The System Sent Me an Object [End of the World] - Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Five years ago, Hao Jian was enrolled to a well-known university in Southern City . Southern City was more than 700 kilometers away from her hometown and lived there alone to study, only to drop out half a year later . She went back to her hometown and work to take care of her seriously ill mother .

After half a year living this kind of life, her mother committed suicide two days after her birthday with a suicide note:

‘I can’t take it anymore, but I wanted to spend my last birthday with you . ’

She could still taste the last cake she ate as if it was stuck in her throat . It wasn’t because it was sweet, but it was so bitter that she vomited everything in her stomach on her mother’s grave .

“Reminding the host that it’s the second day since the zombie virus outbreak level has risen to 3 . For the sake of your physical and mental health, please start the survival mission and increase your level as soon as possible . ”

Yesterday, the auditory hallucinations in her mind reappeared . Hao Jian shook her head and looked around the cemetery again . Surrounding this barren and lonely cemetery, there are only small hills covered with weeds, while the more luxurious ones are just monuments . Apart from her and Zhiye, there are no other living creatures?!

“Reminding the host that it is disrespectful to vomit filth in front of other graves . ”

Hao Jian looked down, She hadn’t eaten anything since last night . How could there be any filth? It was just saliva at most .

Suddenly, she reached and patted her head .

“What is this auditory hallucination? Is it because I have split personality?”

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was . She grabbed a shovel and shoveled away her vomit and weed apart .

“According to system results, the host ahs very good physical health and no record of mental illnesses . Otherwise, how could an advanced system like me and my high-end doomsday survival system version 2018 be bound to you!”

Hao Jian’s heart gradually grew heavy . She became more and more certain that either she’s experiencing auditory hallucinations, or something strange was attached to her .

If it was auditory hallucinations, then her condition could be serious, convincing her of going to the hospital as soon as possible . If something strange is attached to her then she has to do two things; first is to publish a paper confirming the existence of ghosts and monsters, second is to go to Huang Daxian 1 .

Thankfully, the sound never appeared again . Hao Jian paid homage to her mother with peace of mind . She went back down the mountain and went home before the forest lost its luster .

Hao Jian arrived in a two-story red-brick house, with mottled walls on three sides like dividing a territory and a rusty iron door . Although she went to Southern City to earn a living after her mother died, she still returns to this home several times a year and is no stranger to all this .

The valuables in the house were either given away by Hao Jian or taken to Southern City . She carried with her a suitcase when she came back this time since she planned to stay a few days, otherwise she would’ve only brought with her a backpack .

Hungry, she ate some snacks left over from her worship to her mother then took out the book she brought back from the suitcase and looked through it . After ten o’clock, the dogs in the village stopped barking . The scattered lights that looked like stars were also extinguished . Hao Jian went to bath before sleeping .


“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

The neighbor’s big yellow dog suddenly broke out loud barking that woke Hao Jian from her sleep . She stared at the dim ceiling for three seconds before turning to look out the window .

The sky was faintly bright and one could see a strange trace in the blue sky at this time . She grabbed her watch and glanced at the date; Saturday, July 28, 2018, 5:34 .

The fan still blew from the soles of the feet to the head, but it couldn’t dispel the still mood and her sweat all over her body .

“Reminding the host that it’s the sixth day since the zombie virus outbreak level has risen to 3 . For the sake of your physical and mental health, please start the survival mission and increase your level as soon as possible . ”

The voice of the system rang in her mind almost at the same time .

“Thank you for being humane as to not bother me when I was asleep . ”

Hao Jian wiped off her sweat and quickly got up and wore her underware .

“If the host wants the reminder function, kindly start the survival mission and upgrade your level . That way the system can appear at any given time . ”

The system tries to tempt her .

“You say that but for the sake of my beauty sleep, I can’t do what you want . ”

“You little minx . ”2

The barking stopped ang Hao Jian walked towards the window and saw her neighbor aunt drag the big yellow dog desperately back into the house . She then locked the brand new stainless steel door . The lights in the house soon went out, and only vaguely revealed a figure on the second floor peeking from the window facing the road .

