The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 649

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Each of the Dreamcatcher Flower’s petals were attractive to Yin-Yang stage experts. Just the fragrance alone could calm the mind during cultivation. Although the fragrance might not be important to cultivators from the various sects, it was extremely precious to demonic cultivators who refined ominous aura.

With this flower, they could avoid running amok before reaching the Heavenly Soul Realm. The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon was a demonic cultivation technique and Lei Yunzi wouldn’t have grown so quickly without it.

So one could tell how valuable the flower was, which was why Master Fu and Master Gu didn’t want Lin Yun to have it, especially since he already obtained the Azurewood Wine. They had been toyed with this whole time, so how could they not be furious seeing that the Dreamcatcher Flower was about to be taken away?

Lin Yun landed on the lotus and took the Dreamcatcher Flower.

“Bastard, hand over the Dreamcatcher Flower!”

“Damn it! This fellow’s movement technique has reached the manifestation stage. We can’t catch him!” The two old men were furious, but there was nothing they could do except watch Lin Yun take the Dreamcatcher Flower away.

But in reality, Lin Yun had the ability to suppress the two old men if he wanted. The reason why he didn’t do that was because he didn’t want to attract Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng’s attention. If he was too eye-catching, they might join hands to deal with him.

As Lin Yun moved about the lake, the lake gradually became dim because all the valuable treasures were being taken away. Although Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng had noticed it, they were too focused on their own fight, so they didn’t stop Lin Yun.

Since Chief Leng and Bloodwolf brought out their trump cards, Feng Wuhen was having difficulty facing them. At the same time, the Indigoflame Thunderwhip in his hand became even denser.

Feng Wuhen’s eyes flickered because he knew that he would be doomed if this carried on. Letting out a roar, the Indigoflame Thunderwhip flashed with a lightning crackle that forced Bloodwolf and Chief Leng back.

Taking advantage of this short period, Feng Wuhen soared into the sky and landed on the Hundred Treasure Lake with his whip flying at Lin Yun.

As Lin Yun was wandering around the lake, he suddenly felt ferocious flames along with lightning coming at him. Lin Yun was surprised, but he finally understood why Bloodwolf and Chief Leng had difficulty dealing with Feng Wuhen. “What a good weapon!” yelled Lin Yun.

Without any hesitation, he tapped his foot on the ground and flew out of the Hundred Treasure Lake. He had already obtained most of the treasures, so there was no need for him to face Feng Wuhen head-on.

“I’ll let you off for now. But when I obtain the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, I’ll get you to spit everything out!” Feng Wuhen looked at Lin Yun closely before grabbing Master Gu and heading for the entrance of the third level.

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng’s faces changed when they landed on the lake. After they took the remaining treasures, they both turned to look at Lin Yun coldly at the same time.

However, Lin Yun looked at them with indifference.

“Father, no…” Leng Xiangyun begged as she saw this.

Chief Leng turned around to look at his own daughter in disgust before taking her and the two chiefs with him. Once the Three-Eagle Stronghold’s party left, Bloodwolf didn’t hesitate to leave with Master Fu, “Let’s go.”

The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon was naturally more important than Lin Yun. Furthermore, they also had the same thoughts as Feng Wuhen in that they would deal with Lin Yun after obtaining the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon.

“The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon is pretty important to them,” sighed Lin Yun. He had so many treasures on him, but they had given up on him so easily. From that, Lin Yun could infer how attractive the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon was to them.

The martial path was a path where everyone struggled against heaven and the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon was a shortcut for them to grow stronger. They would face no bottleneck as long as they could devour cultivators of the same cultivation level. But was it that easy to obtain? After all, Lei Yunzi’s reputation wasn’t good.

“I need to look at my harvest first.” Lin Yun had yet to check the treasures that he obtained so far. Aside from the Azurewood Wine, Profound Lightning Bead, and Dreamcatcher Flower, he had dozens of other precious treasures that were considered the best in the Hundred Treasure Lake. Among them were two mid-ranked cosmic artifacts and five low-ranked cosmic artifacts.

“The Heavenly Silkworm Armor. This is a soft armor made with Heavenly Silkworm’s silk. It’s impenetrable and immune to water and fire. It can soften attacks and withstand weapons. An ordinary low-grade cosmic artifact would have a great difficulty breaking through its defences.

“The Profound Lightning Shuttle. This is a mid-grade cosmic artifact. The nine segments can form a spear, but they can also be used separately to face enemies.

“The Violet Yang Pellet, a fourth grade pellet that can refine the origin energy of those in the Yang stage to stabilize one’s cultivation.”

