The Vicious Supporting Female Character And The White Lotus Female Lead - Chapter 46

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The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 46, Pure Campus Love

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【Ding! Opportunity Ten is about to appear, requesting Host to forget the female lead's backpack in the classroom after ten minutes. 】

    Luan Qing Xiao: Why forgot to take her bag?    【Ding! There is a girl in the female lead’s major who is extremely envious of the female lead. When she returned to the classroom to pick her things, she saw the female lead’s backpack and slipped her newly bought watch inside Nie Zhen'er's backpack to frame the female lead for stealing things. 】    Luan Qing Xiao couldn't do anything purposely to hurt Nie Zhen'er, so she could only try to minimize the damage.    Fortunately, this was the last compulsory plot, otherwise she doesn't know if she can force herself to continue doing this.    After class, Nie Zhen'er needed to use the bathroom and Luan Qing Xiao told her she would help her guard her backpack. However once Nie Zhen'er left the classroom, Luan Qing Xiao followed to the bathroom empty-handed.    When Nie Zhen'er came out of the bathroom and saw Luan Qing Xiao wasn’t carrying her bag, she was confused "Qing Xiao, where’s my backpack?"    Right then, Luan Qing Xiao seemed to have just recalled that, "I think I forgot it in the classroom, let's go back and get it."    Nie Zhen'er followed Luan Qing Xiao back to the classroom without any suspicion.    Laying alone on the desk was Nie Zhen’er’s backpack.    Luan Qing Xiao carried the backpack on her back and let Nie Zhen'er walk in front of her. When she passed by the podium, she stretched her arm to take out the mobile phone hidden in the gap between the teaching materials.    Luan Qing Xiao clicked the red dot at the bottom of the screen, and the phone's video recording function stopped.    Before leaving the classroom to find Nie Zhen'er, Luan Qing Xiao put her phone on the podium and turned on the camera function with the camera facing the position of the backpack.    The female student who framed Nie Zhen'er was related to a person in the security department responsible for monitoring at Q University. The first thing she did after putting the watch in Nie Zhen'er's bag was to find her relative to delete the security camera footage. Luan Qing Xiao was too late to prevent her from deleting the surveillance, therefore she could only use her phone to record the footage of the female student framing Nie Zhen’er.    Both Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er had classes in the next period, so they couldn’t stay together. Besides, that girl will immediately tattle tell to the counselor that her watch was stolen after deleting the surveillance.     520 never said she couldn’t directly tell Nie Zhen'er the truth. Luan Qing Xiao, who exploited the loophole, directly handed her phone to Nie Zhen'er, telling her that if someone troubled her in class, she should open the photo gallery and click on the first video for the counselor to watch.    Although Nie Zhen'er didn't know why, she obediently accepted Luan Qing Xiao's phone to bring to the classroom for the next class.    When Nie Zhen'er walked into the large classroom, it was already densely packed with people. Zhang Hui Hui, a dorm roommate from Nie Zhen'er's military training time, stood up and waved, "Zhen'er, here!" One finger pointing to the empty seat next to her.    Nie Zhen'er smiled at her. She was like a sweet little angel in the white dress, causing all the boys in the classroom to suddenly riot.    Nie Zhen'er walked up to the seat next to Zhang Hui Hui and put her backpack down before showing gratitude to Zhang Hui Hui, "Thank you, Hui Hui."    Zhang Hui Hui waved her hands excitedly, "You're welcome, it was nothing."    Taking advantage of the time before the instructor arrived, Zhang Hui Hui asked, "By the way, where’s Luan Academic God?"    Nie Zhen'er replied, "She also has a class, but we can take the afternoon class together."    Zhang Hui Hui clutch her crimson face with her hands, "Zhen'er, I am the CP fan of Luan Academic God and you. I hope you guys will be sweet forever~"    Nie Zhen'er looked at Zhang Hui Hui in surprise, "What is a CP fan?"    "It’s someone like me who ships you and Luan Academic God  together. Seeing your daily sweet interactions, I’ll scream and cheer you both on." Zhang Hui Hui squirmed bashfully, "Actually, I am also your Yan Fen. Zhen’er, you really are so beautiful."    "Thank you, Hui Hui. You’re also very beautiful." Nie Zhen'er complimented softly, making Zhang Hui Hui's cheeks slightly red.    "Ting Ling Ling!" The starting class bell rang, and the noisy classroom quieted down. In addition to the instructor of this class, the counselor and Zhang Lu'er also enter the room.    Zhang Lu'er was the campus belle in high school, and was used to all kinds of boys flattering her.    