The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Lawlessness

Chapter 519: Lawlessness

Tang Hao met Ma Fangfang in a restaurant downtown .

She was dressed in office wear, and her hair was tied up in a bun . She looked smart and diligent .

She wore light makeup on her face, which highlighted her sparkling eyes and pure-white teeth . Her beauty was unique like no other .

Tang Hao was taken aback when he saw her .

He thought that she had become more beautiful than ever, perhaps about the same as Liu Bingyao . Her figure had matured since they last met .

The noisy restaurant fell silent when she walked in .

Countless pairs of eyes were focused on her figure .

The men held their breaths for a brief moment, then they collectively gasped .

She stood at the entrance and turned her head from side to side .

She soon found Tang Hao . She smiled, walked toward him, flicked her hair, and sat down in front of him .

“What’s wrong?” She blushed slightly when she noticed that Tang Hao was staring at her .

“You seem to be different every time I see you,” Tang Hao said with a smile .

Her face blushed even more, though she secretly felt happy . “I didn’t know how to dress up back then . Of course I look different now . ”

“I’ve heard from Manager Lin that you’re doing very well,” Tang Hao said .

She lifted her chin and wrinkled her nose . “Of course . I’ve been working very hard…”

The waiter came to their table with the menu .

The two people ordered lunch and started chatting .

Her expression became indignant when she talked about her uncle and aunt . “Those ingrates have gone overboard . Ever since they were driven away by Grandpa last time, they haven’t given up on wanting a portion of the compensation money .

“My First Aunt is leading the attack on Grandpa . She knows an official in the municipal office, and she’s the one who stalled the payment of the compensation money .

“Every other family in the area has gotten paid except Grandpa . The houses are scheduled to be demolished soon, too .

“She never stops trying to match my mother with men with dubious backgrounds . Any discerning person can see through her plans .

“Back then, she was the one who introduced that bastard Huang Haijiang to my mom and made us suffer . She’s doing it again . ”

Tang Hao furrowed his brows when he heard that .

‘Fangfang’s first aunt is indeed a bastard . She behaves the same as Huang Haijiang . No wonder they’re siblings .

‘It’s bad luck to have a relative like her . ’

“I’ll go with you after lunch then!” Tang Hao said, “I owe a debt of gratitude to your grandfather . Without him, I wouldn’t have started the Divine Liquor Company . ”

“No, we’re the one who owes you a debt,” Ma Fangfang said with a smile .

After lunch, Tang Hao and Ma Fangfang went to Cai Village by car .

They turned right at the big signboard and entered the village .

They arrived at a large residence after driving for a short distance . That was Grandpa Shunde’s house .

The residence covered a large area, but the house inside was old and run-down . It had existed for decades .

Several cars were parked outside .

Ma Fangfang’s expression changed drastically . “That’s my first uncle’s car . They’re here again . ”

Tang Hao parked the car in front of the courtyard . Once he got out of the car, he could hear someone yelling inside .

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

That voice belonged to none other than Ma Fangfang’s mother .

He could hear a perverted laugh after that .

“Why are you so shy? You’re already an adult, and you don’t know how to go with the flow?”

“You’re… shameless!”

Cai Yourong yelled . After that, there was the crisp sound of a slap .

“F*ck your mother! How dare you hit me, you filthy whore?” The man roared angrily . “Don’t pretend as though you’re virtuous, you filthy whore . I’ve heard that every man in the village had a go with you . ”

After that was another crisp slap .

A shrill yelp could be heard, followed by the sounds of a table flipping over and plates falling on the floor .

“You filthy whore, do you even know my status? You’re lucky that I’m interested in you,” the man said coldly .

Tang Hao’s expression sank when he heard that .

Even Ma Fangfang could hear what was going on inside . “Mom!” She shouted frantically and ran into the house .

She saw several people there . Those were Huang Lili and her other relatives .

They were surprised when they saw Ma Fangfang .

Huang Lili spread out her arms and blocked Ma Fangfang .

“Hey, what do you want to do? Don’t go in! You’ll ruin the plan!”

“Go away!”

Ma Fangfang yelled, shoved her aside, and rushed in .

At the same time, an angry roar could be heard from inside the house .

“You bastard, how dare you lay a finger on my daughter? I’ll kill you!”

That was none other than Grandpa Shunde .

Huang Lili and the others panicked when they heard that .

“Dammit, how did the old geezer wake up?” Huang Lili cursed under her breath .

“How dare you hit me, you old bastard? Don’t think I don’t dare to hit you, dammit!”

“I’ll kill you!”

The situation in the house was utter chaos .

A figure ran out of the house . He was a pot-bellied and bespectacled man in his fifties .

Another figure rushed out closely behind him . That was Grandpa Shunde, brandishing his walking stick dangerously .

“You’re still at it, you old geezer? Stop it now!” The man shouted angrily .

Grandpa Shunde did not stop . He continued to wave his walking stick at the man .

Huang Lili and the others panicked when they saw the scene .

“You can’t hit that person, Dad!”

“Stop, Pa! You’ll get into trouble if you hit him!”

They quickly rushed forward to hold back Grandpa Shunde .

“You… all of you are bastards . You are less than human… don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to pull off . ”

Grandpa Shunde straightened his eyebrows and said sternly .

“Two of you… what excellent elder siblings you are! You’re even pawning your sister for your own benefit . All of you are animals . I’ll beat up all of you as well . ”

Grandpa Shunde waved his walking stick and yelled sternly .

The people scattered in all directions .

“Dad, we’re doing this for Yourong’s good! He’s a superintendent in town, and his brother is a commissioner in the district office . They’re very well off . Yourong can live happily if she marries him . ”

Cai Youliang and Cai Youtao shouted frantically .

“That’s right! We’re all considerate for Yourong . It’s not easy for her to marry a third husband . She’s lucky that Superintendent He has his eye for her,” Huang Lili also shrieked .