The Princess Helps Her Sister To Be the Emperor - Chapter 3

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The Princess Helps Her Sister To Be Emperor - 3

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Dearon was aware of Cheluna’s condition, in fact, if he had been alone, he could have continued for a few more hours, however, cheluna was his top priority, after all, cheluna was the one who was fleeing, there was no another reason to be here if not for her.


In effect, everything he’s done so far was for her.


‘it doesn’t matter if I have to abandon my family, my teacher or the bright future that awaits me.’


She is not to blame for this because it was his own decision after all.


He could have just played dumb and left her, yet he couldn’t and didn’t want to.


“Ok, let’s get some rest.”


Cheluna muttered. When she was finally able to rest, her body relaxed and a heavy sleep invaded her.


Her body had reached its limit, abruptly collapsing and all remaining of awareness was eclipsed.


Cheluna’s body buckled. Dearon then took her in his arms before she touched the ground.


“Have a good rest, princess”


Dearon whispered in her ear, though Cheluna couldn’t hear him.


Dearon headed towards the cave, covering her shoulders and legs carefully.


The dawn turned into the morning, and the sun set high.


Cheluna’s unconscious was full of worries.


The death of her mother, the cold attitude of her father, the devastanting defeat of her brother, her older sister trying to kill her and dearon,dearon and dearon.


In her nightmare, Cheluna saw the corpse of Dearon. He was dying in her arms.


Among Cheluna’s screams, Cheluna tried to collect the spilled blood, but was unsuccessful.


“Princess, princess”


“Dean, NO…”


“Luna, wake up, wake up!”


“Ugh, Dean…?”


Dreams and reaity had mingled. Cheluna gasped and opened her eyes.


“Come on, Wake up.”


Dearon’s voice was strained. Those weren’t the kind of words to comfort her lover that was having nightmares. Because of the way he spoke, Cheluna had an intuition, ‘Something is wrong’.


“We must go now. Pursuers are coming”


The loving man to whom Cheluna had given her heart, was not the kind of man who would pressure her, especially after having had terrible nightmares.


‘Dearon doesn’t behave like that at all’


Cheluna jumped to her feet. The truth is that she tried to jump up but almost fell due to her poor physical condition.


Dearon held her tightly in his arms and walked out of the cave. Meeting an anxious horse.


‘Come on’


Dearon implored. Cheluna rode without saying a word. Dearon, who followed her immediately, took her reins and spurred the horse.


“Giddy up!”


The horse began to run, not only because its master urged it to run, but perhaps the beast sensed danger.


Cheluna who was between her lover's chest and the horse's neck, held her breath. Now she certainly heard it, the sound of human speech and the vibration of a horse’s hoof. Pursuers followed them.


"I'm sorry, princess. I should have been more cautious, I didn't think they could’ve caught up with us so quickly ... "


“It’s okay, just stay aware.”


As Dearon wailed bitterly, Cheluna clenched her teeth and responded.


This was neither the time nor the place to blame him for not being careful.


Dearon followed his lover’s advice. He shut his mouth and focused only on the escape.


At the rider’s fierce urging, the horse increased speed and then –




Cheluna lets out a small scream, she wasn’t hurt but an arrow passed near her ear, making her heart fluttered.


Dearon cursed and pulled the reins. Cheluna couldn’t afford to take it easy and appreciate her kind lover, curse, this was her first time seeing him to behave like this.


“We have to get off the horse.”




“If the horse gets hit by an arrow, we’ll both die instantly. Hurry up!”


Dearon, who returned to informal speech, ordered in haste. Cheluna understood and almost immediately jumped. She acted against her instincts.


Her instincts told her it was a bad idea, they have to run away as far as possible, as quickly as possible, so why get off of the horse where the pursuer could caught you up?


But Dearon’s analysis was correct. If the horse would have been hit by an arrow while they was running at full speed, the moment they fell to the ground, they were bound to die.


For now, the right call was get off the horse and try to hide from the arrows and if they couldn’t avoid the pursuers, they’d have to fight.