She studied well and was admitted to the top university, Q University.  Originally, she thought she would be the only girl who both had good grades and a beautiful appearance at Q University. That way she can continue to be sought after by boys. But who knew this year, a Nie Zhen'er would appear; not only did she have better looks than her, her studies were also better. Immediately, Zhang Lu'er felt unbalanced in her heart.    What right does she have to make all the boys in the school still pay attention to her every day as if they have never seen the world when she already has a girlfriend? While her own efforts to attract the attention of the boys were counterproductive; not only do the girls secretly call her a green tea b*tch or white lotus, but even the boys don’t like talking to her.    Zhang Lu'er was about to explode from anger.    What white lotus or green tea b*tch! In her opinion, Nie Zhen'er was the authentic white lotus. In front of other people, she always appears pure and innocent, who knows her actual appearance.    They’re both pretending, but just because Nie Zhen'er was better looking, everyone liked her. Zhang Lu'er felt she had an obligation to help everyone see Nie Zhen'er's true face.    But she could never catch Nie Zhen'er's tail. So when she returned to the classroom and found Nie Zhen'er's backpack alone in the classroom, she chose to take off her watch and slip it into her bag.    Her watch was a limited edition of the S Brand, with a unit price of 200,000 yuan. If she could firmly frame Nie Zhen'er as the thief, she might even be able to send her to prison.    Zhang Lu'er was not only malicious, but also meticulous. After having her relative delete the security camera footage, she didn't give Nie Zhen'er any time to react and directly brought the counselor to the classroom.    She planned it out quite well. When the time comes to expose Nie Zhen'er for stealing things in front of the entire class, Nie Zhen'er's reputation will be smeared.    What use is being beautiful? Or studying well? She’s still a thief that will soon enter prison.    Zhang Lu'er tried to suppress the rising corners of her mouth and put on an aggrieved expression before following the counselor.    The counselor appeared stern. When Zhang Lu'er told her she lost something, she wasn’t too concerned. But when Zhang Lu'er continued that she had lost a limited edition lady's watch worth 200k, the counselor couldn’t keep calm anymore. 200k wasn’t a small amount, if they can't find the watch for Zhang Lu'er, it will also affect the school’s reputation. Therefore after Zhang Lu'er said where she lost the watch, the counselor immediately brought her to the classroom.    If the thief stole the watch during the first period and since the first and second periods are so close, the thief must have no time to move the subject, the watch had to be within this classroom.     On the way, they met the instructor of this class. Once the counselor told him about the situation, the instructor also supported them to come to the classroom to investigate. If no one admits to taking Zhang Lu'er's watch, he will directly call the police to come.    The instructor walked up to the podium and rapped the desk to attract the attention of the students in the classroom, announcing. "This period there wouldn’t be a class. Your counselor has something important  to tell you guys. Students, please cooperate with her."    Zhang Hui Hui whispered in a puzzled voice, "What important thing can the counselor have to occupy the entire class period? She even brought that green tea b*tch Zhang Lu'er with her."    Nie Zhen'er shook her head, "I don't know either." Recalling Luan Qing Xiao's previous words to her, she had an ominous premonition in her heart.    After the instructor had finished speaking, he left the podium and changed position with the counselor.    The counselor was a stern woman in her thirties. When she walked up to the podium, she coldly glanced at the students under the podium, then paused saying, "There is something very important I have to tell everyone."    "Last period, in another classroom, Zhang Lu'er’s 200k yuan limited edition lady's watch was stolen. At the time, there was no one else in the classroom. So we speculate a classmate took away Zhang Lu’er’s watch on a greedy impulse due to its hefty value. If you return it now, Zhang Lu'er and the school won’t pursue it any further. If you won’t repent and refuse to hand over the watch, then we can only call the police and leave it up to the police. At that point, it won’t be a small punishment such as being expelled, you’ll have to spend your golden years in prison!"    "I will only ask three times in total. After three times, if no one admits to it, Zhang Lu'er will immediately call the police."    "This is the first time: Who took Zhang Lu'er's watch? Stand up."    After waiting for five seconds, no one moved.    "Second time: Who took Zhang Lu'er's watch? If you hand it over, you can still be exempt from a criminal punishment."    After waiting ten seconds, no one stood up.    