The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness - Chapter 784

Chapter 784: 784

Chapter 784: Xi Jin Exchanges His Soul for News of Dai’er

The empress looked at the Emperor of Dongshu Nation with a worried expression after watching Xi Jin leave in a hurry . “Your Majesty, Jin’er…”

The Emperor of Dongshu Nation stopped her . “I realize there is a change in his gaze . Let him be . If he still decides to end his life because of a woman, let him do it . I will take that to mean I never had a son . ”

“Your Majesty, he is our son,” the empress cried sadly .

The Emperor of Dongshu Nation felt sorry but also helpless . “Such a weak and irresponsible man is not worthy of being the Crown Prince . If he insists on dying, there is no point in stopping him,” he said .

The empress was wiping tears from the sides of her eyes after hearing what he said . “We should have arranged a marriage between the Crown Prince and Dai’er in the first place . Besides, the Crown Prince didn’t even want to marry Shen Yunya . Why must you still pass an edict and force him to marry her? Now that he has done it, he…”

“If he can get himself together, he will be deciding his own marriage from today onwards . You and I will no longer force him,” the emperor said before walking out .

Xi Jin’s complexion was pale . He was still very weak . However, he moved quickly towards Jialan Hall to look for the state preceptor .

The state preceptor was sitting in front of the table with his legs crossed . He wasn’t surprised at all when he saw Xi Jin entering the hall . “Crown Prince, you’re finally here,” he said .

Xi Jin was quite surprised by the fact that the state preceptor had predicted his arrival . He then walked forward, gave the preceptor a slight bow, and sat opposite the man with his legs crossed .

He scanned the state preceptor from head to toe . He looked around twenty-eight years old, with a graceful and handsome face . If the Demon King was a deity, the state preceptor there before him must be an immortal . Although this man was very different from the Demon King, his sage-like vibe made him seemed like an extraordinary person . He had even managed to become the state preceptor at such a young age, which was very admirable .

However, the state preceptor had always looked the same ever since the Crown Prince visited him when he was a child . Even now, the man still hadn’t aged .

“What does the Crown Prince want to know?” the state preceptor asked in a dreamy voice as he stared at the Xi Jin’s pale face .

Xi Jin got straight to the point and revealed what he wanted to know . “I heard that the state preceptor has the ability to look into the past and the future . I would like to know what happened before Shen Qingdai’s death . I want to know if she is still alive,” Xi Jin said .

The state preceptor stared at him for a while . “Have you thought this through, Crown Prince?” he asked .

“Yes . ”

The state preceptor then looked at the determined Xi Jin and laughed . “You must pay a price for what you desire to know . ”

“What do you want? I will do whatever I can,” Xi Jin told the man . However, there were some things that he would never agree on .

“Your soul,” the preceptor answered .

Xi Jin raised his head and looked at the state preceptor, confused . “Will I die after hearing the answer?” he asked .

If he were to die, it would be useless for him to know Dai’er’s cause of death since he wouldn’t be able to avenge her .

The graceful and handsome state preceptor smiled . “No, I would never take one’s life so lightly, not to mention that of the future emperor of Dongshu Nation . ”

Xi Jin nodded and answered without any hesitation . “Alright,” he said .

As long as it wasn’t something against his principles, he would accept any conditions .

The state preceptor took out a crystal ball and put it in front of Xi Jin . “Just place a drop of blood on the top of it . ”

Xi Jin didn’t hesitate . He bit his finger and let his blood drip onto the crystal ball . The snow-white crystal ball suddenly turned red, as if it was bloodthirsty .

Xi Jin stared at it closely and chanted, “How did Dai’er die on the ninth of April?” silently in his heart .

The crystal ball seemed like it had filled itself with blood . The blood-red color dispersed slowly as changes started happening . Something appeared in the crystal ball, like an image in the mirror .

When he saw a dark, gloomy place in the crystal ball and a prison door, he gasped . Hadn’t Dai’er died from illness? Why did she appear in a dungeon-like place?