The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness - Chapter 788

Chapter 788: 788

Chapter 788: When Are You Getting Married to the Demon King?

When Xi Lin saw Feng Tianlan’s confident smile, she couldn’t help but feel happy for her . “I used to think that you and my elder brother were very compatible with each other . However, seeing you together with the Demon King right now, I finally understand what true compatibility is . ”

For a long time, ever since when Lin’an City was famous for its three talented young men, she had been annoyed by those who paired up Dai’er and Jiang Ying . She had always felt that Jiang Ying was not worthy of Dai’er because only her elder brother was worthy enough to be with her . However, Xi Lin didn’t care about who Dai’er liked .

Now that so many things had happened, she felt fortunate that Dai’er hadn’t become her elder sister-in-law, or else Dai’er would have to suffer a lot due to her elder brother’s soft character .

“Mobai is really good . ” Feng Tianlan smiled blissfully as she looked at Xi Lin . “Elder Sister Lin, a relationship is not about being compatible or incompatible . As long as two people are in love, they will naturally be suited for each other . However, we must always take the other person’s conduct into consideration . We can’t just be blindly in love,” Tianlan said .

Xi Lin nodded . “I know . You are already nagging me so soon . When are you planning to get married?”

“After I avenge my parents, probably . ” It would be unfilial of her to talk about her relationship before she avenged her parents, not to mention her marriage .

Xi Lin stayed for a while longer and said some caring words before she left .

Feng Tianlan returned to her room . Just when she sat down on the bed, two arms wrapped around her thin waist . “Are you at ease now?”

Feng Tianlan lowered her head and saw Si Mobai, who stuck his head out as he wrapped his arms around her waist . She then smiled and said, “If I’m not at ease, would I even be sleeping here with you?”

Mobai was a light sleeper . He must have woken up when she got up previously .

“I didn’t have enough sleep . ” Si Mobai’s lazy voice made him sound like a child who didn’t get enough sleep . He was hugging Feng Tianlan’s waist while behaving like a spoilt child . He didn’t feel at ease without her sleeping by his side .

Feng Tianlan smiled as she bent over and removed her shoes . She then sank into Si Mobai’s arms and hugged him back like a doll . He rested his chin on top of her hair and breathed gently .

Feng Tianlan adjusted herself into a more comfortable position and then lie still . Even though she couldn’t sleep, she stayed in his arms so that he could get a good night’s rest . Meanwhile, her consciousness entered the pill scroll realm to practice and refine pills .

Ever since she had crashed Shen Yunya’s wedding, the rumor of Shen Yunya having a secret lover way before the wedding had spread all over Lin’an City . Besides, people were saying that Shen Yunya had secretly been married to someone else and had only wanted to get married to the Crown Prince due to vanity . In the end, her secret lover made it to the top of Bailan Alliance and came to stop the wedding .

All sorts of nasty things were spread among the people . However, these rumors were quickly suppressed . No one dared to discuss this matter publicly anymore . The rumors had been greatly reduced . The empress had also retracted the marriage decree . This wedding had come to a complete end .

Xi Jin was gravely ill after he got out of the Jialan Hall . He was in a state of confusion but had never thought of committing suicide .

Feng Tianlan kept herself tucked away in Si Feng Pavilion as she ignored the rumors that were spreading outside . She was having a lovely time with Si Mobai while helping his body recover . Those days were rather blissful .

When Si Mobai had recovered, he started to get busy again . Feng Tianlan, on the other hand, focused on her practice in the courtyard . When she heard Azurite report that Shen Yunya was requesting to meet her, she raised her eyebrows and asked Shen Yunya to come in .

When Shen Yunya walked in, she saw Feng Tianlan watering the flowers and preparing some tea in a carefree manner . As Shen Yunya thought about how Tianlan had ruined her blissful wedding, she was filled with hatred .

“Is little sister so afraid to come in and have a seat?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows and looked at Shen Yunya . She then sat in front of the table .

Shen Yunya walked in slowly while staring closely at Tianlan . She then sneered, “I have suspected you for a long time . I hadn’t expected you to hide it so well . ”