The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 523

Chapter 523: 523

Chapter 523: I’m An Uncle Now

The next morning, in Tang Hao’s office .

Liu Yan was updating him about the company’s progress in the past month .

“I didn’t expect that Vitality Sports Drink is so popular, Chairman Tang . It’s only been in the market for a little more than a month,” Liu Yan said emotionally .

Sales of Vitality Sports Drink grew faster than Masculine Wind Aphrodisiac when the latter first launched .

The sole purpose of marketing the sports drink was to topple Yu Lin Group, but the product became a runaway success .

If they could increase the production capacity, the sports drink would definitely be able to corner one-hundred percent of the market . It could be a flagship product of Haotian Group, just like Bingji Beauty Cream or Masculine Wind Aphrodisiac .

‘How many more wondrous recipes does Chairman Tang have?’ Liu Yan was very curious .

Other than the sports drink, the sobriety medicine and hair growth tonic also reported spectacular sales .

Liu Yan was thoroughly impressed by each of those products .

Her admiration for her boss’s abilities became respect .

Tang Hao smiled . “It’s all thanks to the advertising and promotion campaigns . Of course, the product has to be good too . Take good care of the beverage company!”

“Yes, Chairman Tang!”

After reporting about the other companies, she left the office .

Tang Hao sat on his chair, browsing through several documents when his phone started ringing . The call was from his maternal grandfather .

He sat up straight and answered the call .

“Hello, Grandpa!” Tang Hao greeted with a smile .

“Hey, Lil Hao!” His grandfather’s hoarse voice was heard over the phone .

“Is there anything, Grandpa?”

“Are you free later? You can come over if you are! Dazhu and his wife are here with their baby . You should come and see!” Grandpa said .

Tang Hao remembered that Gao Ying had given birth to a baby boy not too long ago .

“Alright, I’ll be there later . ” Tang Hao immediately agreed to it .

He was planning on visiting Yan’er in Dragonrock Village in two days anyway, so he would combine both visits in one .

He arrived at the village a while later .

He could see from afar that many people were crowding in front of Grandpa’s house .

Grandpa and Grandma were sitting next to the door, and next to them was First Uncle and his family . Many villagers focused their attention on the baby in Grandpa’s arms .

“You’re here, Lil Hao!” The villagers greeted Tang Hao eagerly when they saw him .

“Lil Hao!” Bro Dazhu and his wife also greeted him .

“Congratulations!” Tang Hao said .

Shi Dazhu laughed . He took the baby from Grandpa’s hands and placed him in Tang Hao’s arms . “Here, let your Uncle carry you, my dear Yi’er . ”

Tang Hao laughed drily when he heard “Uncle” .

Before he knew it, he was already someone else’s elder .

He looked at the cute baby in his arms . His features were delicate .

“Good Yi’er . Here, let Uncle give you something,” Tang Hao said as he took out a jade pendant and placed it in the baby’s hand .

“Oh, you shouldn’t have, Lil Hao!” Dazhu quickly pushed his hand away .

“Don’t worry! It’s just a small gift . ” Tang Hao insisted on giving the baby the pendant . “Let him wear this, and he’ll grow up safe and healthy . ”

“Thank you, Lil Hao,” Dazhu said after Tang Hao did not allow him to decline the gift .

Gao Ying also thanked Tang Hao for the pendant .

Tang Hao gave the baby back to the couple and sat down next to his grandparents . They chatted for a while .

After that, he went to Yan’er’s house .

“Brother Hao! Brother Hao!”

Yan’er happily ran down the stairs when she knew that Tang Hao was there to visit her .

She was casually dressed in a white T-shirt and shorts .

“Look at this, Brother Hao, I’ve just received my letter of acceptance . ” She took out a letter from behind her . It had the Z University emblem on it .

“I’ll still be your junior!” Yan’er smiled sweetly .

“Silly girl…” Tang Hao chuckled .

Yan’er obtained excellent results in the gaokao . She could have gone to the two major universities in the Capital, but she chose Z University anyway .

“There’s still another month before the semester starts . Enjoy yourself in the meantime . I’ll fetch you to school by then!” Tang Hao said with a smile .

“Mm!” Yan’er nodded .

“Right, this is for you . ” Tang Hao gave her a small box that contained a Jade Bone Pill, then explained its functions to her .

“It’s that amazing? Thank you, Brother Hao!”

Yan’er’s bright eyes sparkled with excitement . She smiled, tiptoed, and pecked Tang Hao on his cheek .

She smiled bashfully and ran back upstairs .

Zhang Hongfang witnessed all that from the kitchen . She smiled and mumbled, “That girl has finally become brave . ”

After saying goodbye to his grandparents and Shi Dazhu, Tang Hao left Dragonrock Village .

When he returned to the city, he looked at his watch and realized that it was almost lunchtime .

He took out his phone, found Liu Bingyao’s number, hesitated for a while, but eventually dialed it .

“Hello!” Liu Bingyao’s gentle and sweet voice was heard over the phone .

“Are you free? Can we have lunch together?”

“Mm!” She immediately agreed without thinking .

After a brief pause, she continued, “But you’ll have to wait for me for a while… I’m still lazing in bed!” She said rather embarrassedly .

Tang Hao went to her house . She came out after about twenty minutes .

She had spent some time dressing up . She wore a white dress which revealed her long and slender legs and a pair of crystal high heels .

She was indescribably beautiful, like a fairy that descended from the heavens .

“Tang Hao!” She called his name as she got close .

Tang Hao opened the car door for her, then sat in the driver’s seat .

“New Magical Kitchen?”

Liu Bingyao shook her head . “How about we go somewhere else? We’ve been there before, the one where I bought you lunch . ”

Tang Hao thought for a while and remembered which one it was .


He started the car and drove there .

Liu Bingyao, sitting in the passenger seat, turned her head, and stared at Tang Hao .

Her brows were slightly furrowed, and she seemed dejected .

‘We rarely meet, but every time we do, he seems so distant . ’

She was smart enough to know what was going on, and that had caused her worries .

‘Should I be a little more daring?

‘Would that be inappropriate?’

Her brows were subconsciously furrowed even more tightly as she struggled internally .

Eventually, she arrived at a conclusion . ‘Perhaps it’s best to remain in our current situation! I’m happy enough if I get to look at him . ’

She felt much better after arriving at that thought .

“What’s wrong?” Tang Hao asked when he saw that she was looking at him intently .

“It’s nothing!” She lifted her chin and smiled .

The gloom on her brows cleared up once she smiled . Her eyes were curved like crescent moons .

“I can’t wait for lunch . Ah, right! We rarely go out together . How about you accompany me on a shopping trip, just like last time?” She said coyly .

“Alright!” Tang Hao agreed to it .

After lunch, they walked down the street for the next few hours .

Tang Hao sent her home and gave her a Jade Bone Pill .