The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love - Chapter 560

Chapter 560: 560

In the centermost part of the vast borderless Demon Forest lay the Blooming Soul Sea, which belonged to Blooming Flowering Tree’s private territory .

This place was fully planted with tall Mamba Trees abloom with all kinds of red colored Spirit Flowers at the moment . Even butterflies were draped in red muslin as they shuttled through the thicket filled with wine . The atmosphere of celebration suffused everywhere .

A grotto deep in the depths of the Blooming Soul Sea was Blooming Flowering Tree’s cave dwelling . Numerous Energy Barriers were set up inside and out to prevent guests from straying by mistake .

Yun Jiuge was dressed in a gorgeous red robe with a phoenix and its spread-out wings on it . She was lying on her stomach next to the Spiritual Pool inside the cave dwelling, talking to Zi Shang .

“Do you think people are going to be fooled?” Yun Jiuge stirred the Spiritual Water toward Zi Shang’s eggshell .

Zi Shang shook his white eggshell, indicating that he did not know .

“There are four more hours before the wedding ceremony is held . It looks like you can’t make it in time . ” Yun Jiuge crushed a Spiritual Flower Pearl and spread it evenly on the surface of Zi Shang’s eggshell . The eggshell emitted a faint pink glow which soon absorbed the Spiritual Flower Pearl .

While Yun Jiuge was focused on coating Zi Shang, a soft noise came from the entrance of the cave dwelling . Someone had entered .

Yun Jiuge withdrew her hands and looked over to the entrance guardedly .

She saw a green vine entering through the entrance and snaking toward her next .

Yun Jiuge had an idea . She put on a reprimanding face to rebuke, “Tell Blooming Flowering Tree that even if he used the Celestial Palace to threaten me, I’ll not agree to marry him . You can tell him to give up!”

“Your Highness, the Goddess — you’ve indeed been forced by him . ” The green vine began to bloom with a pink peach blossom, and a familiar voice came out of it .

“Human-faced King Peach, why are you here?” Yun Jiuge stood up in surprise .

The small peach blossom soon became a peach, revealing the handsome face of the Human-faced King Peach who said, “Your Highness, I came to save you . Are you alright?”

“How did you know that I was captured?” Yun Jiuge was full of doubt . She still thought that it would be the few key suspects who would rescue her .

“Everyone says that Blooming Flowering Tree is decadent and good-for-nothing . You wouldn’t have married him unless he has something on you in his hands,” the Human-faced King Peach said urgently .

“…” As the person who sealed Blooming Flowering Tree’s Main Soul and caused his reputation to hit an all-time low, Yun Jiuge really did not know what to say .

“Miss Yun, it took me a lot of effort to be able to slip in . You’d better come quickly with me!” The green vine rose high and transformed into the appearance of the Human-faced King Peach .

“I’m very moved that you were able to come rescue me . But this is a matter between Blooming Flowering Tree and me . You shouldn’t get involved,” Yun Jiuge said as she turned back to sit by the pool . Her hands unconsciously stirred the water in the pool . Zi Shang had long submerged to the bottom of the pool the moment the green vine appeared .

“Your Highness, I don’t know what Blooming Flowering Tree used to threaten you . But even I know that his ability basically doesn’t affect the foundation of the Celestial Palace . He must be lying to you,” the Human-faced King Peach king said anxiously .

“You’ve just arrived at the Canglan Continent . You don’t know anything at all,” replied Yun Jiuge as she turned to look at the Human-faced King Peach . She was guessing whether he was foolish to rush here on his own or encouraged by someone to do so .

“I know . Lord Fan Yin and I had discussed at length,” the Human-faced King Peach hurriedly said .

“What did Fan Yin say to you?” Yun Jiuge frowned .

“He told me that you’re the greatest Goddess in the world . In order to save all living things in the world, you’ve sacrificed yourself . He also said that the people of the Canglan Continent are eyeing you covetously and that I must protect you well,” the Human-faced King Peach answered . He had an excited expression and boasted even more than a messenger of the Celestial Palace .

