The Queen of Everything - Chapter 549

Chapter 549: 549

Chapter 549: Let Go

Tan Jinsui was very detailed about his blind confidence . Su Cha was a little like Zong Yanxiu .

Although they were not related by blood, she was raised by him .

The child had looked so confident when she was about to perform .

Tan Jinsui did not speak . His expression was a little mysterious . His usual sternness could make one feel less pressured . Zong Yanxiu was also worried that he would feel uncomfortable . He thought about it and decided not to force him . “It’s fine if you don’t want to . I think Xiao Cha can make a name for herself . I just want her to have an uncle like you . ”

Tan Jinsui could not help but sneer . “Yanxiu, you really forgot about your brother after you got a daughter . Are you saying that despite being her uncle, I won’t help her?”

Zong Yanxiu made his stand . “I didn’t mean that!”

“Do I even need you to ask me?”

Tan Jinsui sighed in his heart . Seeing that Zong Yanxiu was concerned about Su Cha, he told him the truth, “Her boyfriend found me a long time ago and paved her path . Why do you need to worry about this? I’m her manager now, but I didn’t tell her that I know you . She must have just regained her memory, right? She didn’t look like she remembered you . ”

Zong Yanxiu was surprised . “So you already know each other? Did Muyi ask you to come back? No wonder . ”

When he was overseas, Zong Yanxiu woke up and met Tan Jinsui . Tan Jinsui followed Zong Yanxiu back to the country, but he said that he had something to do . Zong Yanxiu knew that he was a manager in the entertainment industry . He knew Zou Manni, but he did not expect Tan Jinsui to have returned for Su Cha .

At the thought of this, Zong Yanxiu could not help but laugh . “What a coincidence . It just so happens that Xiao Cha and Bo Muyi are coming over for dinner tonight . You should stay as well . I’ll introduce you to her officially . She was only one or two years old when she saw you when she was young . I think she can’t remember . ”

“Those who can remember can only be considered gods!”

How could a one- or two-year-old child have any memories? He was rebutting him, but Tan Jinsui sounded helpless .

“Muyi, I’m going to eat with my father tonight . Do you want to come with me?”

After school, Su Cha had called Bo Muyi and told him that she was going to the Zong family residence for dinner . Bo Muyi felt a little helpless . When she recalled her memories yesterday, Bo Muyi already had this feeling . In the future, Su Cha would definitely run to the Zong family .

“I can’t go today . ”

He was also a little gloomy . There were too many things to do . He could not even go back to the Lookout Pavilion to accompany Su Cha for dinner . At most, the two of them would meet and sleep together every day .

However, he could not help but feel a sense of crisis at the thought of Su Cha going to the Zong family often . “Do you still want me?”

“Yes, yes, of course!”

Such was jealousy . Su Cha was happy right now, so she coaxed him, “I’m just going there to have dinner, not to move in . I’ll come back after dinner . Be good . After dinner, I’ll do some work . I’ll definitely wait for you at home, okay?”

Hearing Su Cha’s words, Bo Muyi felt much better . He obediently let out a sigh . “Okay . ”

Actually, since he was not going to see Su Cha during dinner, it did not matter where she ate .

Of course, if Bo Muyi could go back to eat, he would definitely follow .

Not long after Su Cha hung up, Fu Mo suddenly appeared and stood behind her . “Student Su!”

Su Cha had sharp senses, but she was a little distracted while talking on the phone . When she noticed it, Fu Mo was already standing behind her like a ghost .

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