Chapter 1259: 1259

Chapter 1259: The Person Falling From the Sky is Not a Good Person

Jin Jiatong asked, “Master, is something the matter? Why are you here?”

Fangzheng chuckled . “I’m here because of fate . Young Patrons, are you going up the mountain to see fireflies?”

“How do you know?” Little Sun asked subconsciously .

Jin Jiatong patted the Little Sun, indicating that she shouldn’t speak . Clearly, he was not completely at ease with Fangzheng .

Fangzheng thought nothing of it . Instead, he smiled and pretended to be mysterious . “Make a guess?”

Little Sun said, “Since Brother doesn’t let me speak . I’m not guessing . ”

Jin Jiatong immediately turned anxious when he heard that . How could she say such words to an outsider? He looked nervously at Fangzheng, afraid that the monk would suddenly flare up or become violent . He clenched his sickle tightly, looking as though he was very mighty .

Fangzheng was amused by the adorable girl as he chuckled . “Young Patron, your eyes aren’t good . Even if you go to the mountaintop, you won’t be able to see fireflies . Why are you still so insistent on going up the mountain to see fireflies?”

Jin Jiatong frowned . “Who said that my sister can’t see? My sister can see! It’s just… It’s just…”

“Just what?”

Jin Jiatong said indignantly, “She just can’t see clearly . ”

Fangzheng smiled . “Young Patron, we are fated to meet . This Penniless Monk’s medical skills are not bad . This Penniless Monk can treat this young patron’s eyesight . ”

“There’s no need . Thank you for your kind intentions, Master . If there’s nothing else, we’ll take our leave first . ” With that said, Jin Jiatong dragged Little Sun away .

“Brother, Master said that he can cure my illness . Why don’t we give it a try?” Little Sun was tempted .

Jin Jiatong said, “Little Sun, Grandpa Zhang once said that things don’t fall into your lap . If there’s any, it must be toxic . What’s more, a person who fell from the sky? And he’s a doctor? Let’s go home quickly . I’ll bring you here again to see the fireflies another day…”

When Little Sun heard that, she hurriedly nodded and said, “Alright, Brother . I’ll listen to you!”

The duo spoke very softly, but Fangzheng heard it very clearly . He looked up into the sky and sighed . “Do children mature so early nowadays? If I had known earlier, I would have made a chance encounter . I shouldn’t have acted all cool… Sigh . ”

The two children had gone to great efforts to climb halfway up the mountain . It was not easy for the brother to carry his sister on his back while mountain climbing . If they were to turn back, even the thick-skinned Fangzheng would feel a little embarrassed .

Fangzheng said loudly, “Patrons, This Penniless Monk is not a bad person . ”

“Master, you aren’t . We still have matters to attend to . Take care, ha!” Jin Jiatong tried to tide the matter over with a laugh . Clearly, he didn’t believe Fangzheng at all .

Fangzheng rubbed his bald head and thought to himself, Do I look like a bad person?

Just then, Jin Jiatong suddenly exclaimed, “A wild elephant!”

With that said, Jin Jiatong no longer dared to move . At the same time, he lowered his voice and said, “Sister, don’t speak . ”

Little Sun was also shocked . He held onto Jin Jiatong’s arm, not daring to move anymore .

Fangzheng was alarmed when he heard that . He hurriedly went over to take a look .

Seeing that Fangzheng was about to move, Jin Jiatong hurriedly reminded him, “Don’t move . Don’t alert the wild elephant . If the wild elephant goes crazy, it can even level houses!”

Just as Fangzheng was about to speak, he heard an angry trumpet from the elephant!

Fangzheng and Jin Jiatong looked over at the same time . They saw that the huge elephant seemed to have been agitated or that it had discovered the two children . It charged over with booming steps!

Upon seeing this scene, the color in Jin Jiantong’s face drained . He pushed Little Sun away and said, “Sister, run! I will draw him away . I will climb a tree . I’ll be fine!”

However, Little Sun hugged Jin Jiatong and shook her head as she cried out, “You’re lying to me! Grandpa Zhang said that no one can outrun a wild elephant… Anyway, I won’t leave you!”

As they spoke, the huge elephant appeared in front of them!

The two little fellows were thin to begin with . Facing the huge elephant, they were like weeds in front of an elephant . The elephant didn’t have any intention to stop as it kicked its foot forward!

If this kick landed, they would immediately be thrown out . Following that, they would be trampled by the elephant! Basically, no one could withstand that kick!

At the moment of life and death, Little Sun leaped into Jin Jiatong’s arms . Jin Jiatong used his thin body to put himself between his sister and the elephant . He looked at the elephant with an expression of indignation and extreme pain . He awaited death! Clearly, he knew that he couldn’t stop anything, but his younger sister was just beside him . He had to do something—even if they were to die, he would die first!

At this moment, a white figure suddenly appeared in front of the two of them, blocking the two children like a mountain . The bald head was still dazzling, and the white robes were so clean and white that its material was suspect .

However, Jin Jiatong snapped out of his daze and shouted, “No, you can’t stop it . Run!”

“Amitabha . Patron, your kindness is quite rare . ” When the monk heard Jin Jiatong’s words, he turned around and pressed his palms together . He smiled, his eyes filled with warmth .

Jin Jiatong’s vigilance towards the monk vanished as he said bitterly, “Master, are you going to die with us?”

The moment he finished speaking, the elephant’s kick seemed to slam into a metal pillar with a loud thud . Following that, it let out an alarmed trumpet . It lost control of its huge body and it collapsed!

Jin Jiatong widened his mouth in disbelief!

He was kicked by an elephant, but the man was fine . Instead, the elephant flipped over . How… was that possible?

Seeing the elephant head hit the ground, he could not help but believe it .

At that moment, the monk suddenly reached out his hands to hold the elephant! More importantly, the elephant seemed to be caught by him . Then, the monk carried the elephant to the side and placed the elephant on the ground . He said, “Amitabha . Patron, it’s only two children . Why are you angry? They won’t hurt you… You still want to fight? Do they really think that This Penniless Monk can’t beat you into submission just because he doesn’t eat meat!?”

Then, the monk threw two punches at the elephant… The elephant immediately turned docile and lay there obediently without moving .

Jin Jiatong only felt his brains lacking . This world was too crazy… He must have not woken up yet!

Jin Jiatong said, “Little Sun, quickly pinch me . See if I’m still awake?”

Little Sun: “Oh, Brother, what happened?”

Little Sun pinched Jin Jiatong and Jin Jiatong cried out, “Stop! It hurts… It’s not a dream… Oh my god, did we meet a deity?”

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