The Queen of Everything - Chapter 551

Chapter 551: 551

Chapter 551: An Early Internship

Lian Ye’s face stiffened .

He was the genuine young master of the Lian family . Everyone had seen him on the cruise last time . When Bo Muyi led her to be introduced to them, Su Cha clearly saw every one of them .

She did it on purpose .

Lian Ye felt that this woman’s attitude was too arrogant . He did not know what Bo Muyi liked about her . He felt irritated and said, “I am Lian Chi’s brother . ”


Su Cha looked at Lian Ye and clicked her tongue .

Lian Ye’s face darkened as he looked at Fu Mo . “Fu Mo!”

Fu Mo’s body trembled and she looked at Su Cha with fear in her eyes . Su Cha ignored her and asked Lian Ye, “Why did you call out to my assistant? Do you know her?”

Lian Ye looked at her and suddenly curved his lips into a sneer . His eyes were filled with contempt . “Miss Su, Fu Mo’s father is my butler . ”

“Oh? What does that have to do with Fu Mo? She’s my assistant . What’s your name?!”

Su Cha almost wanted to put her hands on her hips to show off her arrogance . She rolled her eyes and told Fu Mo, “Fu Mo, come with me . I still have many things to tell you . ”

Fu Mo looked at Su Cha awkwardly and then at Lian Ye .

Lian Ye’s eyes were dark and gloomy . It was as if a strong storm was brewing in them . It was scary .

Su Cha took two steps . Fu Mo did not move . She turned her head and saw that Fu Mo was not leaving . She seemed to be angry . “Fu Mo, are you leaving with me or not? Do you have the guts?”

Alright, the villain’s standard line!

While Fu Mo was feeling wronged, a woman’s gentle voice came from the car . “Alright, Lian Ye, let her go . ”

As soon as the woman spoke, Lian Ye lifted his chin slightly . Fu Mo followed Su Cha in trepidation .

Before she left, she whispered to Lian Ye, “Thank you, Young Master . ”

The two of them did not walk far . Su Cha’s car was waiting for them . They still had to put on an act . Fu Mo got into the car and left with Su Cha .

“If I become a big shot in the future, you’ll have to take full responsibility . ”

Just now, Su Cha saw a few students targeting her .

They would probably be able to make a story about Fu Mo being a pitiful person who was being bullied by her tomorrow .

Fu Mo was a little embarrassed . “Sorry, Classmate Su . ”

Su Cha waved her hand . “Were you referring to that woman just now? The two of them are obviously laughing at you . If he really wanted to treat you sincerely, he would have told you not to do this job after seeing my temper . ”

It was obvious that with Su Cha’s temper, Fu Mo would not have it easy .

Lian Ye did not stop them as he wanted to indulge in everything that was happening . He did not want to see Fu Mo doing well .

There was a deeper meaning to Su Cha’s words . Fu Mo’s eyes darkened and she did not speak .

“I didn’t expect you to be from the Lian family . ”

Su Cha chuckled, thinking that it was a coincidence .

Fu Mo looked at her curiously . “You know the Lian family? I think the young master knows you . ”

“Not really . My boyfriend knows someone from the Lian family . ”

Su Cha’s expression turned cold at the mention of the Lian family . She was no longer as arrogant as before .

Even if she was arrogant, she would show it naturally and would not act it out .

It seemed that she had to continue acting in the future . She was still a weak little white flower on Tang Keruo’s side . If she became overbearing now, she would be exposed sooner or later .

However, Su Cha was not worried about being exposed . She just enjoyed acting .

Just treat it as an internship for a future acting career!

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