The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 600

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Chapter 600: Quickly Understanding

The photographer was a middle-aged man with a big beard and an artist’s look.

He said to Xia Xibei, “Have you shot these before?”

“No,” Xia Xibei shook her head.

“When you go up there, think of who you are and show it.”

Everyone knew that Xia Xibei was just a newcomer and had never taken these photos before.

Newcomers needed time to train.

Hopefully, she was not stupid. Otherwise, it would be too disappointing if she looked this good but was stupid.

“Anyway, just follow my lead.”

“OK,” Xia Xibei nodded, then walked to the background.

It was hot, with the big lights hitting down on them.

It was summer, so the outside temperature was already high, but the lights inside the studio made it even hotter, feeling like it was almost 40 degrees Celsius.

The staff members around were sweating, but it wasn’t too hard to bear for Xia Xibei.

Although her strength was not one-fifth of her peak, it was enough to cope with this temperature.

While she was under the big lights, there was not a drop of sweat on her body.

As she stood in the light, she lifted her hands up as the photographer instructed, her wide sleeves falling back slightly to reveal her slender wrists.

She curled her hand slightly, pointing ahead, with a faint smile at the corner of her mouth and a gentle gaze, as if she was looking at a cute little animal.

“Okay, hold it!” the photographer instantly shouted, the camera immediately


Click, click, click…

“Show no expression. Go back to the cold and arrogant Queen of the

Animals!” the photographer shouted again.

Xia Xibei’s hand immediately returned to lie on her stomach, her body straightened, the sleeve blocking half of her palm, showing only her slender fingers.

Meanwhile, her expression had instantly become cold while she looked straight ahead, her chin slightly raised to reveal a perfect jawline.

At this moment, she seemed like a queen; her expression was majestic, and she looked askance at the world.

Onlookers could not help but stare in surprise.

This change had happened really fast, and this expression was spot on!

She was in the same ethereal outfit, but she brought out heart-stopping dominance, making it so that people wanted to kneel down and submit.

The photographer was also surprised by Xia Xibei’s performance.

Originally, he thought it would take quite a bit of time to train her, but she understood as soon as he said it!

And having no expression didn’t come off as a flat expression on her face!

His heart rejoiced as he continued to shout, “Do something more aggressive!”

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Xia Xibei suddenly swung her right hand, her long sleeve flying up, while she brusquely looked at the camera. Her eyes were cold and cruel, as if she was looking at a dead person.


The photographer was at first taken aback by the look he saw in the camera, then he was ecstatic.


Click, click, click…

The only sound in the entire studio was the excited voice of the photographer and him running back and forth.

After ten minutes, he stopped.

“Change your clothes!”

Xia Xibei had three sets of clothes in the show, one white, one black, and one green.

“Want to change to the makeup we prepared before?”

The photographer hesitated for a moment, then replied, “No need for now.”

The role of the Queen of the Animals had two personalities: one calm and gentle, and one majestic and cold. After all, she was the Queen.

Generally speaking, to show the majestic and cold side, makeup should also be specially done to be much stronger.

Some people ridiculed online that, as long as you saw the dark and thick makeup, you knew that the character was now intense.

However, thinking about Xia Xibei’s performance just now, the photographer felt that Xia Xibei might not need to show her intensity this way.

Her gaze was already very dramatic, not at all like an inexperienced newcomer!

And the contrast was only stronger like this!

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