Chapter 526: 526

Chapter 526 A Skyrocketing Rise (I)

Li Tianlan really didn’t need to do anything anymore .

At the age of 22, he became the youngest marshal in the Special Warfare System of Zhongzhou State, and led the Snowdance Corps to break into the general developing trend of Eastern Europe .

Li Tianlan and the Snowdance Corps had already let the whole world witness their sharpness .

They had conquered Rekvia, joined forces with the Qin Clan to defeat the Jiang family of South America, broken down the Shadow Throne, destroyed Morton and Violet, imprisoned Sword Emperor, seriously injured the Eastern Church, and become the owner of the Holy Punishment of Void and the Twilight of the Gods .

The Snowdance Corps had been marching 900 miles a day and sweeping over in all directions .

Jiang Qiannian had died, so had Black Ghost .

Lagos, Husteel, and Charlemagne had also died .

KingTong had been crippled .

Paul had been seriously injured .

East Europe might be more chaotic now, but all the forces had become silent .

Zhongzhou State’s will could now move freely in Wulan State’s territory without any hindrance .

All of this had happened in just ten short days .

The outcome caused by Li Tianlan might be ups and downs . But judging from the result, it could be said to be absolutely perfect .

He had done everything he could .

Next, of course, it was Zhongzhou State’s business afterward, such as the negotiations with other countries in Eastern Europe, how to stabilize the situation in Eastern Europe and establish its own international image .

The fights and compromises that would happen under the bright light were the business of Zhongzhou State .

Li Huacheng was silent for a long time, and then slowly hung up the phone in his hand .

He hadn’t talked to Li Tianlan yet . But Gongsun Qi’s words made him clearly feel fatigue and boredom of Li Tianlan .

Thus, he gave up the idea of disturbing Li Tianlan, turned to look at Dongcheng Wudi and Summer Solstice, and said slowly, “What do you think of the situation in Eastern Europe?”

Dongcheng Wudi didn’t say anything .

He really had planned to fight with the Wang family of Beihai at all costs tonight . Although this was a war that was doomed to fail, as the real top wealthy family in Zhongzhou State, the Dongcheng Clan was also sure to make the Wang family of Beihai suffer heavy losses . A wealthy family, to the extent like the Dongcheng Clan, was basically at the peak . As for the specific situation in Zhongzhou State, the Wang family of Beihai might not have any advantage over the Dongcheng Clan . The reason why they were stronger than the Dongcheng Clan was that they had had resources over hundreds of years, their international influence, and their independence with Zhongzhou State in management .

The Dongcheng Clan was now the real big military boss . Once Dongcheng Wudi quarreled with the Wang family of Beihai, even the Dongcheng Clan would be destroyed . How could Zhongzhou State continue to tolerate the Wang family of Beihai?

At that time, in Beihai Province, which had nothing to do with Zhongzhou State, no matter how powerful it was, it would not last long if it lost its foundation .

The Dongcheng Clan had already put on a posture at all costs .

Fortunately, it did not develop that way .

At such time, Dongcheng Wudi had to keep a lower profile .

“At present, if the Snowdance Corps is stable, Eastern Europe is stable,” Summer Solstice said suddenly after a moment of silence .

The predecessor of the Snowdance Corps was the most elite Thunderbolt Battalion of the Border Control Corps .

The Border Control Corps were Zhongzhou State’s most elite army . The Border Control Corps’ most elite army was naturally Zhongzhou State’s most elite one .

The Border Control Corps now had less than 10,000 people . But when combined together, it was enough to make anyone or even an Invincible Realm expert tremble with fear .

This was undoubtedly a cornerstone of the stability of Eastern Europe .

Under the deterrent of the Snowdance Corps and the powerful support of the Arctic Ocean Command in the rear, wherever this force passed, even Snow Country, whose military had always been strong, did not dare to act rashly .

Li Huacheng suddenly glanced at Dongcheng Wudi .

The Snowdance Corps today were all Dongcheng Wudi’s former subordinates . In their eyes, they might not even recognize Zhongzhou State, but they would not deny Dongcheng Wudi .

Dongcheng Wudi still kept his head down, but nodded calmly .

Li Huacheng breathed a sigh of relief and said calmly, “Tianlan is still in Eastern Europe . If Tianlan can stabilize, there won’t be any problems for the Snowdance Corps . ”

Summer Solstice said calmly, “No one denied Marshal Li’s ability . ”

After the battle that had almost broken up the Dark World, she adjusted her emotions in the shortest time and began to think about the next situation . “But now Marshal Li is supporting the Snowdance Corps alone . I’m afraid he will be under a lot of pressure . Shouldn’t you find a helper for Marshal Li to cooperate his actions in Eastern Europe?”

Chen Qingluan, the previous vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps, had been killed by Li Tianlan on the spot in front of Wang Tianzong .

If everything in Eastern Europe failed tonight, Li Tianlan would return to Zhongzhou State and Chen Qingluan’s death would definitely cause great trouble for him . If all kinds of troubles were added together, they would become a sharp knife that would make Li Tianlan and even the Li family doomed eternally .

However, now, Li Tianlan took over Eastern Europe .

It was no exaggeration to say that the profits in Eastern Europe represented Li Tianlan’s contribution tonight .

At this time, Summer Solstice naturally would not ask questions about Chen Qingluan .

“Yes, indeed . ”

Li Huacheng glanced at Summer Solstice with a smile . “There are a lot of talents in the Wang family of Beihai . Is there anyone who you can recommend?”

“The defense task of the Wang family of Beihai is too much . I’m afraid that we can’t find any people . What if we make some bigshots unhappy and they send troops to annihilate the Beihai Corps? Now, who dares to leave the Beihai Corps?”

Summer Solstice glanced at Dongcheng Wudi with a faint smile .

