The Tutorial Is Too Hard - Chapter 349

Chapter 349: 349

Chapter 349 – God of Hope (6)

[Ahh! Save me, save me!]

Damn it, really .

Ignoring the words of the God of Hope, I swung the chair again .

Even ordinary furniture, if infused with divine power, can have higher strength than many weapons .

This chair was uncomfortable to hold, but there was no problem with using it to swing and attack .


There was a shock wave that was hard to believe was caused by swinging a chair .

It was natural because I was swinging it with that much power .

[Ah, it hurts!]

It doesn’t hurt .

I put down the chair I was swinging excitedly on the floor and sat down .

Damn, one of its legs creaked .

[You are too much! Can’t you see my poor appearance!]

The God of Hope shouted .

Little by little, his tone changed .

He’s testing out several tones .

Like his appearance .

The God of Hope sat down on his chair, organizing the scattered bob hair .

It was the appearance of a person experiencing discomfort in their legs while climbing a high place with only arm strength and having some difficulty to move the body .

Bluffing…No, it was acting .

[I might really disappear . ]

“Yes, if you keep making fun of me, I’ll destroy you here . ”

A disgusting scammer .

Even if I just listened, I would always hear something unpleasant from the God of Hope .

It was twice as unpleasant .

[Did you hit me enough?]

I nodded .

Then the God of Hope nodded .

The God of Hope said in a lighthearted manner, as if he had been beaten .

[You are also human . In some ways, it is because the point of view is unclear . ]

I got up again and lifted the chair .

[Oh! Why are you doing that again?! This is an objective fact!]

Sounds like an objective fact .

Tsk, I clicked my tongue and sat down again .

[If I had a figure that could be identified as an ‘enemy’, I would have lost a couple of limbs . ]

I would have plucked his head .

Of course, the God of Hope does not die when his head is pulled out .

Just as a warning .

I don’t like the God of Hope, but as he said, it was also an objective fact .

[Only such irrational aspects are human . ]

“Say it’s the emotional side . ”

The God of Hope thought deeply about something alone, as if he couldn’t even hear me .

He is a god who is very interested in principles .

I don’t know what it has to do with hope, but that’s what the God of Hope shows .

It was my turn to ask again .

“How did you know I touched causality?”

[How did I know? Haha, you really didn’t know that?]

I didn’t know, so I asked .

I have several guesses .

It is possible that the gods noticed when they attacked the barriers on the 60th and 61st floors .

In particular, since the God of Remorse destroyed most of the barriers, he may have seen what is hidden under the barriers .

He may have seen and speculated in the aftermath of the explosion in Antarctica .

However, it is never impossible to turn time under restrictive conditions .

It is the essence of magic to trick the laws and twist the phenomenon, and the higher concept is a miracle performed under the will of God .

If you want to deceive the law of the passage of time, you can deceive it any number of times .

So even if I look at my time regression, I cannot guarantee that my abilities are in the essence of causality .

[Didn’t you win?]


[You have beaten your alter ego that had my strength . ]

I did .

In Japan .


[But . It was a battle you couldn’t win . It had tens, hundreds of times more power, and the battle aspect was a simple tug of war that poured out all the power at once . It was even a perfect alter ego with the same potential as you . ]

“Same thing, difference in experience . ”

[How do you know that the alter ego has no experience? I bet it had more experience than you, not less . The only difference was the presence or absence of divinity, and at the last minute it accepted my power and evened out the difference . It was a fight that it could not lose . ]

But the winner was me .

[At first, I thought I was wrong . I thought your strength was so powerful that I could not even recognize it . So I abandoned the holy land and ran away . ]

He was the God of Hope who spoke quietly and calmly, but his voice began to contain anger .

[But it wasn’t even that . So I thought, it must be connected with your divinity . ]

I was curious about the feeling of the God of Hope .

With a simple illusion, he escaped from an opponent worth fighting, and as a result, he lost his whole holy place and believers .

If the God of Hope had fought against me in the Holy Land, it would have been difficult for me to guarantee victory in full force .

Most of the power was exhausted, but in the Holy Land, miracles can be carried out without the use of power .

It was not for no reason that Seregia had advised us to return to Earth and recover with full care .

[You are a consequential god . Gaining strength through results and proving yourself . If you bring the result of a victory that has not yet occurred, even a battle that seems impossible to win can lead to victory . By completing the process through results . ]

Hmm .

[So I guess . You have brought the results of the future to the present . ]

It was a pretty accurate reasoning .

One question .

“The foundation is a bit poor, isn’t it?”

[In fact, I was just poking it . Thank you for being honest . ]

Damn it .

* * *

[After all, you’re a swindler]

“Well, let’s say so . ”

[Well, you’re shameless]

I’m originally shameless .

[If you abuse it, you will one day be squeezed into a twist of causality and die . Be careful, I’m in trouble if you die now . ]

Thank you too .

If you can complete the result entirely through the causality that has been dragged out, it will not happen .

If it failed to do so, it would be a problem, but in that case it would be destroyed by the disappearance of divine nature anyway .

“But why are you in trouble when I die?”

Is it because he couldn’t retrieve the believers in my subspace?

Looking at it, the God of Hope said something about the rope he was going to catch .

