The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 435

When the yellowish golden brilliance bloomed, a beast began to form behind Lin Yun. The beast was over thirty meters in height, and its body looked blurred. When it appeared, it released a terrifying aura that shocked everyone present.

“Martial Soul!”

“Lin Yun also summoned his martial soul. Is he going to retaliate now?”

There was an uproar when everyone saw Lin Yun summoning his martial soul. Everyone was filled with expectations to see if Lin Yun could create another miracle. Just when the demonic soul was about to devour Lin Yun, the beast behind Lin Yun gradually cleared up in everyone’s eyes. It had a human face, two curved dragon horns, and a serpent body that emitted an ancient aura.

“What the hell is this martial soul?” Many people were shocked. They could tell that this martial soul wasn’t simple, but they couldn’t call out its name.

“It’s an Aurora Dragon!” Wen Yanbo’s face was covered in shock that his entire body began to tremble.

When the Aurora Dragon appeared, it gazed down upon the demonic soul, which made the latter tremble in fear. Lin Yun instantly knew that he had succeeded as a confident smile rose on his feet. There was nothing he could do about Wu Mohan if his martial soul was that demonic spear, but it would be different if his martial soul was this demonic soul before him. After all, how could a demonic soul be compared to a Primordial Chaotic Soul?

“Damn it, what’s going on?” Wu Mohan was shocked. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. He couldn’t believe that his demonic soul was actually trembling in fear under Lin Yun’s martial soul.

The reason why his martial soul could reach the profound grade was because it could devour its opponents’ martial souls to strengthen itself. But when Wu Mohan saw how terrified it was, he immediately called out anxiously, “Come back!”

But how would Lin Yun allow Wu Mohan to withdraw his martial soul? When the Aurora Dragon gazed upon the demonic soul, its eyes shone with brilliance as it began to tremble in excitement. Like a bolt of lightning, it soared into the sky and opened its hideous mouth at the demonic soul.

A powerful suction force exploded from the Aurora Dragon’s mouth, and the demonic soul wasn’t able to put up any resistance as it was devoured.

The moment the demonic dragon was devoured, Wu Mohan threw out a mouthful of blood, and cracks also started to spread out on the spear in his hand. This bizarre scene had left everyone shocked. The demonic soul was eaten?

“No!” Wu Mohan couldn’t accept this fact and went insane. With his face distorted, he charged towards Lin Yun.

“You’re courting death,” snorted Lin Yun as he threw a punch at Wu Mohan’s spear casually. This caused the spear to shatter into pieces and Wu Mohan threw out another mouthful of blood. “Get lost!”

Wu Mohan was already crippled, so there was no need to Lin Yun to kill him. He merely pushed his palm out and sent Wu Mohan off the stage. As for his martial soul, the Aurora Dragon, it returned to his body after devouring the demonic soul.

“Lin Yun wins!” The judge announced as he took a deep glance at Lin Yun. With that, the first round of the competition has come to an end. It was just as many people have guessed, the popular participants have all made it to the next round. At the same time, it had also exceeded everyone’s expectation that the battles in the eighth group, a group without any titled figures, was the most exciting out of the eight.

Everyone all felt that Wu Mohan was qualified to make it to the next round. No one had expected that there would be someone hiding in strength in the first round by making his wins seem like a coincidence. If it wasn’t for Lin Yun, everyone would still be fooled by him.

As for Lin Yun, no one had expected that he would participate in the competition at the beginning, but he proved everyone wrong and killed Luo Yuhang in the first round. After that, he swept through all his opponents with consecutive wins, defeating Tong Yuan with the Dragon-Tiger Fist, and crushing Wu Mohan without drawing his sword.

On the guest seats, many sects’ strongest participants all looked at Lin Yun. They seem to be trying to look through Lin Yun because the strength Lin Yun displayed had exceeded everyone’s expectations. They initially thought that Lin Yun wouldn’t be able to go far with his ninth stage cultivation, but he made it to the end and even possesses an Aurora Dragon for his martial soul.