Dongcheng Wudi’s face was expressionless, and he didn’t say a word .

From the moment Li Tianlan had won the battle and had ordered the army to retreat, he had known very well that he couldn’t fight for anything tonight .

If he hadn’t sent troops to fight to the death with the Wang family of Beihai, after Li Tianlan had won the battle, the Dongcheng Clan could have replaced the vice marshals of the Snowdance Corps with one of their own .

But now…

Li Tianlan had won .

However, the army had also appeared in front of the common people .

Dongcheng Wudi was in trouble . Even if he recommended the vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps, it was impossible to pass in the Decision Making Committee .

Moreover, the Snowdance Corps were the Special Warfare Battalion .

“Before I came here, I made an agreement with Secretary Wang of Wuyue and His Highness Gu Xingyun . They thought that it was not appropriate for Chen Qingluan to go to Eastern Europe . He couldn’t adapt to Marshal Li’s thought, which also proved it . Thus, His Highness Gu Xingyun meant that this time, it was better to give Marshal Li a young helper there so that man could cooperate with Marshal Li better . ”

In a sense, youth meant no experience . Without prestige, it was naturally not a threat to Li Tianlan’s position .

But if it were the two of them…

The muscles at the corner of Li Huacheng’s eyes twitched slightly . He chuckled and said, “Who is the person that Xingyun recommended? Gu Hanshan? Or Wang Shengxiao?”

“I’m afraid that Marshal Li has a misunderstanding with our two families . If they go there, it will be counterproductive . So we should send a neutral person there . ”

Summer Solstice smiled and asked, “How is Jiang Shangyu?”

“Jiang Shangyu?” Li Huacheng repeated in surprise .

Dongcheng Wudi also raised his eyebrows .

Zhongzhou State had always been very concerned about the growth of the younger generation . Otherwise, the final maneuver of the two Academies, which was held every three years, would not have become a big event in Zhongzhou State’s Special Warfare System .

Now, it seemed that in the next 20 years, there were four young men who were absolutely sure to break through the Invincible Realm .

Li Tianlan didn’t need to say much .

After Li Tianlan were Wang Shengxiao with Wind and Thunder Veins and Gu Hanshan with Heavenly King Heart .

These two were the heirs of the Wang family of Beihai and Kunlun City respectively . It seemed that even if the Li family rose again, the two families could continue to be glorious in the future .

Apart from that, Jiang Shangyu was the last one .

In the final maneuver, everyone had witnessed Jiang Shangyu’s performance .

This young man, who had been in the Fire-flaming Realm for more than three years, had found his own way . Presently, in many people’s eyes, his future was even more worth looking forward to than Gu Hanshan’s .

To let Jiang Shangyu be the vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps?

Li Huacheng took a deep look at Summer Solstice .

If this was the meaning of the Wang family of Beihai and Kunlun City, was there any kindness or malice behind this appointment?

But whether it was kindness or malice, if this appointment really passed, there was no doubt that Jiang Shangyu would really ascend to the sky in one step .

Dongcheng Wudi was also looking at Summer Solstice .

He frowned subconsciously .

Somehow, at this moment, he suddenly thought of Qin Weibai and Samsara Palace .

Chen Qingluan had been killed .

When the Snowdance Corps needed to appoint a new vice marshal, Wang Qinglei in Wuyue communicated with Gu Xingyun . Then Summer Solstice recommended to appoint Jiang Shangyu as the vice marshal of the Snowdance Corps .

Everything seemed normal .

It was normal and there was nothing wrong with it .

But Dongcheng Wudi always felt that there was a kind of feeling that he was familiar with but couldn’t explain .

He frowned and fell into deep thought .

There was a moment of silence in the study .

Summer Solstice quietly drank water and stopped talking .

It was impossible for Wang Tianzong to come back from Eastern Europe now, even if Eastern Europe had fallen into Li Tianlan’s hands .

He was about to break through . If he left Eastern Europe at this time, it was equivalent to taking a step back at the most critical moment . He would not retreat .

But the general trend in Eastern Europe had been formed, and Li Tianlan had already made a great contribution . It was not realistic for Li Tianlan to charge him with treason .

Under such circumstances, arranging Jiang Shangyu to enter the Snowdance Corps was undoubtedly to use Jiang Shangyu as a knife to compete with Li Tianlan .

Jiang Shangyu was a good knife . But in front of Li Tianlan, he was inevitably not sharp enough .

However, in the Snowdance Corps, as long as he could slightly check Li Tianlan, or even keep an eye on Li Tianlan, that would be enough .

Summer Solstice glanced at Dongcheng Wudi, thinking, “You think too highly of your son-in-law . ”

The Wang family of Beihai and Kunlun City wanted to kill Li Tianlan .

But in fact, everyone wanted to kill the Li family the most .

Since Li Tianlan was not so easy to kill, some other members of the Li family were still in Eastern Europe .

For Wang Tianzong, who was about to break through, if he didn’t kill Li Tianlan but directly attacked the Purgatory of Heaven Capital, he could also hit the Li family hard .

After tonight, the Purgatory of Heaven Capital was one of the few foreign forces that had not withdrawn from Eastern Europe .

The Sword Emperor had attacked the Purgatory of Heaven Capital and completely occupied the general trend . This was what he should do .

No matter if it was Li Tianlan or the Li family, everyone in Zhongzhou State couldn’t say anything .

It was undoubtedly the most terrifying thing to see Sword Emperor, who did not have any difficulties on his back .

Of course, if Jiang Shangyu could make some small surprises in the process, it would naturally be better .

Dongcheng Wudi picked up the cup and took a sip of water, without saying a word .

In the following high-level meetings…

In the whole meeting, Dongcheng Wudi hadn’t said a word in the face of attacks from countless people