The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness - Chapter 1310

Can fight for their country, bring honor back to their country, win the respect of other nations for their country, the guns in their hands could kill the enemy, they could also protect their people at the same time. A soldier who was the fortune of an entire nation, how many of them could there be?

Xia Jinyuan shook his head as he grinned: “After putting on the military uniform, I no longer represent myself. Instead, I represent  the country, raise me, educate me and train me; while I’m just fulfilling my duty and repaying the country’s trust in me, how would I be able to live up to the name of being the country’s fortune?”

“It should be mentioned that I am lucky to be born in our country, to grow in our country, so that my adolescent years were free from the flames of war, away from the soot and ashes. Everything that I’m doing right now was all to repay my country; that is also the responsibility that a soldier must bear.”

As a soldier, then you must have a thorough understanding of your own duties and responsibilities; you need to etch your sense of honor in your bones, leaving behind a legacy that doesn’t admit defeat, bear your responsibilities and burdens on your shoulders, pick up your steel guns and fight for the country and for the people without hesitation.

“All of us must live and honor the clothes on our body!” Big Shark clapped his chest; his dark and plain face revealed the mighty and unyielding spirit of the present soldiers, “As long as we wear this, then we must bear the responsibility placed on this uniform, soldiers of the present era, ideally should be like Major Xia.”

Xia Jinyuan laughed as he looked at the soldier who protected the territorial waters of our country; he suddenly asked: “Then tell me, do you think I’m a good match with Ye Jian, or do you think only Devil King Li is?”



Why does that sentence seem so wrong? Big Shark suddenly had a feeling, had he… done something stupid?

With a subtle change in his expression, he eyed Xia Jinyuan, who doesn’t seem unusual in the slightest out of the corner of his eye. Big Shark laughed as he said tentatively: “Match, you match with her too, but it all still depends on Ye Jian herself.”  

“Didn’t we have a three-day vacation some time ago? Devil King Li noticed the day Ye Jian would leave our unit was getting closer and closer, so he arranged for a mock battle exercise, and during underwater combat, Ye Jian realized she wasn’t the Devil King’s match, so she steeled her nerves and rushed to hug the Devil King, Major,… say, does Ye Jian have some feelings for Devil King Li?”

He’s even probing me out now, rush over and hug? His restrained and composed little fox would never do something like that!

The curvature of Xia Jinyuan’s smile didn’t increase or decrease; he answered calmly: “It’s inevitable to have close contact during combat exercises; you can’t just assume someone has feelings for another person because of an unintentional action during combat.”

“She grew up in the military, and also trained with the male soldiers in the military, and during combat drills. She’ll frequently climb onto the male soldiers’ back, then complete her grappling as she takes down her enemy. If we were to do things according to what you said, then Ye Jian would have feelings for so many people.”  

“Big Shark, you’re overthinking things.”

“How can they be comparable to Devil King Li? Devil King Li is handsome, he also has a great sense of responsibility, he’s also a Military Academy graduate. If he really was to become a couple with Ye Jian, hahaha, Major Xia, you guys should be happy for Ye Jian, no?”   

If Major Xia had feelings for Ye Jian, then his expression should change when he heard what he said!  

His lips spread a bit too wide when he smiled; he had dragged in the small wound on the edge of his lip without realizing it. Big Shark, who wasn’t thinking before, couldn’t help but start overthinking things. The so-called sparring just now, wasn’t it only to punish him? 

Big Shark mumbled in his heart. Meanwhile, Ye Jian stood on the ship’s bow as she waited for the boat to dock, then she immediately went first and jumped off. Captain Xia must’ve already arrived at the port to get her now.  

They haven’t seen each other for two months, Ye Jian already couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend.