The Queen of Everything - Chapter 550

Chapter 550: 550

Chapter 550: Time to Act

Su Cha paused and put her phone away . “What’s the matter?”

Fu Mo looked at Su Cha with timid eyes and whispered, “Classmate Su, I want to ask you something . My request may be a little unreasonable, but can you not be so polite to me later and just order me around?”

This request was ridiculous, but Su Cha followed Fu Mo’s gaze and saw a black luxury car with its car window closed .

Su Cha felt someone staring at her from inside the car .


Su Cha did not give in to Fu Mo unconditionally . There were some things that needed an explanation .

Fu Mo was in a difficult position, but she did not hide it from her . She smiled bitterly and said, “Classmate Su, you might think it’s ridiculous, but there are people there who don’t want to see me living too smoothly . If you treat me a little impolitely, they will be satisfied . Otherwise, I might lose my job . ”

Fu Mo pleaded .

Su Cha did not probe further into Fu Mo’s words . She was deep in thought .

“Come with me . ”

Su Cha walked with Fu Mo . Her aura did not change much on the way, but she spoke a long string of words . Her aura made people feel pressured .

As she passed by the luxury car, Su Cha’s voice became clearer . “Remember, the contract has to be signed next week . You have to look at the contents clearly . These things are for you and my manager to take care of . I’m only in charge of signing, understand? If anything goes wrong, it’s your fault . Also, before you go, buy me a latte and a quarter of sugar dumplings…”

Fu Mo asked timidly, “Classmate Su, which sugar dumpling is the one-quarter one?”

Su Cha rolled her eyes as if she was a little impatient . “Are you that stupid? If you asked for a quarter of the sugar dumplings, will the staff give you the standard amount of sugar dumplings?”

Her tone was harsh .

As Su Cha praised her acting skills, she felt that Fu Mo could not ask for more .

Her act of being weak and delicate deserved an award, and Su Cha had shown the image of an arrogant and torturing superstar . She was simply about to become a drama queen .

Actually, she was not in a difficult position . She even enjoyed this feeling, so she did not reject Fu Mo .

Acting felt great .

Su Cha spoke as she walked . At this moment, the car window behind her rolled down and a man’s deep voice sounded, “Fu Mo . ”

Fu Mo stopped and turned her head instinctively .

Su Cha also turned her head and looked behind suspiciously .

The man inside the car window had an extremely handsome face, but it exuded a sense of alienation and coldness . Due to his naturally noble status, his gaze was obviously arrogant .

Fu Mo looked at him and glanced at Su Cha in fear .

Su Cha’s eyes narrowed when she saw him .

She had seen this man at Lian Chi’s birthday banquet .

This person seemed to be Lian Chi’s brother .

Lian Ye’s gaze was on Fu Mo . When he noticed Su Cha’s gaze, he glanced over casually .

He looked at Su Cha and frowned . “Miss Su . ”

Previously, Bo Muyi had announced Su Cha’s identity in a high-profile manner, so she could not pretend not to know him .

Su Cha was not polite . She still remembered what she’d said and raised her chin arrogantly . “Who are you?”

After saying that, she heard a woman’s chuckle from the car . Fu Mo looked at them in surprise . She did not expect the young master to know Classmate Su .

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