The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife - Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563: 1563

In fact, if he were to think about it himself, he actually did not think Su Chen and Ji Zitong were the most suitable for each other .

However, suitable or not, it required breaking in, so he would not personally interfere with his buddy’s relationship choices .

The two of them had been married for more than a year now, and he could see the changes in Su Chen . Even though there were unhappiness sometimes, he felt that he was doing better than before .

“Yes, Master, I know . I’ll send the information over to you right now,” Li Si responded, then Mu Yuchen hung up and opened the laptop before him .

After a while, Li Si sent an email . Mu Yuchen briefly read through the information and began to frown slightly . He thought about it for a long while before sending it to Su Chen .

The weather remained warm, and Chinese Valentine’s Day was closing in . The entire City Z seemed livelier than before .

The atmosphere of Chinese Valentine’s Day was quite lively in City Z . As one of the country’s traditional festivals, it was quite important to everyone . It was the so-called Valentine’s Day for the people, thus despite just beginning July, the road was already packed with more people selling flowers than before at night .

The lights were already waning before Ji Zitong unhurriedly packed up the documents to walk out from the office . When she passed through the lively street, many of the children came up to her and asked her to buy flowers .

While as she watched the blossoming red roses before her, Ji Zitong only had a dazed expression . In truth, she had not been doing too well in the past few days .

Since that night when Su Chen left sulkily, he never sent her a text . He merely sent two quick-witted servants over from the old residence to serve her .

Ji Zitong obviously felt quite terrible over this, but…

Maybe he did not care about her as much as she thought he did .

She took a deep breath and thought this to herself .

After being married to Su Chen for so long, the two of them were actually quite careful . When they interacted with each other, they still had some reservations . He was good to her, but Ji Zitong kept feeling like she could not touch his heart while she herself also…

In a daze, she suddenly heard someone call out to her from behind, “Zitong?”

Ji Zitong then stopped walking and turned around . She then realized it was Su Yu standing behind her!

“Sis? Why are you here?” Ji Zitong’s beautiful eyes flashed with a puzzled look as she stared stunned at Su Yu who had suddenly appeared .

“Why? I was waiting for you . What were you thinking about? I was calling out to you for quite a few times but you didn’t respond . Are you too tired from work? Or are you still thinking about that b*stard, Su Chen?” Su Yu’s face brimmed with her warm smile and she walked towards Ji Zitong .

When Ji Zitong heard that, her eyes fell silent for a moment, then she smiled . “It’s because of what happened the other day, isn’t it?”

Su Yu smiled and nodded, not hiding it . “Since you know then that’s good, I’m sure you haven’t eaten since you’ve been working till now . Let’s go have supper together first!”

“I’m not very hungry…”

“Just accompany me then . That shop over there isn’t bad . Let’s go . ” Su Yu went up and pulled Ji Zitong towards the restaurant .

She ordered a pot of pomelo tea and some delicious dessert . The two of them then sat down and the waiter soon served the food .

“Come have some . The dessert here is quite good . ” Su Yu poured Ji Zitong some tea .

Ji Zitong nodded and quietly accepted it .

When Su Yu saw that Ji Zitong did not look too good, she had to admit, “Actually, I didn’t just leave the other day . I waited for Su Chen for a while and then sent him back to his bureau . I know how my little brother’s temper is like . He’s been like that since young . If he makes you unhappy, put up with it a little . I’ve already lectured him . ”

“Sis, don’t worry about this . We…”

“I can’t not worry knowing that the two of you haven’t been doing well these past few days . Initially, your marriage was something that we only found out after you got married, and while the Su family doesn’t care about family background or anything, we do hope Su Chen can live a happy life . So, since you are his choice, we choose to respect the two of you too . ”

“I know . Thank you for your understanding . ” Ji Zitong looked gratefully at Su Yu .

“Su Chen hasn’t called you these past few days, has he?” Su Yu took a look at the phone that she had cast aside and asked .

Ji Zitong paused without answering and only lowered her head quietly to drink tea . Her answer was clear .

When Su Yu saw that, she could not help but sigh inside . Indeed, it was true to Su Chen’s way of doing things!

“Are you feeling a little tired of this marriage already?” Su Yu asked softly as if she could relate to her sister-in-law’s feelings .

At this, Ji Zitong smiled bitterly . “Maybe a little . Even though we were never like other marriages before this, right now, it feels like the passion has faded and cooled down . We…”

“Marriage is like that . As heated as feelings can be, they will eventually cool down . That’s marriage for you . Little irrelevant things can erode your passion . The two of you should understand this philosophy, right?” Su Yu said with a smile .

Ji Zitong lowered her gaze and said gloomily, “I’m worried that he and I might not be compatible in personality . I’m not understanding enough . Someone of his status should find a better wife that’s better at being understanding . I…”

Before Ji Zitong could finish, Su Yu had already looked at her a little reprimandingly and cut her off .  “Don’t you just go about saying such things!”

“What do you mean he should? Look at Father and Mother . Ask yourself, do you really think their personalities are compatible? Look at Mother . she’s like a little girl who can never grow up while Father is a calm and serious person . Haven’t they made it through though? Don’t think too much . Since you’re already at this point, you should continue with this . I don’t want the two of you to end up like me and your brother-in-law . ”

When Su Yu said this, her eyes could not help but dark slightly . Clearly, some not too happy memories had been brought up for her .

“Brother-in-law?” Ji Zitong looked at Su Yu with a puzzled look .

Had the two of them not been getting along very well?

Su Yu nodded . Her tone was helpless as she said, “Yes, you probably don’t know this, but your brother-in-law and I had an unhappy period of time, and we almost got a divorce . You have no idea how disgusted I felt every time I finished work and had to go home to see that face of his . I only thought that he looked extremely ugly, and when I thought about how I had to spend many more long decades with him, it made me feel nauseous and depressed!”

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