[This part needs an explanation . ]


[It’s time for the lecture again . Are you okay?]

I decided to listen first .

I was reluctant to know that I was associated with the God of Hope, but I didn’t want to refuse the information that he would let me know .

[First of all, you have to understand that our world is very far away . ]

“Our world?”

[The realm of the Hundred Gods Temple . ]

It was an unexpected story .

[It is not a local story . The Hundred Gods Temple has long since been pushed out of the world’s mainstream . To be precise, it is isolated . Anyway, the mainstream of the world now is the Pantheon and the vassals under it . ]

There was one thing to check and move on .

“Why were the Hundred Gods pushed back?”

I didn’t understand .

Most of the gods of the Hundred Gods were powerful .

The only gods I’ve seen face to face were the God of Slowness, the God of Hope, and the God of Sacrifice .

Each one was a difficult opponent .

[Why are we pushed back? Isn’t it natural that they get isolated without being able to expand, grow, or exchange due to system constraints . ]

“Are there any restrictions in the Hundred Gods Temple?”

[Of course there are . But it’s different from the Hundred Gods . If the restrictions of the Pantheon are legal restrictions that prevent them from crossing each other, the restrictions of the Hundred Gods are to detain and confine prisoners . ]

Having heard this, it was understood that the Hundred Gods were struggling to get out of the system .

In particular, Kirikiri’s behavior, hoping to get out of the constraints but maintain the system itself .

Now, it seems that she is trying to ease the restrictions of the Hundred Gods Temple .

“Why are the constraints different?”

[Because of the characteristics of the gods of the Hundred Gods . Most of the gods in the Hundred Gods participated in or opposed the unification of the universe led by the God of Slowness . The system was originally created to prevent such gods, so there is bound to be a difference in restrictions . ]

Among the numerous gods, my speculation that the Hundred Gods Temple had collected the troubled children was somewhat correct .

It was different that most of the gods were involved in an incident in the distant past, but it wasn’t fundamentally wrong .

[Anyway, the gods of the Pantheon and the vassals beneath them have been in territorial disputes in all universes and dimensions . We rarely face each other head on . ]


[… Can’t you just listen to the explanation? The reason is that there are enemies everywhere . If you use too much power, you can lose everything to a third enemy . ]

The God of Hope explained eagerly .

When he talked about the invasion of the Holy Land, he stared at me and said, pressing one word by one .

I ignored it .

[Such disputes are also entering a standstill . There is still a lot of conflict, but it is almost gone compared to the past . This is because a certain composition of power has been established . ]

It was interesting .

But it wasn’t a story that touched me very much .

[In such a situation, you were exposed to the Pantheon . Does the situation make sense?]

I’m not going .

[You were not related to, and even deviated from the rules of the Pantheon system . The gods, who were relatively weak in power, were thinking that you, or they by gaining your strength, could get a chance for a new leap forward . The mighty gods also intervened under the guise of preventing confusion, and they were thinking of taking over you . ]

Hmm .

First of all, the idea that they could have me as they wish was unpleasant .

Putting that point apart .

Is it a disturbance to the extent that a low-cost weapon without an owner appeared in the Murim River?

[You have even annihilated the apostles of the Pantheon who visited you . On the 61st floor . You wouldn’t say you don’t remember . ]

Of course I remembered .

The apostles who joined Lee Yeon-hee and entered the 61st floor .

The 61st floor was my holy place .

It was not the body of the gods, but an apostle connected through a contract, so it was easy to devour .

[The violent treatment was an excuse . You and the Pantheon have definitely formed a hostile relationship . Contrary to the expectations of the Pantheon, you have become a complete deity, and your level is increasing rapidly, but rather, the gods of the Pantheon have joined forces to separate you and make you easier to devour . ]

I need to revise my thoughts .

The river will be stained with blood .

“So what does it have to do with you?”

[In fact, I also have a bad relationship with the Pantheon . ]

I thought so .

The God of Hope is a god who will not get along with everyone in the world .

He smirked and laughed .

[… Not like that! We were in a trade relationship . ]

“Trade relationship?”

[There is a system in the Pantheon, and it is essentially the same as that of the Hundred Gods . And I have a way to avoid the limitations of the system a bit . ]

Again this is the point .

[Supply and Demand . There are many gods who want to expand their power with an expedient way to avoid restrictions, and that expedient can only be supplied to this universe by me . ]

If so, you must have been aiming for a profit .

[The position of a monopolist was used to arouse desperation from the gods, fueling desire and controlling supply . Most of the faith I get comes from them . Wouldn’t it be good to get along?]

The God of Hope pointed to me and continued talking .

[The problem is that thanks to someone, my holy land was blown away, my strength was reduced, and supplying them was difficult . I was on the verge of being attacked by the tributes, who gave me faith . ]

That’s a fun situation .

Since the target of faith is a God, when their power is weak, they are sometimes attacked instead .

I did not hide my feelings and showed them to the God of Hope .

Clap clap clap .

“Great, perfect ending . That’s why you have to live nicely as usual . ”

He said with a loud applause .

When I heard that the work of the God of Hope was ruined because of me, he really accused me .

The God of Hope said to me again and again while swaying with my sarcasm .

[… Anyway, you are the only one to cooperate with the gods of the pantheon . ]

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