The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife - Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732: 1732

Chapter 1732: As A Guest (1)

Ji Zitong’s heart warmed when she heard this, and she nodded gently .

She took a deep breath and suddenly turned to look out the window . She looked out the window at the street that was constantly moving backward . The dim street lights shone in, and she felt a little dazed .

“I feel like I’ve changed a lot since I married you . ”

“People change when their living environment changes . In my opinion, you’re pretty great right now,” said Su Chen .

“Did you find that I was too unreasonable in the past? Sometimes, when I think about it, I suddenly feel like past me has been living in vain . ”

Ji Zitong said with some lament .

“Why are you suddenly thinking of that?”

Su Chen asked with some doubt .

“I don’t know, I just feel that the changes in my state of mind and my life in the past two years is quite amazing . Before we met, I never really thought about getting married . Although I admit that I had my expectations, but…”

“That person wasn’t good enough for you, don’t think about him anymore . Aren’t you worried that I’ll be jealous!”

Although Su Chen said this, his tone was very calm .

He knew that Ji Zitong now had Su Chen in her heart . Moreover, she was now the mother of his child .

“There are many things that cannot be turned back after taking that one step . There was no fate between the two of you, and your fate is with me, Su Chen . ”

“I know, if I had another chance to choose, I wouldn’t have been willing to meet you earlier . I wouldn’t know if we’d have ended up like this then . ”

Ji Zitong suddenly turned to look at him .

Hearing this, Su Chen smiled and looked at her meaningfully . “If you had known me a few years ago, you wouldn’t have fallen for anyone else . ”

“You’re quite confident in your own charm . ”

Ji Zitong rolled her eyes .

“I’m serious . Your man has always been confident in his own charm . Back then, I wasn’t thinking about these so-called relationships at all . Otherwise, there would have been quite a number of girls who gave me love letters when I was studying . However, it’s strange that we didn’t think about these things at all . Back then I spent all day and night hanging out with them . ”

Su Chen was not lying . With their decent looks, even if they did not have their strong family background, they were definitely influential people in school .

“Back then, I don’t know how many girls’ hearts were captured . If you had known me earlier, you wouldn’t have been able to escape either,” Su Chen said rather confidently .

However, Ji Zitong did not think much of it . “How do you know that I’d be interested in you and not your other two buddies? Chairman Mu is noble and elegant, while Zhou Zimo is witty and gentle . I think they’re both pretty good . ”

“Don’t even think about it . Ah Chen is fit for Xiaye . He won’t be interested in you, much less Zimo, he has the same standards as Qi Lei . Slender legs, big breasts, and beautiful looks are their standards . Your body is obviously not the type they want . You’re just right for me . Don’t you see that they all say we’re very suitable for each other?”

Su Chen glanced at Ji Zitong and his gaze subconsciously landed on Ji Zitong’s chest .

Ji Zitong rolled her eyes at him and subconsciously reached out to cover her chest . She looked at him warily . “Not necessarily . I don’t think Miss Dongfang is like what you’ve just described . ”

Su Chen had told Ji Zitong about Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun’s marriage .

Ji Zitong had some impression of Dongfang Liuyun .

“However, Miss Dongfang is indeed very beautiful . Even I can’t take my eyes off her,” Ji Zitong added on .

“Mmm, Missus, you’re not bad either! I’ve already admitted that I took a liking to you back then because you’re good-looking . ”

Su Chen spoke at the right time .

Hearing this, Ji Zitong gave him a side glance . “Judging a book by its cover . ”

“A person’s first impression is very important . If you don’t believe me, just wait for Zimo’s side . If he really manages to woo Qin Su, Qin Su’s beauty must be one of the reasons . ”

“Then I have to thank you for telling me about your men’s preferences . ”

“It’s not just that . Suitability, compatibility is the most important thing . Otherwise, why do you think the three of us got married so late?”

“In your words, you’ve had enough fun, so you wanted to get married . ”

“That’s just one aspect . In my opinion, marriage is also about luck . ”

“So many reasons . You’re already 34 and about to turn 35, and you’re just preparing to be a father, how dare you talk about luck?”

Ji Zitong looked at him with some disdain .

Su Chen, on the other hand, let out a chuckle, “Then I have to thank you, Missus . It doesn’t matter if you came early or later, as long as you’ve come just right . Just like us, it doesn’t matter if you came early or late, as long as the person you marry in the end is me . I just feel that it’s a bit of a waste of time . ”

When he said this, Su Chen’s gaze was gentle . Ji Zitong could also feel some warmth from it . After that, she nodded and could not help but lean over to rest on his shoulder .

“You don’t look too good still, rest well . I’ll wake you up when we reach home . ”

Su Chen’s gentle tone came through .

“Okay . ”

It was late at night in the Grand Lake Villa area .

When Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were about to go back, it was already close to 10p . m . .

Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun personally sent them out .

“Liuyun is very lovely, Qi Lei, I believe that the two of you will live a happy life . ”

Xi Xiaye deliberately slowed down and whispered to Qi Lei, “You must treat her well from now on . I’ve already said that I’ll protect her like an older sister . ”

Qi Lei raised his eyebrows in surprise and glanced at Xi Xiaye . “When did you hook up with my Mrs . Qi? You and Mu Yuchen didn’t make things too easy for me before . If the both of you conspire against me, I…”

“I’m telling you the truth . Liuyun is really great, even I admire her a little . In many aspects, I’m inferior to her . However, I have Mu Yuchen now, so Qi Lei, it’s your great fortune to have her . ”

“I know that, don’t worry . Since I’ve married her, I’ll definitely treat her well . Her happiness index won’t be lower than yours . ”

Qi Lei’s eyes were filled with determination as he said this .

“It’s good that you can think like that . I’ll always be watching over you two . ”

Xi Xiaye smiled happily, and Mu Yuchen stopped in front of her .

“Alright, there’s no need to send us off . Let’s go home, it’s quite late already . ”

Xi Xiaye said as she looked gratefully at Dongfang Liuyun who had been silent all this while . “Liuyun, thank you . I’ll leave Qi Lei to you, may the two of you have happiness . ”

Dongfang Liuyun nodded calmly with a faint smile on her cold face…

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