“This way.”


Dearon grabbed Cheluna’s hand and she held him unconditionally.


The two of them ran frantically in search of shelter, however, the results were pretty disappointing. In the early winter, the forest was very barren and there were no lush greenery to hide them.


Still, the huge old trees provided enough space for two people to fit between the thick roots entangled like snakes.


Dearon and Cheluna hid in the trees. It smelled of dirt and fallen leaves and the damp winter rain.




Dearon called her name. She was suffocated with an instinctive fear.


“I will go out to fight.”




“Shh, don’t raise your voice. If I don’t defeat them here, they’ll chase you to the end. I’ll have to fight.”


“Speak clearly, who are you talking about running away? We both? Or just me? "


Ha, she knew him so well. It would have been better if she didn’t. When cheluna threatened him, Dearon bit his lip, she interpreted that as an answer.


“I’d rather just die together.”


Cheluna insisted. 'How could I live without you?' How will she live? She is a traitor princess who ran away.


“Don’t be stupid.”


Dearon was angry, he glared at her golden eyes and held her hand tighter. They both stared at each other.


“If you were me, what would you do in this situation? I bet you would have done the same.”


'I wish you would run away, I wish you were safe, even if I have to give my life for it. '


“If that’s the case, what would you do in my situation?”


Cheluna screamed softly. At that moment, Dearon’s eyes fluttered. She was just like him and he just like her. They both knew very well.


“I'd rather die together, Dearon. Instead of you sacrificing yourself and letting me suffering with guilt for the rest of my life.”


A contradiction, she wished to live but only by his side.


They both whished for the same thing.


‘If I can save your life by dying, I’ll gladly die, but you would rather die if I’m not with you.’


"I'm going to surrender, you go back to the empire, Dean. The only one being chased, it’s me, if I die you won’t be punished. "


“No! I won’t let you”


Dearon gasped. He hugged her tightly. He suddenly pulled her towards him and hugged her. In her lover’s warm arms, Cheluna felt her vision rapidly blur.


She didn’t want to cry in this circumstances, but inevitably tears welled up.


“Luna, please, please…”


He begged.


‘Ah…How could I say no? so sincere so pure, you cling to me with an attitude like you’re going to die right away if I don’t do what you want.’


“Please, survive.”


‘How I could if I want to protect you’


“Remember me for the rest of your life. Live happily and healthy, make my sacrifice will not go in vain. That’s my only wish. "


‘How I’m supposed to do that.’




‘Why do you make it looks like a favor?”


Between tears and kisses they said farewell. She couldn’t see clearly because of the constant sobbing, but Cheluna climbed onto the horse.


She spurred the horse like a skilled jockey. She started to run, alone.


She was left alone in the world.


Until the sunset, the princess ran alone.


Cheluna, who has been riding alone, finally stopped the horse.


“… I’m going crazy.”


‘How I could, how could I leave you?’


Cheluna had changed her mind, it's better to die with him than to live alone. Even if that would make Dearon’s sacrifice in vain.


No, if she comes back right now, there would be no need for Dearon to sacrifice.


She’s the sinner after all, so if she’s caught, he’ll be all right.


Cheluna turned the horse’s head around. She drove the horse desperately.




‘There’s nothing you can do for me.’


Dearon fatally wounded executed the last pursuer. He collapsed in front of Cheluna.






‘No… please, no.’


“Luna… this, it’s yours.”


‘No, please, please…’


“Please, this, don’t lose it you hear….”


‘How I’m supposed to live without you…’


“If you manage to use it well, this has the power to turn back the time.”


‘Without you, I’ll be alone.’


“It’s yours, sell it or keep it. It’s gold so it could be quite expensive… actually, I’m not sure about that.”


“Dean, please,please… let’s go, I’ll find a doctor, please, come on…”




It was a tragedy.


“I love you.”


Those were his last words.


“Please… no”


Cheluna fell into the abyss.


“No, no, no …”


It was a merciless farewell.

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