The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 599

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Chapter 599: Totally Ethereal

After entering the cast, the actors had to take final photos to be used for publicity later on. The others had already been shot, so Xia Xibei and Cui Tong were the only ones left.

The two of them joined the group on the same day, so they had to shoot at the same time.

Xia Xibei was the Queen of the Animals and Cui Tong played the role of an official’s daughter.

The two went to the studio in Z City together.

When they arrived at the studio, the two of them split up to be styled.

Cui Tong had her own makeup artist. However, they could not be used at this time.

Xia Xibei sat peacefully in the chair, closed her eyes, and let the make-up artist work her face while listening to their incessant praise.

“Your skin is superb!”

“Your eyelashes are so long!”

“Your lips are so pink!”

After an hour, when Xia Xibei opened her eyes, the person in the mirror had changed her appearance.

The makeup artist and stylist were tsking with amazement.

Xia Xibei’s skin was already fair and flawless, so there was no need for concealer at all, and the foundation used was also very light.

Her eyes were drawn with eyeliner and were outlined, making them even larger. She had bright eyes and pink lips. A small green plant was also drawn between the eyebrows.

The character setting of the Queen of the Animals was clean and pure, high above the world, someone who transcended human suffering.

Her whole look was very refreshing, and her originally shoulder-length hair was extended to below the hip. Two small braids from the forehead draped the sides and were decorated with small, white flower petals.

When she changed into a long grass-green dress, she looked ethereal as a whole.

“The Queen of Animals!”

Everyone looked at her with amazement, unable to turn their eyes away.

It only took an hour, but the result was really great!

Someone couldn’t help but take out his phone.

“Come on, come on! Let’s take a group photo first!”

Xia Xibei did not refuse and stood together with them. She tilted her head slightly, slightly pursed her mouth, and innocently looked at the camera with big, long-lashed eyes.

“Wow!” The makeup artist couldn’t help but scream, grabbing her phone and covering her heart. “Don’t look at me like that!”

The others couldn’t help but blush either.

Those eyes were too clean, as if they belonged to an unworldly elf, making their hearts melt.

Xia Xibei’s look was simply fantastic!

Looking at everyone’s excited expressions, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but laugh.

This smile was like a flourishing flower, making people’s hearts beat faster.

“Oops, don’t laugh!”

They got even more excited, and their faces became redder.

They had styled many celebrities, and it was the first time they saw a female artist with such a magical look after makeup.

Someone also carefully set Xia Xibei’s picture into a screensaver.

After frolicking around the room for a while, Xia Xibei walked out.

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When the people outside saw what she looked like, they froze.

So… So beautiful!


As everyone was mesmerized, an unpleasant voice rang out.

Xia Xibei turned her head and saw Cui Tong staring at her with eyes that seemed to hold fire in them.

Then, without waiting for her to say anything, Cui Tong turned around.

Watching Cui Tong turn around angrily and go back to her room, Xia Xibei looked puzzled.

However, Cui Tong’s angry voice soon came.

“Redo my makeup!”

The others almost couldn’t hold back their exhale of breath.

This was why Cui Tong was so angry— she felt that her makeup look had been crushed!

Everyone hurriedly bowed their heads and did not dare to speak.

People who thought themselves beautiful would die of anger when they met people more beautiful than they were!

“Okay, it’s time to start shooting!”

The photographer shouted from the front, “Xia Xibei… You come first!”

Xia Xibei nodded and obediently went up to the front.

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