The Vicious Supporting Female Character And The White Lotus Female Lead - Chapter 2

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Nie Zhen’er returned to class and sat down in her seat. She took out an exercise booklet from the book rack and began to do a problem.  

“Zhen’er.” Her deskmate, Li Ni, gently tapped on her pale arm, leaving behind a faint red mark. 

Nie Zhen’er placed down her pen and turned her head: “Li Ni, what’s wrong?” 

Li Ni–resembling a thief–glanced out the door and looked around. Not seeing Luan QingXiao, she let out a sigh of relief. She covered her stomach and inched towards Nie Zhen’er: “Zhen’er, a moment ago, Luan QingXiao took your strawberry hair clip!”

Nie Zhen’er widened her eyes in shock.  

Li Ni continued on: “You also know, she’s too fierce. Although I saw it, I didn’t dare to stop her.”  

Nie Zhen’er shook her head. The sunlight had powdered a warm glow onto her cheeks, the resulting beauty was enough to move hearts. She patted Li Ni on her scholarly head and extended her left hand towards her which had been clenched the entire time: “Look.”  

White fingers unfolded and laying on the palm was a cute strawberry hair clip. 

Li Ni’s eyes practically turned round from staring: “Why do you have it?”  

Nie Zhen’er said somewhat puzzledly: “I’m also confused. When I bumped into Luan QingXiao in front of the restroom, she returned this to me.” 

Li Ni was even more bewildered than Nie Zhen’er: “You bumped into her but not only did you not hit you, she even returned the strawberry hair clip back to you?!”  

Nie Zhen’er pursed her lips: “I don’t think she’s a bad person, is there a possibility that the things before are just misunderstandings?”  

She was very warm when she hugged her. When she spoke she was also very gentle.  

Nie Zhen’er looked down. Dazedly, she stared at the strawberry hair clip in her hand.  

Li Ni was about to say something, but out of the corner of her eyes she spotted Luan QingXiao’s tall and lithe figure. She patted Nie Zhen’er and jumped back to her own seat, sitting down in an upright and proper position.   

Nie Zhen’er closed her left hand and picked up her pen again to solve the problem.  

Luan QingXiao’s legs were both long and straight, she passed by Nie Zhen’er in a couple of strides.  

For a brief moment, when that tall and slender figure blocked the sunlight, Nie Zhen’er tensed her body in apprehension, her face slightly flushed. 

Luan QingXiao’s appearance was the flamboyant type, her slightly sharp brows couldn’t hide the gorgeousness behind her lashes. When she hooked her lips, charm emanated from her features. Anyone who took a look will feel their heart skip a beat. 

However, her notorious reputation at Shenjia High drew more attention than her appearances. During the first year, essentially no one dared to look at her in the face. They were all afraid that if Luan QingXiao happened to be unhappy, they would be beaten.  

Nie Zhen’er thought back to the moment where she had fallen into Luan QingXiao’s embrace. She lifted her head and when she saw the other’s stunning appearance, in her heart there wasn’t only fear but there seemed to be some other kinds of feelings that have taken root. 


The break after the second class in the afternoon was for recreational sports, However, today Year three was holding a parent-teacher conference so the exercise was cancelled, giving them thirty minutes of free time.  

Third period was physical education. Luan QingXiao felt bored staying in the classroom so she decided to head out early. She strolled around the school campus that was empty right now.  

【Ding! A scenario has already arisen! The female lead is in the sports field right now, the male lead will arrive at the sports field in ten minutes and encounter the female lead. May host quickly head to the sports field and threaten the female lead to stay away from the male lead, providing the male lead with an opportunity to save the damsel in distress~】

Luan QingXiao’s current location wasn’t far from the sports field. She quickened her footsteps and under 520’s direction, found the lonely figure of Nie Zhen’er in a corner.   

Nie Zhen’er stood beside a wall and was reading a book. A breeze blew by and lifted a strand of hair–black as a crow’s feather–that has been hanging by her cheek. 

Luan QingXiao couldn’t help but pause and look admiringly at the figure by the wall.  

【There is still five minutes before the male and female lead’s encounter, may host use your time well, oh~】

Luan QingXiao immediately retracted the superfluous emotions on her face and walked over to Nie Zhen’er.  

