchy it is . ]

— [Hahaha and so the cat and human have made a deal]

— [I can’t wait for Smog to realize that there was a camera . Can all the members of the logic esports team remind him to watch the replay!]

Xiang Yu arrived in the kitchen to see his sister packing up food for him to take away .

His heart suddenly softened, feeling as if it had been filled to the brim .

“Don’t pack food, I can’t finish it . ” Xiang Yu stuck his hands in his pockets, unable to meet Xiang Yi’s eyes . “We have an aunty who cooks for us at the training base, and we can call takeout too . ”

Xiang Yi batted her eyelashes and softly said, “You can always share it with your teammates…”

Xiang Yu recalled the last conversation between him and his sister a year ago and suddenly felt his nose scrunch up .

—”Big brother, when you come back from your match, I’ll make you more delicious food!”

—”(ˉ▽ ̄~) Cheh~ Whatever . Okay, okay, you don’t have to see me off . There are mosquitoes outside, you’re going to be covered in bites . ”

Suddenly panicking, he stepped forward and grabbed Xiang Yi’s shoulders . The girl was thin, slender, and so skinny that her bones were poking at his hands .

“You… You’re not leaving?”

Xiang Yi was shocked for a few seconds before she gently responded, “Mhmm . ”

Xiang Yu sniffed and fiercely said, “If you’re lying to me, I… I’ll never speak to you again!”

Emotions were contagious . Xiang Yi wasn’t the type to be easily moved, but at the moment, her eyes turned slightly red as she gave Xiang Yu a big hug, her voice soft but firm . “I will never lie to you again . Big brother, I promise . ”

Although the big brothers from the Xiang family were all sis-cons, they still adhered to the measures of separation between men and women in front of Xiang Yi . After she finished kindergarten, they very seldom embraced .

“As a girl grows up, you can’t go around hugging random men…” Xiang Yu mumbled slowly . “But… today, I will allow it . But aside from me, little sister can’t hug any other men, got it?!”

The stream room:

—[Mama, how come when I see this scene I want to cry]

—[Simao brother has a mean facade in front of his little sister, but he actually spoils her =w=]

—[The other romance variety show next door is making me feel the second-hand awkwardness . “Two Under One Roof” is still the best! This kind of warm daily life is so nourishing~]

Shi Sui and Xiang Yi saw Xiang Yu off until they reached the door .

“I’m off . Brother Shi, I’ll leave my sister with you, take good care of her!” Xiang Yu waved at the two .

Shi Sui pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up and calmly said, “For sure . ”