Chapter 6: 6
Unlike other nobles, it was fine to attack the free people .

The problem is that the daily necessities market already had several old stores made by free people .
The Bruque family’s wealth and lineage were good enough to make an exceptionally good product, but they often faced such difficulties .
“If we don’t stand out, our products won’t make a profit . ”
“Will our problem be solved if the broom stands out?”
Rurutia stared at the neatly placed broomstick . Then she looked down at the dress she was wearing .
“Even a broom would be pretty if you put clothes on it . ”
“Would you display it in that condition?”
“Yes . ”
Rurutia got up from her seat and took out a handkerchief from her arms and wrapped her broom . The fabric flowed over the broomstick without being fixed down properly .
It didn’t work out as I thought . I’m a failure .

She glanced at Gust, thinking that she might be scolded .
Gust, who made eye contact, opened his mouth .
“Slow down . It’s a good lesson to practice your lady thoughts . ”
Fortunately, Gust was not an angry person unlike her father .
Rurutia, who was relieved, was feeling more greedy . She was suddenly struck with an idea and she was excited to carry it out .
“I need something to fix it . ”
She untied the yellow ribbon that tied her hair . It was her first time tying a ribbon, but she’d seen a lot of maids tie one . She busily moved her hands to make a sloppy bow .
Rurutia, who had been wiggling for a long time, removed her hand .
It was complete .
But Gust said nothing .
“Are you going to scold me?”

The silence was not a good sign . Rurutia looked at her teacher expectantly .
Gust, whose mouth was firmly stiffened, stared at the broom wrapped in a handkerchief .
“I’ll untie it again…”
“No, leave it as it is . ”
“You’re angry…”
Instead of answering, she nodded cautiously up and down .
He knelt to Rurutia’s s height .
“I must have scared you . When I do calculations in my head, I concentrate and my expression hardens . ”
He gave her a gentle smile like he did normally to other students in the class whenever he wanted to encourage them . Only then, did Rurutia feel relieved .

“By the way, I was very surprised . I never thought of thinking of wrapping it…”
“I thought it would stand out if I did this . ”
The upper section operated by the free people saved the cost as much as possible, so there was no decoration or packaging .
Even if I followed it at its best, it would be difficult to imitate the luxurious packaging method run by a noble family, thought Gust to himself .
But not this one, just the other products .
The column of numbers went up and down in Gust’s head .
“That’s right . You did very well . ”
This was the first time that she was praised for a job well done . Rurutia’s ear tips turned slightly red .
“You don’t have to pay a separate fee and just pay attention to the packaging . How did you come up with such a good idea?”
“Just… I thought it would be nice to dress up the broom . ”
“It’s great that you’re thinking of dressing things . As you demonstrated, I’ll make a little dress and put it on the brooms . ”

Rurutia’s face turned a darker shade of red .
It was clear that Gust’s words were pleasing . But, not knowing what to say, only her fingers fluttered .
She was embarrassed that she did not know what to say, but this did not put Rurutia in a bad mood .
The compliment warmed the inside of her chest and her heart felt less heavy, which had always been weighed down by pain and sorrow until now .
A few months later .
The daily necessity items at the Top of Bruque were a hit .
Even kitchen and cleaning supplies, which had seen slow sales before, saw an increase in the market .
Daily necessities were essential items . It was sold even if it was made roughly, being that the existing tops of the free people did not care too much about the quality .
Brucke, who entered the daily necessities market late, paid attention to quality .
“The wrapping paper can be used as a doll’s clothing right away . How much my daughter loves doing this!”