Nie Zhen’er felt someone approaching and puzzledly raised her head. When she saw Luan QingXiao, she couldn’t help but retreat a couple of steps, her back pressed against the wall.   

Luan QingXiao laughed softly. Striding forward, she braced her left arm against the wall, trapping Nie Zhen’er’s frail figure in front of her. Her black lashes drooped downward and her ink-black pupils reflected Nie Zheng Er’s beautiful face. Languidly she said: “I heard that you walk to school with Liang Yan everyday and even walk home together. In the future you’re not allowed to hang out with him, do you understand?” 

Nie Zhen’er didn’t expect Luan QingXiao to say this. She helplessly bit her soft lips and cautiously lifted her head to meet Luan QingXiao gaze. Her curled lashes quivered like the flutters of butterfly wings and adorned underneath it was a pair of pupils that resembled the ripples of a calm lake in autumn. Mirrored in her limpid eyes were Luan QingXiao’s bewitching face.

They were so close to each other, to the point where there was only each other reflected in their eyes.  

Nie Zhen’er’s face was slightly red from the sun’s heat. She asked in confusion: “Why can’t I?” 

When Nie Zhen’er heard this, she looked at the other’s tender face that was akin to a flower with a somewhat cold gaze, “There’s no reason why, in the future keep your distance from Liang Yan.”  

Nie Zhen’er looked up, a ripple appeared in her eyes which resembled clear autumn water as she said in a helpless tone: “But I don’t dare walk home by myself, it’s too dark at night.”  

At Shenjia High, starting from the first year, both off-campus students and dorm students had to attend the evening self-study session. Off-campus students attend until eight thirty while dorm students stay until nine.    

Luan QingXiao slightly bent her arm, causing them to become even closer. “And what, could it be that you want me to help you think of a solution?” Her beautiful eyes lowered, Nie Zhen’er could feel the other’s breath lightly brushing against her face– like blazing opium poppies, you know it’s poisonous but you can’t help but indulge in it. 

Nie Zhen’er eyes became even mistier. She trembled. Strands of hair dark like crow feathers fell to her forehead.  

Trapped by Luan QingXuan, Nie Zhen’er would touch the other if she was even the slightest bit careless.  

Compared to Nie Zhen’er, Luan QingXiao was taller by half a head.

Nie Zhen’er didn’t dare to make any big movements. She only slightly lifted her head and like she was offering a sacrifice, revealed her pale and fragile neck. Her ruddy lips opened and closed: “I’m really afraid of the dark…”

After she said this, she seemed to have suddenly recalled something. Her limpid eyes carried flecks of golden sand which settled down to form silvergrasses. It looked even more resplendent than the glow of the setting sun painting a lake’s surface, “I remember seeing you a couple of times when walking to school. Your house should also be located in District A. At night, after school, you can walk home with me, then I won’t have to walk together with Liang Yan anymore.” 

Having OCD, Luan QingXiao found Nie Zhen’er’s misbehaving hair unpleasant to look at. As she listened to Nie Zhen’er talk, she conscientiously helped her brush back her scattered hair, tucking it behind her ear. 

Nie Zhen’er’s pale ears flushed red.  

Comprehending the intention of the girl in front of her, Luan QingXiao faintly knitted her brows: “This is the solution you thought of? You want me to escort you home and if I don’t agree, you’ll insist on staying with Liang Yan?”

Luan QingXiao gripped Nie Zhen’er’s chin, slowly leaning in towards her. Her hot breath blew against Ne Zhen’er’s beautiful face which rivaled the peach blossoms that bloomed in March: “Nie Zhen’er, you’ll be staying at Shenjia high for the next two year. If you listen obediently then I won’t do anything to you, but if you don’t…think of the consequences yourself.” When she said the last part, her eyes darkened.  

It was unknown what ‘consequences’ Nie Zhen’er thought of. The color on her cheek deepened and spreaded throughout her entire body.  

She held the book with both hands, pressing it against her chest, : I-I meant what I said just now. Think about it, if you walk together with me, when I won’t have to go with Liang Yan. Isn’t this good?”  

“Good…” Good my ass!  

【Ding! Time’s up, the male lead is here.】

“Luan QingXiao! What are you doing, let go of Zhen’er!” A sonorous but displeased voice interrupted Luan QingXiao, causing the rest of her sentence to die in her throat.

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