Hao Jian went to the window and saw two beams of light swaying on the uneven road in a distance, it looked like a car heading towards the village .

After a few minutes, the sound of the motor stopped . A figure went to the neighbor’s door, banging it while calling out anxously .

“Mom, I’m back! Open the door!”

The neighbor’s lights went on as the aunt looked out to see who it was . After seeing the figure outside the yard, she ran downstairs excitedly and opened the door .

“Son, you’re back! You called me and said that there was an illness outbreak everywhere and told me not to contact anyone . I called you for two days straight but you didn’t answer it . I’m worried you’ll catch it too . What kind of illness is it?! Why is your face so pale? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

The man properly parked the car in the yard and said .

“Mom, there’s no time to stand outside the door and explain . Quickly go in and lock the door!”

They left the lights on after heading inside and Hao Jian didn’t hear any more sounds .

She filled the kettle with water and plugged it in to boil . After Hao Jian brushed her teeth and washed her face, she made some tea and cleaned the moldy and old mountaineering bag . After wiping the surface mold off, she stuffed some folded clothes, laptop, and two books inside . The rest of the things she brought back were unnecessary for her .

“System version 2018 in good conscience would like to remind the host that laptops and books will only increase the load . Please consider it carefully . ” The system paused for thee seconds before continuing . “Of course, if the host begins the survival mission and upgrades to the corresponding level, things will be much more convenient . ”

“You should be familiar with the saying ‘There Is No Pie in the Sky’ . You appear all of a sudden and promise so many attractive benefits, but I don’t believe you don’t have conditions for them . ”

“The question involves the secret of the Doomsday Survival Systems . System version 2018 cannot obtain corresponding permissions to answer and the host’s level is too low . The host currently has no permission to learn the corresponding secrets . ”

Hao Jian finally found something interesting from the system on the sixth day of its appearance and asked .

“What level do I need to be to obtain the corresponding confidential authority?”

“The host hasn’t even reached the lowest level and has no right to know . ”

The system’s voice was very robotic, but Hao Jian could feel that its mocker her no matter how she hears it .

All of a sudden, the neighbor’s dog barked frantically . A scream was heard and the neighboring aunt cried . “Son, what are you doing?! What’s wrong with you?!”

Hao Jian’s heart almost stopped and hurried towards the window . Through the light of dawn, she saw the aunt with her back against the window with a hideous scratch on her right arm . Hao Jian then knew then and there that the aunt have been infected .

“It hasn’t been ten minutes since she was infected, is there any way to rescue her?” Hao Jian asked the system .

“Once infected, no matter how long its been, they will inevitably turn into zombies . There’s no turning back . ”

Hao Jian’s brows shot up and the still atmosphere made her a little anxious . Before seeing the so-called zombies, she was still calm and indifferent, but now that she saw it with her own eyes, she had to accept it as a fact .

“What happens if I get infected?”

“I regret to tell the host that you will also become like them, a zombie . ”

Hao Jian clutched her chest, her heart beating violently in her chest, banging against her palm . She exhaled heavily and grinned .

“If what you say is true, then I can at least trust you a little bit more . ”

“This system is having trouble understanding what the host is thinking, kindly speak human language . ”

“If you tell me that you have a way to resist the virus, then I’ll have to suspect that all of this is the ghost of your doomsday survival system . ”

In this world here zombies are rampant, I’m afraid there’s nothing more tempting than resisting the zombie virus . Although the motive of this system is still unknown, as long as it still has some use, I can at least trust it a little .

“Unfortunately, the system does not have this function . ” The system replied solemnly

The screams turned into wailing, Hao Jian leaned on the window and witnessed a bloody and gruesome scene . The neighboring aunt was pinned down by her zombie son on the ground, her neck ripped open with blood spreading on the messy ground…

Chinese Taoist Deity popular in Jinhua . Probably to dispel ghosts and stuff The original translation (based on google translate) was ‘You grinning little fairy . ’ which I think would mean a person who’s sarcastic so I changed it to ‘You little minx . ’ cuz it sounds more mischievous I think? What do you think?