The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife - Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562: 1562

Chapter 1562: Illusion (2)

“But, Miss Dongfang, our boss wants to talk to you personally about something . ” The driver in the front hesitated and decelerated the car slightly .

“It’s okay . I’ll send him a message to explain when I arrive at the hotel . All you need to do is just drive me back to the hotel,” Dongfang Liuyun responded indifferently, and at this moment, the driver could only give up .

This night seemed the same as before, but what made Dongfang Liuyun feel that there was a subtle change was that she would actually call Qi Lei . In her opinion, no matter what led her to do so, it was all a little…

The night was getting later and later . After putting the kids to sleep, Mu Yuchen went back to the bedroom tiredly and took a bath . Just as he lay down, the phone on the bedside vibrated, and he knew who was calling him without guessing, so he pressed the ‘answer’ button without glancing at the caller ID .

“Why did it take you so long to answer the phone? Have the kids gone to bed?” Sure enough, the voice of a woman complaining came through, and Mu Yuchen also leaned back on the bedhead with the blanket . He grabbed the book on the side with one hand, opened it, and replied, “They’ve slept, and I just finished showering . Are you back in the hotel? Don’t socialize until too late in the night . Get them to drive you back to the hotel when it’s time . ”

He was very worried every time she was on a business trip and always felt troubled because he was not there to watch over her .

“It’s okay . I just got back to the hotel . Today’s banquet was quite a large affair . I had a few drinks, so my head is a little groggy at the moment . ” Xi Xiaye sighed lightly as she sat on the sofa, raised her hand, and rubbed her glabella .

“Your drinking capacity has regressed . It seems that you’ve become more finicky, Director Xi . ” A faint smile flashed across the corners of his lips while he turned a page with his hand and replied to her, “Ask the front desk to get you a mug of ginseng tea, then take a good bath, and rest early . ”

“Aren’t you the one who has been spoiling me? I used to have quite a high tolerance level when it comes to drinking, but now I can’t do it anymore . By the way, Uncle Lan should’ve sent you the information about the South River project, hasn’t he?” Xi Xiaye remembered this all of a sudden after she had had the time to alleviate the discomfort .

Mu Yuchen paused for a second and quickly recalled the document that Li Si had handed him in the evening . He then put down the book in his hand, got out of bed, and walked towards his stuy .

“Let me go and take a look . ”

“The first phase of the project is almost over . You should talk to Qi Lei about the rest of the project and see if bidding is a more suitable way to go at it . Since you’re closer to him, you’ll be able to rest assured if you leave the project to him . ”

Mu Yuchen quickly went to his study and found the document on the shelf . Then, he opened it and went through it attentively .

“There aren’t many problems with the data . I’ll arrange for the inspection team to conduct another system check . Then, I’ll go to Qi Lei once it’s deemed problem-free . When will you be back?” His eyes stopped on the files in front of him as he asked her that question on the phone .

“Well, this matter is rather urgent, so figure it out yourself . I was a bit too busy back then, so you’d better be warier when it comes to the data . Be careful that I might’ve tricked you . ”

“I’ve always been waiting for you to trick me, but I haven’t seen you in action . Don’t worry . I’ll take care of it and come back as soon as you’re done . The children have been looking for you these few days . ” He closed the files in his hand whilst there was a hint of sentiment in his deep tone .

“Then…how about you, President Mu?” she lowered her voice and asked softly .

“What do you think?” he raised his good-looking eyebrows and asked rhetorically .

“How would I know what you’re thinking about? However, I feel very bored just thinking about staying here for several days . ”

“It’s only been a few days and you seem to be having a bad time over there . ” The smile on the corners of his lips became more and more obvious, and there was deep affection in his eyes .

“I admit that I miss someone very much, and I often wake up from sleep at night . I’m especially grateful to God for bringing him to my side and letting me be with him…Do you think I should thank him well?” She smiled and played along with him .

“Didn’t I say that there’s no need to thank me? But if you can give me some substantial rewards, I’d certainly feel extremely honored,” he said in a low voice .

“So, do you also think that I should thank my sons? Then, I’ll take them and Weier to a nearby beach for a vacation when I go back . The weather recently should be fine . ”

“Oh? So, now that you’re more capable, you’re thinking of leaving me alone when you have plans like this?” he said irritably, secretly annoyed that he actually fell for the verbal trap that she set .

Xi Xiaye just gave him a faint laugh from the other end of the phone call…

The husband and wife talked for a long time until Mu Yuchen got an incoming call, and they had to hang up .

It was from Li Si .

“Master, I’ve sorted out Dong Wentao’s information . Shall I send it to you now?” Li Si’s deep voice came through .

Mu Yuchen’s eyes lit up as he slowly leaned back in the chair behind him and replied, “Just send it to my email . ”

“Okay, Master . By the way, I heard from Miss Su Yu that Master Su and Miss Ji just had a fight, and Wang Yanran is now going back too . Do you want to…” Li Si asked for instructions cautiously .

Mu Yuchen thought about it for a moment and then responded after a while, “You don’t have to worry about this matter when I didn’t instruct you to do so . Since it’s a family matter, we can only let them solve it by themselves, and try not to let the old man know about this matter . As for what happened yesterday, please take care of that . I don’t want to hear rumors that shouldn’t be out there . ”

Mu Yuchen had learned something in the officialdom from Mu Tangchuan, so he knew that Su Zhengxun had been caught in a critical moment recently, and if nothing were to happen, the latter would soon be the one who would move upward in his career . Nothing should go wrong at this critical point, so Mu Yuchen could only suppress this news as much as possible .

“Besides, you should investigate whether the matter between Wang Yanran and Ji Zitong was an accident or if someone deliberately did it immediately . ”

Mu Yuchen’s tone sounded unusually cautious, so Li Si naturally understood his master’s concerns when he listened to his instructions and quickly nodded . “Yes, Master! But do you want to let Master Su know about this matter?”

“Since he came to me and asked me to investigate Dong Wentao, he must know it deep down . After all, he has been in the scene for many years and is far more sensitive to these things than us . It’s better to talk less and let actions speak for themselves . ”

Naturally, Mu Yuchen did not worry about Su Chen’s affairs . What bothered him was his temperament as it seemed that this unpleasantness would not pass so quickly .

Among the three brothers, Mu Yuchen was the calmer one, but Su Chen was different . There had always been a bit of male chauvinism in him . He was decisive and always meant what he said . He also tended to be rather impulsive, scrupulous, and methodical while Ji Zitong was also a stubborn person . The couple was now living together with such personalities, so naturally, Mu Yuchen would not believe it if there was no conflict .

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