The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2511

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Chapter 2511: Chief Xihai


Numerous people gazed at Ye Futian and saw divine lights flowing in his body. They all knew Ye Futian had built the divine body with the flesh of Shenjia the Great Emperor and hence got an extraordinary constitution. By then, the aura of the great way flowing in him was impeccable. It was the level-nine aura.

“What a perfect aura of the great way!” exclaimed the Sword Goddess. She was also a Level-Nine Renhuang and had maintained this level for years. She had seen many powerful men on the level-nine Renhuang Plane. However, she had never seen anyone like Ye Futian, whose aura of the great way was so perfect that it was as if it was made by God.

The way and the body turned into one. The divine body was unparallel, and his body was exactly the way.

Zhou Muhuang, the vice chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Shangqing Domain, became famous even earlier than Ning Hua. He achieved the level-nine Renhuang Plane many years ago. Despite that, he was overcome by a single movement while confronting Ye Futian. It was not hard to imagine how huge the gap between them was. They were on two completely different levels.

Zhou Muhuang’s face was livid with rage. He felt humiliated.

He had intended to stop Ye Futian and others from leaving, but instead of that, he was suppressed by a single movement. It’s none of your business. You don’t get to intervene! How humiliating!

Ye Futian was staring at him with that pair of cold eyes right in front of him. Looking into those eyes, Zhou Muhuang was somehow deeply intimidated. He saw indifference and contempt in them as if Ye Futian had never regarded him as a serious enemy.

Ye Futian was just a talented Renhuang competing for the divine body in the Shangqing Domain. And their meeting back then was totally different from this one. Actually, it was him that looked down on Ye Futian instead.

“Whoever intervenes will be my enemy, and I won’t show any mercy,” said Ye Futian in a cold and disdainful tone. Then he leaped and disappeared into thin air. Without causing any fluctuation in the aura, he moved across the air without being seen.

An exclaim immediately came. One after another, people started to step back. That was where the powerful cultivators from the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Tianyan Domain were. Among them, a powerhouse on the Tribulation Plane was standing in the front, intending to attack Ye Futian and others. He paused for a few seconds after seeing Zhou Muhuang suppressed by Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian showed up among the powerhouses of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Tianyan Domain in an instant. A dreadful aura spread from him and shrouded all of the Practitioners there. They all felt so pressured that they could hardly breathe.

That powerhouse on the Tribulation Plane narrowed his eyes. He turned around to look at the white-haired man among his younger colleagues, surprised at the man’s imperceptible and unpredictable movement. He showed up in another place without causing any fluctuation in the Great Path of Space or being detected.

That power…

“Senior, do you want to try me?” Ye Futian said to the powerhouse on the Tribulation Plane after turning. He sounded threatening. It was as if as long as that man had the nerve to intervene, he would kill those Practitioners from the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Tianyan Domain anytime.

The powerful men from other Domain Chief’s Manors, who had been ready to act, stopped moving at the sight of that. They were all staring at Ye Futian.

What Great Path of Space was the one Ye Futian had shown?

He was even strong enough to drive Zhou Muhuang into a corner with one single strike. With that combat power, he could kill any Practitioner below the Tribulation Plane there. Therefore, whoever wanted to confront him would have to give it a good thought.

That made the powerhouses from those Domain Chief’s Manors hesitate. At this moment, two apex cultivators were handling Ning Yuan together on the battlefield, but they still could not completely suppress Ning Yuan, who was in a rage.

The sky was covered with the formidable sealing force. Many people looked up and decided to take a wait-and-see attitude, thinking maybe Ning Yuan could take Ye Futian and others down by himself.

“Practitioners from the Donghua Domain, listen to my orders. Kill them. Don’t show any mercy!” Ning Yuan said in a cold voice. The Domain Chief’s Manor had many powerful cultivators, many of whom were quite old, but they were all somewhat hesitant at the moment.

They did not think any of them was stronger than Ning Hua, but even Ning Hua was killed by Chen Yi so effortlessly, so how could they fight those people?

Besides, there was Ye Futian, whose strength was unfathomable. He even defeated Zhou Muhuang with one single strike and held the latter’s life in his hands.

Not to mention the other top forces from the Donghua Domain. They did not report to Ning Yuan directly. Even if they held a grudge against Ye Futian, they would rather keep their noses clean.

“Ning Yuan, you don’t know what situation you are in at all,” said Ye Futian sarcastically. He showed up in front of the powerhouses of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain as soon as he finished speaking. A blazing True Fire of the Sun flew out of him and turned into a dreadful Solar Divine Sword that flowed down.