All the treasures he had were precious. As for the Azurewood Wine, Dreamcatcher Flower, and Profound Lightning Bead, they were practically priceless. The Azurewood Wine could stabilize and strengthen the cultivation and physique of someone in the Yin-Yang stage. However, since he was only in the Yang stage, there was no need to think about its effects 

The most precious part of the Azurewood Wine was the Azure Dragon Wood that was inside it. It was a precious treasure that even a fourth grade spiritualist would want. The patterns on the wood contained a wisp of a dragon’s aura and it could be used to create a spiritual artifact. It could also be used as the catalyst for many fifth grade pellets.

The Dreamcatcher Flower could aid a demonic cultivator in refining their ominous aura. Demonic cultivators were afraid of running amok, so having this was the same as having a protective talisman.

As for the Profound Lightning Bead, it was even more precious than the other items. Lin Yun toyed around with it in his hand. He could sense that this item could aid him in reaching the third stage of the Azure Dragon Enneaform.

“I should cultivate a little.” Lin Yun was certain that the third level would be even more dangerous. Since there was no one here to disrupt him, he might as well cultivate. Most importantly, Lin Yun had been cautious from the moment he entered here. He had a feeling that there was something unusual about this place.

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Since he would reach the third level soon, he needed more strength to feel safe. Otherwise, it would be pointless for him to carry on. As many thoughts flashed through his mind, Lin Yun opened his palm with the Profound Lightning Bead in his hand.

Taking a closer look at it, he noticed that there were runes constantly spreading out on the surface of the bead. It looked like each rune had a storm on it. He could even vaguely hear thunder rumbling.

“What powerful lightning energy!” Lin Yun sucked in a breath with shock on his face. The lightning energy was several times stronger than the beast core he refined back then.

Closing his eyes, Lin Yun began to circulate the Azure Dragon Enneaform with the bead in his hand. As he circulated the body-refining technique, the lightning within the bead flowed into his body.

When the lightning flowed into his body, it flickered ferociously while being absorbed. At the same time, the sound of thunder constantly rumbled from Lin Yun’s body.

Under these conditions, the lightning rune membrane covering Lin Yun grew denser.

Time gradually passed and Master Gu had a headache. It was getting more difficult as they proceeded through the third level.

On the other hand, Feng Wuhen looked at the cosmic artifact in his hand with his brows locked together, “Even if this is a sealed high ranked cosmic artifact, I can only barely bring out 30% of its power.”

“Let me take a look.” Master Gu took the Indigoflame Thunderwhip. The moment he grabbed onto it, his face changed with his body bending down as he exclaimed, “It’s too heavy!”

“You need to grasp lightning energy and have a powerful physique to control this whip,” analyzed Feng Wuhen. This meant that Lei Yunzi was truly an all-rounded talent. Not only was he proficient in spiritual runes, but he also seemed to have a powerful physique.

“It must be the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon. In addition to devouring flesh, it must be able to devour your victim’s cultivation technique as well,” said Feng Wuhen. As he spoke, his eyes flashed with excitement, “Hurry up. We must obtain the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon before anyone else.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll definitely be the first ones there.” Master Gu was pretty confident about his attainment in spiritual runes as he was known to be the strongest in the Flagscythe County.

Two days later, a stone gate opened in the core region of the third level as two exhausted figures walked out. But when they noticed that there wasn't anyone else around, they became excited.

Master Gu’s face had also changed as the core region of the third level was also a palace, but this time there wasn’t a lake. Instead, it was replaced with an altar with a demonic canon shrouded in crimson aura.

Even with his attainments in spiritual runes, Master Gu could sense something unusual about this place. He felt even more oppressed than he did in the two previous levels, especially from the altar since it cast a gloom over his heart. 

“The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon!” But Feng Wuhen didn’t care about it as he rejoiced when he saw the crimson canon. Before Master Gu could say anything, Feng Wuhen had already charged towards the altar.

But just when he was about to get close, the boundless crimson aura condensed into a pair of crimson pupils. When the pupils stared at Feng Wuhen, he instantly felt a force that hit him from behind. It sent him flying and caused him to spit up blood. When he fell to the ground, he threw up another mouthful of blood as he looked at the crimson aura with fear in his eyes.

“What’s going on?” Feng Wuhen’s heart was overwhelmed by fear and confusion.

The sacrifice of a Pure Yin Physique is needed if you want the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon. Otherwise, anyone who comes here will die.” Master Gu read out the words engraved at the bottom of the altar.

“Pure Yin Physique. Damn it! Where am I going to find a Pure Yin Physique?!” Feng Wuhen became irritated seeing that the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon was right in front of him. In the end, all his efforts had gone down the drain.

Suddenly, Master Gu spoke up, “That lass from the Three-Eagle Stronghold…”

Hearing that, Feng Wuhen had joy written on his face as his eyes lit up, “Looks like that old geezer knows quite a lot.”

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