Yun Jiuge pulled a Wind Chime Flower in a corner with a blank expression . Blooming Flowering Tree, who was guarding outside, immediately rushed in with soldiers to press the Human-faced King Peach to the ground .

“You brat, I accepted you into the clan out of respect to Fan Yin . I didn’t expect you to repay my kindness by stabbing me in the back . Guards, drag him to the dungeon,” Blooming Flowering Tree commanded, filled with righteous indignation .

“Blooming Flowering Tree, how dare you threaten the Goddess to marry you . You’ll not come to a good end . ” The Human-faced King Peach struggled but was tied up and dragged away by the demon soldiers in the end .

After everyone had left, Blooming Flowering Tree put away his arrogant and despotic expression . He helplessly looked at Yun Jiuge and said, “We’ve only caught such a silly peach after standing guard for a night . ”

“What about the guests out there? Any unusual activities?” Yun Jiuge sighed .

“Every one of them is clamoring to kill me!” Blooming Flowering Tree shrugged . However, people only talked about it . No one dared to really do something until they were certain of Yun Jiuge’s true intentions .

Yun Jiuge sat back next to the pool and looked at Zi Shang who came out again . She thought about it before saying, “You can send word out that after you and I are married, I’ll give the position of the Lord of the Celestial Palace to you . ”

“Surely it doesn’t have to come to this extent!” Blooming Flowering Tree was suddenly afraid . It was already excessive with the wedding . If he were to become the Lord of the Celestial Palace, was it not tantamount to roasting him over fire?

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained . If they want to replace the Celestial Palace, they certainly won’t want to see the Celestial Palace and the Demon Clan unite . ” Now that her enemy was obscured and she was out in the open, she could only disturb the pool and muddle the water to make the mastermind behind the scenes surface .

“You truly want to do this?” Blooming Flowering Tree made a last-ditch effort .

“Truly . ” Yun Jiuge was absolutely positive .

“Very well! Wait for me to strengthen the defense before we announce the fraudulent decision!” said Blooming Flowering Tree as he helplessly turned around . Signing a Master and Servant Contract with Yun Jiuge was definitely the stupidest thing he had ever done in his life .

But he was the one who had to ask Yun Jiuge for help during that time . So, he could only continue with the deception .

“Zi Shang, do you think Fan Yin instigated it?” Yun Jiuge fished Zi Shang out of the water and asked in a low voice .

She did not want it to be Fan Yin . If he too became a villain, then the ways of the world were really going to be in a mess .

Zi Shang flew up and nestled next to Yun Jiuge’s face to comfort her for a moment . Then he flew back in the pool and began to vigorously absorb the Spiritual Energy .

He did not want to be trapped inside the eggshell for fear of breaking . He must immediately go out to help Yun Jiuge .

“You must try harder . I’ll go out and help Blooming Flowering Tree control the situation . ” Yun Jiuge picked up the phoenix coronet next to her and brought it to her head . Then she straightened out her full-length robe with a trail on the ground before slowly leaving the room .

After Blooming Flowering Tree raised the level of the Energy Barriers, the guests outside were grumbling in dissatisfaction, “Blooming Flowering Tree, what the hell are you doing? Don’t tell me that you want to eliminate us all in one fell swoop?”

“That’s right, you say you’re going to get married but the Goddess hasn’t come out yet . Perhaps you’ve locked her up!”

“Quickly let the Goddess out . If I don’t hear the Goddess make a personal promise today, don’t blame us for tearing down your Demon Forest . ”

The crowd clamored but Blooming Flowering Tree was calm . The moment he saw Yun Jiuge come out of the cave dwelling, he then dashed to her side for the final confirmation as he asked, “You really want to give me the Celestial Palace?”

“It’s just a temporary loan . ” Yun Jiuge glanced at Blooming Flowering Tree . Even if she announced in front of the crowd that the Celestial Palace had a change of masters, the Divine Master Command Amulet was in her hands, so it could be taken back at any time .