The Practitioners of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain instantly felt suffocated. The force of the Great Path that spread from Ye Futian intimidated them deeply. They realized that man was powerful enough to kill them.

“I attended the Donghua Banquet to join the Domain Chief’s Manor and cultivate there, but everyone knows how Ning Yuan treated me. Ning Hua killed my elder brother Zong Chan. Now that I killed Ning Hua, this blood debt has been paid, and I will not hold any other people from the Donghua Domain to account. However, if anyone dares hurt the Practitioners from the Ziwei Segmentum, I will absolutely kill him. I won’t care even if you are hiding in the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain,” said Ye Futian coldly.

His speech sent a shiver down the spines of the Practitioners from the Donghua Domain. They suddenly realized without the help from other forces of the Divine Prefecture, the Donghua Domain alone had been inferior to the Ziwei Segmentum since a long time ago.

Besides the two strong cultivators fighting at the moment, the Ziwei Segmentum also had Renhuang Chen, the vice headmaster of the Ziwei Imperial Palace. Renhuang Chen, always holding the Scepter of the Stars in hand, had killed powerful cultivators as strong as himself before. He was definitely not weaker than Ning Yuan.

That meant in terms of the top strength, the forces from the Ziwei Segmentum definitely outshone the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain. And there was even less suspense in terms of the strength of Renhuang. After all, who could defeat Ye Futian and Chen Yi, who were right there?

Moreover, the Ziwei Segmentum had a few more level-nine Renhuang on the Perfect Great Path. The Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird that Ye Futian was mounting was also a level-nine Demon Emperor.

So, had Ning Hua really died for nothing?

The vice chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain was killed, but no one could do anything about it.

Right at this moment, an astonishing aura spread over from far away. Even the clouds were disturbed. That aura intimidated many people.

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A Tribulation-level cultivator, many people thought. And it was probably a super powerful cultivator that had gone through the second Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

The Donghua Palace, a stronghold the Donghua Domain established here, was connected to the strongholds of other Domain Chief’s Manors of the eighteen domains. Could that be the chief of one of those Domain Chief’s Manors?

A stern face showed up in the sky, giving off an unparallel overbearing air. The might from him shrouded the earth down there. Even the force of the Grand Seal Great Path of Ning Yuan was suppressed.


Many people saluted the face in the air, bowing to it.

The newly-arrived powerhouse was apparently a chief.

It was Chief Xihai, the chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the West Sea Domain, hailed as one of the Two Kings of West Sea.

Not all chiefs of Domain Chief’s Manors were the same. There could be a huge gap between them. For example, the Donghua Domain and the Shangqing Domain were just average domains. The Great Bright Domain, where Ye Futian had been, was an incomplete domain with only one city left.

The most powerful Domain Chief’s Manors were those with a long history, for example, those with Ancient Emperors and, in particular, places where the Ancient God Clan was still living.

Donghuang the Great united the world. To check and balance various forces, he sent powerful enough people to restrict the Ancient God Clan, which was certainly a natural move.

The West Imperial Palace used to be in its prime in the West Sea. Its leader even claimed the throne. The West Emperor in ancient times could be compared to the Great Emperor. The West Imperial Palace still had the West Emperor’s inheritances these days. Xi Chiyao from the West Imperial Palace fought Ye Futian in that disturbance many years ago. She even thought about going to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate, but everything changed when Ye Futian’s identity as the descendant of Emperor Ye Qing had been disclosed, and Donghuang the Great had shown up.

The Domain Chief’s Manor of the West Sea Domain was located in the West Imperial Palace region, so it had to be tough. The West Imperial Palace had been domineering the West Sea for many years, but the Domain Chief’s Manor of the West Sea Domain had been rising quickly in the past few years.

Chief Xihai was a paramount personage. He was overbearing and pushy, and very powerful, too. He built the Domain Chief’s Manor of the West Sea Domain into an influential force on his own. By then, it had almost become a rival to the West Imperial Palace.

Chief Xihai was well-known in the Divine Prefecture. He was a big name. And all that could be attributed to his great strength.

At this moment, Chief Xihai from the Domain Chief’s Manor of the West Sea Domain showed up in the Donghua Palace.

He did not come in person, looking up at the stern face in the air, many people thought. It was Chief Xihai’s incarnation, one of his fantastic skills. However, the incarnation was also dreadfully powerful. Even though Chief Xihai was not here in person, it was enough to intimidate everyone there.

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