The counselor frowned and raised her voice, "One last time: Who took Zhang Lu'er's watch?"    "You have to realize that this is your last chance. If you don't stand up immediately, you will miss not only the beautiful university life, but also your most precious youth!"    Silence reigned under the podium.    "Zhang Lu'er, call the police." The counselor said to Zhang Lu'er.    Zhang Lu'er nodded eagerly, "Yes, counselor."    Finally the scene she had been waiting for-Nie Zhen'er getting caught and jailed for stealing!    When Zhang Lu'er called the police, the counselor declared, "Before the police arrive, everyone stay still to prevent the thief from taking the opportunity to transfer the object to you."    Instantly, everyone panicked.    Most of the students in the classroom were of ordinary background. They have never seen a 200k watch, let alone stealing it.    Nie Zhen'er glanced at Zhang Lu'er, who was on the phone and staring straight at herself up front, she didn’t miss the deep malice in her eyes. Nie Zhen'er suddenly thought of something. She pulled out her backpack and turned over all its pockets. Finally, in the small pocket on the side, she felt a watch inside.    Nie Zhen'er remembered Luan Qing Xiao's words; she said that if someone troubled her, open the first video of the photo gallery.    Nie Zhen'er immediately unlocked the phone, clicked on the photos. The thumbnail of the first video was frozen on the image on the classroom during the last period.    Clicking on the play button, Nie Zhen’er saw Zhang Lu'er walk to her backpack, take off her watch and put it in her bag. Instantaneously, she pressed the phone screen on the desk.    Nie Zhen'er sat against the wall. Just now, Zhang Hui Hui was talking to someone at the desk behind her. She didn’t pay attention to her movements, nor did she see the content of the video.    Nie Zhen'er's movements were a little big, causing Zhang Hui Hui to be startled.    "Zhen'er, are you okay? Quickly go check if the phone screen is broken." She thought Nie Zhen'er accidentally dropped her phone.    Nie Zhen'er glanced at Zhang Lu'er. Then she locked the screen and flipped the phone over, "Fortunately, it's fine." Nie Zhen'er joyfully said to Zhang Hui Hui.    After waiting for about ten minutes while the classroom was in panic mode, the police finally arrived.    Officer Cui first asked Zhang Lu'er if she had any clues. Zhang Lu'er shook her head and responded no.    Officer Cui then asked her if there were any classmates she had conflicts with. Zhang Lu'er hesitatingly said Nie Zhen'er's name, "My family background is pretty decent, so all the clothes I normally wear were big-brands. Nie Zhen'er seems to be from an ordinary family and all her branded clothes were brought by her girlfriend. She probably can’t buy anything for herself, so every time she looks at me, she always appears angry. Maybe she has some hatred for the rich."    Officer Cui discussed a few words with the counselor. The counselor walked Nie Zhen'er’s row. The row of classmates held their breath, looking back and forth between each other. Their doubtfully gaze fell on everyone besides Nie Zhen'er and themselves.    They knew they hadn't stolen it, and Nie Zhen'er was so beautiful, kind, and gentle, it was impossible for her to steal something. If someone had to say that someone did steal something, it must be some other people!    The counselor stood on the most outside of the row and said to Nie Zhen'er, who was seating against the wall, "Student Nie Zhen'er, please come out with your things."    The crowd exploded into an uproar.    Students whispered between themselves, not believing what they heard.    Zhang Hui Hui even directly retorted back, "Counselor, you must have called the wrong name. It's absolutely impossible for Zhen’er to steal something."    The counselor said, "We’ll know if she didn’t steal after an inspection."    Nie Zhen'er's face remained unchanged. Her smile was still as soft and sweet as before. She lightly patted Zhang Hui Hui's shoulder, "It's okay, what’s innocent will always be innocent. Hui Hui, don't worry about me."    Nie Zhen'er walked up to the front in front of everyone, holding onto a  phone in her left hand and a backpack in her right hand.    Officer Cui took the backpack and carefully checked every corner of the bag. Nie Zhen'er faced him calmly while he searched.    Zhang Lu'er watched Officer Cui unzip the zipper on the side. Her hands and feet shaking excitedly: Right now, Nie Zhen'er was going to be finished!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Notes:Yan Fen (颜粉): fans who is attracted to or stans a celebrity for their beautygreen tea b*tch (绿茶婊): someone who acts fragile and weak, while they are someone who isn’t and plays with other people’s feelingswhite lotus (白莲花): someone who acts pure and innocent, while they are malicious on the insidetail (小辫子): refers to catching someone red-handed in a wrongful action

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