Since the Aurora Dragon could devour the demonic soul, did that mean that it could also devour other martial souls? Just the thought of it made many people feel a chill down their spines because that was simply too horrifying.

“What’s the origin of this sword slave?” Qin Yu’s face became dark as he seemed to have discovered that Lin Yun had secrets.

When the sky gradually turned dark, Emperor Qin looked up at the sky, and he spoke out faintly, “It’s getting late. Let’s start with drawing lots. Bloomphoenix, you’ll host it.”

Bloomphoenix Princess nodded her head. She wasn’t old, but the atmosphere coming from her was powerful. Even the titled figures and various sects’ elders all felt a great pressure when they faced her. The lot drawing was simple. You would be drawing lots, and you could draw anyone aside from those in the same group.

The princess would casually pick two plaques, and she would draw again if they were from the same group. Otherwise, the two participants would fight three days from now.

When the box was prepared, the various sects’ elders who came to supervise all stood behind the princess nervously. No one hoped that their disciple would run into a titled figure on the first fight. The elder who came to spectate from the Sword Firmament Pavilion was naturally Luo Feng, and he was more nervous than anyone else.

The Sword Firmament Pavilion had Bai Lixuan, Ye Feng, and Lin Yun who made it to the next round. This made him rejoice because it was a decent result. Simultaneously, he was worried that Lin Yun would run into Qin Yu for his first match.

After the elders all checked the box, the princess began her drawing. Reaching her hand into the box, she retrieved two plaques, and she announced, “Three days from now, the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Bai Lixuan will fight the Primal Origin Sect’s Zuo Yun!”

Her announcement instantly caused a decent uproar because Bai Lixuan was the first and Zuo Yun was the third on the Newly Risen Ranking. Anyone could tell that it wouldn’t be an easy battle.

“Zuo Yun?” Bai Lixuan raised his brow, and he looked at the Primal Origin Sect’s direction. When his gaze bumped with Zuo Yun, he raised an indifferent smile.

On the other hand, Lin Yun knew that it wasn’t encouraging for Zuo Yun to bump into Bai Lixuan.

“The Primal Origin Sect’s Heartcliff VS the Heavenly Profound Sect’s Tang Yuan!”

“The Hundred Beast Gate’s Feng Ye VS the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Ye Feng!”

“The Divine Guards Yue Qing VS the Bloodbone Sect's Liu Yu!”

One after another names were being announced by the princess.

“The Heavenly Qin Institute’s Everluck VS the Demonic Moon Villa’s Situ Yi!”

When she made this announcement, an uproar instantly broke out. Situ Yi was a genius on the same level as Bai Lixuan, but no one had expected that his first opponent would be a titled figure. So wouldn’t this mean that Situ Yi would lose?

But standing among the Demonic Moon Villa, Situ Yi looks calm with a casual smile on his face. He didn’t look worried that his opponent was a titled figure.

“The Royal Family’s Flying Feather VS the Divine Guards’ Egret!” But before the commotion to end, her next announcement caused an even bigger uproar because it was a battle between two titled figures.

This meant that after the fight, there would be another quota among the eight titles. It was rare to see a titled figure going up against another. At this moment, Luo Feng’s expression had also relaxed. Both of them were powerful, and it would be even better if Erget could defeat Qin Yu.

“You should be feeling relieved, right?” Ye Feng sneered as he looked at Lin Yun.

“What has it got to do with you?” replied Lin Yun.

“I’m just showing my concern as the senior brother. Why are you so unfriendly?” laughed Ye Feng.

He was in a pretty good mood that his opponent was Feng Ye, whose sect was located at the empire’s borders. This meant that his victory was already ascertained.

“The Sword Firmament Pavilions…” When the princess said that, the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party became anxious. Bai Lixuan and Ye Feng’s opponents were already announced, so this meant that the princess was going to announce Lin Yun’s opponent next.