Chapter 7: 7
“Once you buy it, you can use it for a long time . ”

“My house is converting everything into Top of Bruque’s premium products . ”
In a short period of time, it became the top of the empire, with people buying it in doves because of the packaging and quality .
After that, Gust often brought new products over and discussed it with Rurutia . Rurutia slowly began to feel useful again . The class with Gust became very enjoyable .
But this happiness didn’t last long .
“What are you doing now?”
“I asked what you were doing, Rurutia!”
Gust intervened, after feeling the tension in the air . “I was looking at a new product at the Top of Bruque with the Lady Rurutia . ”
“Gust! I’m not asking you . I was asking the girl!”
Her father’s violence diminished after she started the bridal class . It was to hide the fact of abuse .
Her heart fluttered at the image of her angry father . It had been a long time .

“Well, I want to improve the top stuff…”
“You, useless girl!” Gael, who cut off Rurutia’s words, raised his hand . “What did I say? Didn’t I tell you to cultivate yourself until you had a family that actually wanted you, not this scum?”
The poor Gust attempted to appease Gael .
“You’re too much, Master . Quit it . ”
“Get out of here!”
Gust kept his master at bay . Flushed with anger, Gael used his magic .
A black flame hit Gust’s face, and half of it melted his features in an instant .
Rurutia ran to Gust, who had fallen . He didn’t even move .
“Once more a person has been hurt because of me . ”
The tears that she held for years burst out, like a broken dam . She couldn’t think of anything and cried, holding his hand tight .

Flinching, he moved his hand inside Rurutia’s grasp .
The urgency of the situation immediately flashed through her mind .
“Father, please . Please call a priest . ”
Gael was laughing .
He watched with great joy the scene unfold before his eyes as if it was exactly what he wanted .
* * *
Rurutia hadn’t been able to meet Gust for a while, but when she heard the news that he was safe, she was greatly relieved .
A few more days and I could see him in person .
The few days arrived .
“Miss Rurutia . Please take this . ”
Gust had half his face wrapped up in bandages .

She received the box, not before she checked his condition . Though it was her first gift, this wasn’t something she was overjoyed about .
“You said you called the priest… Why haven’t you removed the bandages?”
“You know Brucke’s black flame can’t be healed even by a priest . ” Rurutia’s teacher trembled . “I’m fine, open it . ”
With a weak nod, Rurutia opened the box .
“Wow . ”
It was a comb made of crystal that was transparent enough to show through as if it was cut out of the stars in the sky .
The beautiful figure of the comb struck Rurutia as she continued to admire her newly attained present .
“Do you like it?”
“Yes, it shines brightly . ”
“Your eyes are also sparkling,” commented Gust, looking at the little girl happily . He added, “The comb was used by the Duchess . ”
Hmmmm, Rurutia’s hand trembled . It felt like an object that a murderer like herself should not dare to touch .
“It’s not a gift I should receive,” said Rurutia .

Her excitement subsided in an instant . She put the comb back in the box .
“Take it to your mother’s grave . ”
“That’s your comb . ”
“No, it’s your mother’s . You should have it . This is the thing that the Duchess entrusted me to give to you . ”
“My mother?”
“Yes . When she came down with the Duke to patrol the estate, she handed it over to me . She told me once you became an adult to give it to you . ”
“I’m not an adult yet . ”
There were eight more years left until Rurutia reached adulthood .
“In my eyes, you are . ”
Mother must’ve wanted to prepare for the unexpected . So, she set aside a gift like this .
“I’ll keep it dearly in order not to forget my sins . ” Rurutia laughed bitterly .
As he quietly looked on at Rurutia, Gust bent his back and murmured, “If trouble arises, take the comb and go to the Imperial Bank . ”