The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2233

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Right at this moment, a figure floated towards Ye Futian. The figure was a maiden with outstanding temperament and appearance.

She wore a purple long dress, and the hem of her skirt fluttered. She looked like an ethereal goddess. Purple light twinkled in her eyes as she stared at Ye Futian.

“Are you observing the starry sky?” the maiden in the purple dress asked softly.

“Hmm.” Ye Futian nodded.

“My name is Luo Su. I cultivate songs and rhythm. I am also a successor of the Divine Melody like you. I am from Outer Violet Heaven of the Divine Prefecture,” the maiden introduced herself. “Perhaps, Renhuang Ye and I can be friends.”

Ye Futian looked at the maiden. Outer Violet Heaven was naturally a top force in the Divine Prefecture. However, he knew very little about it. This female Renhuang had a pair of clear and bright eyes. She gave off a dependable vibe.

Moreover, Ye Futian was somewhat surprised that she would actually take the initiative to approach him. He understood what she wanted. Since she was proficient in songs and rhythm, she could only be here for one reason.

Before this, quite a lot of cultivators intended to approach Ye Futian for the same reason. However, Ye Futian warded off all those people with the condition that the person who received help from him had to help him to kill Ning Hua. After all, no one was willing to kill the Vice Chief of the Donghua Domain Chief’s Manor for the sake of a fateful encounter. Moreover, it was hard to say whether they had the ability to kill Ning Hua.

If they ended up being targeted by the Vice Chief of the Donghua Domain Chief’s Manor instead, it would be disastrous.

Why would Luo Su think that he would agree to her request?

However, she indeed came at the perfect timing.

Luo Su explained, “Before this, I have sensed this Imperial Star, but I was still missing something. If Renhuang Ye is willing to help me, I’m sure that I’ll be able to resonate with the star very quickly. Then, Renhuang Ye can observe the pattern of the seven stars as an outsider. It might help you to have new discovery and locate the eighth Imperial Star.” She continued, “Of course, if Renhuang Ye has other conditions, you may voice it out as well. I’ll do it as long as it’s within my capabilities.”

Ye Futian took a good look at this beautiful female Renhuang. Luo Su’s calm and sincere attitude made him feel comfortable around her. Before this, he intended to pass the teachings of the Imperial Star to Goddess Taihua. In reality, he was using it as a chance to get closer to Taihua Mountain and form good connections with them. However, Goddess Taihua’s cold attitude caused him to abandon his plan.

Now, Luo Su had proactively come forward. She was also a successor of the Divine Melody. There was no reason not to help her. After all, for Ye Futian, there was no harm in doing so. If he could forge a friendship with a top force, he was more than willing to do so.

“You know that I am proficient in the Divine Melody?” asked Ye Futian.

“How could I not tell the lost sound of the Great Path, the rhythm of the Song of the Lost Divine?” replied Luo Su as she smiled. Ye Futian nodded and said, “Alright. If that is the case, I am willing to be friends with you.”

As he said this, divine light shone from his glabella and shot towards Luo Su’s glabella, burrowing straight into her mind. Luo Su did not stop him from doing so, allowing the light to enter her mind. She seemed to have a faint realization as she smiled at Ye Futian. She bowed her head slightly and said, “Many thanks, Renhuang Ye. I will head over and give it a try.”

“Alright,” replied Ye Futian as he nodded back at her. Luo Su floated upwards, her purple dress fluttering as she went off. Her detection swept out towards the starry sky. Not long after, in the starry sky above, starlight descended, and powerful Rhythmic Sorcery surrounded her figure. The various Imperial Stars in the heavens resonated.

“So fast,” commented Ye Futian as he revealed a look of astonishment. It seemed that Luo Su was not lying. Before this, she was almost able to communicate with the Imperial Star. With Ye Futian’s guidance, she had managed to do so in a very short amount of time.

The seven stars gathered as Ye Futian stood observing from below. This time, the star chart seemed even more complete.

Was this a divine matrix? Ye Futian thought as he gazed at the star chart above. There was flowing starlight and the seven silhouettes of the Great Emperors.

Ye Futian was most likely the only one who could see the silhouettes of the seven Great Emperors. The rest of the cultivators could only see the divine halos emitted by the Imperial Stars. As for the cultivators immersed in the divine lights, they would probably be able to sense the silhouette of the Great Emperor they formed a connection with.

Ye Futian’s senses were fully immersed in the starry sky. He seemed to become one with the stars. His consciousness flowed with the starlight. Gradually, he noticed that the flowing starlight and the dazzling silhouettes of the Great Emperors were all facing the same direction.

The image of the entire starry sky seemed to appear in Ye Futian’s pupils. The image even appeared in his mind.

“They are facing the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei,” Ye Futian said as his heart pounded. He felt as though he was beginning to discern a pattern. The seven silhouettes of the Great Emperors were all facing the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei. If so, that should also be the case for the eighth silhouette.

The seven silhouettes of the Great Emperors were at different locations. However, they were each at the center of a region. Yet, it felt as though something was missing.

What was missing? Ye Futian’s mind raced.

The seven silhouettes of the Great Emperors were facing the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei.

Where was the eighth silhouette?

He began to search the starry sky. He did not know where the location of the last silhouette of the Great Emperor would be. It should match the star chart and the positions of the other seven silhouettes of the Great Emperors.

Time passed. The seven cultivators remained as they were, causing the positions of the Imperial Stars to be clearer. At the same time, this allowed Ye Futian to more easily sense the presence of the silhouettes of the Great Emperors. Unsure as to why, the cultivators in the starry sky actually believed that Ye Futian would most likely be the one to find the eighth Imperial Star.

This had nothing to do with his identity or his ability. It was purely because Ye Futian had performed the best so far.

Since he performed the best, he naturally had the highest chances of success.

Ye Futian seemed to be using the crudest method to determine the location of the silhouette. However, even so, he still had not managed to find it after a long time. This made even the others suspicious. Could it be that the eighth Imperial Star truly did not exist?

After a long while, even Ye Futian became restless. He retracted his consciousness. His vision gradually returned to normal. He sighed internally. The starry sky was too vast and mysterious. He could not solve its mystery. The star chart had exceeded his abilities.

“I can’t solve it,” Ye Futian said to the cultivators who were all staring at the starry sky. In reality, everyone present had their own agenda to pursue. However, they were unified by the same goal now, which was to unravel the secrets of Great Emperor Ziwei.

“Are we really all out of ideas?” Someone sighed and lamented softly, “Great Emperor Ziwei was a Great Emperor from the past. What exactly was his intention for leaving behind this starry cultivation court? Could it be that the teachings of the seven Imperial Stars are the only thing being stored here? How about the Heavenly Scroll that Great Emperor Ziwei is holding? What does it mean?”

When Ye Futian heard the person’s words, his gaze turned around slowly and stared in the direction of the Heavenly Scroll that the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei held in his hand. He was momentarily stunned. Then, he looked in other directions.

At this moment, Ye Futian’s heart quivered uncontrollably.

The Heavenly Scroll. Ye Futian’s heart trembled as his gaze was fixed on the Heavenly Scroll in the hand of the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei. Before this, some cultivators attempted to unravel the secret of the Heavenly Scroll, but all of them had failed. Some of them tried to retrieve it, but it was even more futile of an endeavor.

Why must the teachings left behind by the Great Emperors be stored within a star? Ye Futian exclaimed internally. All of them seemed to have been caught up in the wrong line of thought. It was true that there were eight Great Emperors under Great Emperor Ziwei. However, the teachings of the Great Emperors might not necessarily have transformed into the Imperial Stars.

Ye Futian might have found it!

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