Chapter 5: 5
Rumor has it that mining was not producing enough profit, so it was hard to imagine how much the price will go up in the future . It was a risky business .

If they proceeded like this, everything might have a dominos effect with everything being knocked down in one fell swoop .
But Duke Burcke took faith in his abilities .
“There’s already a lot of top management for the noble families . We must turn our eyes and attack the free people,” Gust said . Gael was furious, but Gust was unmoved from his position .
“If it doesn’t produce results, the entire Espeda family must be held accountable!”
Gael went forward with the business plan and continued to threaten him, but Gust did not bend .
As a result, the Top of Bruque flourished under Gust’s guidance .
Since capital was being created, the permission for business expansion did not drop . It seemed that Duke Burcke’s pride was not to be tolerated .
Well, even on that epic scale of events, Gust continued to be a very busy guy .

He did not have time to dawdle, so he brought a variety of new products to the class that teaches the history of countries around the empire .
“It’s a broom today . Five of them . ”
Thanks to this, Rurutia had a lot of fun looking at various items .
“I’m sorry I’m late . Where were we last week?”
“The class was discussing relations between the Divine States and the Empire,” a student volunteered .
“Then the next chapter… Oh!”
Gust, who was holding a broom as if ready to strike in case of danger, threw it on the floor .
Rurutia, who was looking down at her book, glanced up and saw the fallen item . She ran up to it and picked up the broom .
“You don’t have to do that,” said Gust .

“The two of us have to contribute .  So that the task ends quickly . That way, lessons will commence as soon as possible,” Rurutia suggested .
Gust was a fast learner and could rapidly calculate time and profits in his head without the help of ink or parchment . Knowing the importance of time, he nodded his head .
“You’re right . ”
He listened to the young Rurutia’s opinion without being impatient . Unlike with other teachers, Rurutia felt at ease as his pupil .
Rurutia smiled at him and picked up the broom that fell on the floor .
“What’s wrong, Miss?”
“They are all different brooms . ”

When viewed from a distance, they were similar, but when viewed up close, the colors of the handle and the comb were all different .
“That’s right . This is the only thing at the Top of Bruque . How is it in your eyes?”
It was a broom that was unnoticeable because of its toxic color .
“I can’t see very well . ”
He smiled embarrassedly at the childish, honest answer .
“Right . The rest of these broomsticks are from the top of the competition . We have to start selling our products next week, and I’m wondering how to display them . ”
“What are you going to do, Gust?”
He picked up all the brooms and lined them up against one wall . The broom at the Top of Bruque was in front .
“I’ve been thinking about it for days and days, but I think focusing on the presentation is the most noticeable thing to do . I’d like to ask the store owners to arrange for a fee . ”

The broom he had picked up was right next to the brightest colored broom .
Rurutia noted the contrast . Is this an expression of light and darkness?
Although it was noticeable, she wanted to choose a bright broom rather than a dark broom .
Frankly speaking, the broom of Bruque was like a thing put into good use .
“Does it have to be dark?”
“Yes . Because it is made of juniper wood, it has a subtle scent . The strength is much stronger than other products, so it can be used for a long time, but the dark wood color is a flaw . ”
“It’s like a chimney sweeping broom . ”
“Ugh . ” Gust made a disagreeable sound with his nose in agreement with her .
With a full sigh, he scratched his back .
“Ha, it’s ruined if you display it like this . You’ll know it’s a good product once you try it on…”