The Vicious Supporting Female Character And The White Lotus Female Lead - Chapter 5

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520 painted the consequences of the male lead blackening to be extremely frightening. Luan QingXiao, for the sake of the mission, decided to temporarily spare Liang Yan. She won’t go provoke him on purpose.

In the morning, the sky was already bright at 7:00 am. Luan QingXiao had both hands shoved into her pant pockets. Leaning against a wall on the road, she waited for Nie Zhen’er.  

Today’s weather was as sultry as yesterday’s.  

The scorching wind and sun tried their best to get underneath everyone’s clothes, baking people’s skin and stewing their insides. Only when everyone was hot to the point they found it hard to breathe would they be satisfied.  

There were no shades out in the road. Luan QingXiao thought to herself, if Nie Zhen’er still hasn’t come out in the next three minutes, then she’ll…  

“Classmate Luan!” The iron gate at the end of the alley swung open, Nie Zhen’er nervously looked around and when she saw Luan QingXiao, her heart that was hanging in suspense finally settled down. Feeling delighted and pleasantly surprised, she trotted over to Luan QingXiao’s side. 

“Classmate Luan, I’m sorry you had to wait for me, tomorrow I’ll definitely get up earlier.” The young girl’s soft and lovely cheeks were a rosy red. Dewy-eyed, she lifted her head and looked at Luan QingXiao, her gaze filled with guilt.  

Luan QingXiao who had planned to ditch the other and go ahead by herself: “…En, let’s go.”  

The view of Luan QingXiao’s back was cold and aloof, Nie Zhen’er stared blankly for a few seconds before quickly catching up and walking by the other’s side. 

There weren’t many students that lived off campu in the entire school. The school guards basically knew all the students who did. 

When the two walked through the school gate, the guard suddenly called out to Nie Zhen’er.  

“This student, please wait for a moment.”  

Nie Zhen’er stopped in her tracks. She turned to the guards and asked puzzledly: “Guard Uncle, good morning. Do you need something?”  

As she asked the guard, afraid that Luan QingXiao wouldn’t wait for her, she quickly looked over and saw her tall and graceful figure standing still two meters in the distance. Seeing that the other had no intention of leaving, her heart relaxed.  

The guard lowered his voice and said: “This student, the one ahead of you is very fierce when fighting, even we can’t restrain her if she means it. I recommend that you walk further away from her, this way if she acts up, it’ll be more convenient for you to run away.”  

Nie Zhen’er didn’t expect the guard to tell her this. Before, she, like the guard and the majority of the students at Shengjia High, also thought that Luan QingXiao was an evil star that doesn’t listen to reason. But after their interactions together, Nie Zhen’er’s opinion of Luan QingXiao had changed completely. Innately, the other is actually a very warm person, it’s just that she’s not good at expressing it. Those rumors of school violence, there must be an inside story to it.

As Nie Zhen’er contemplated inside her head, a trace of unhappiness surfaced on her face, “Guard Uncle…”  

Just as Nie Zhen’er was about to share with the guard just how good Luan QingXiao was (Like how she had soft heartedly agreed to accompany her to and from school), she was interrupted by a lazy voice. 

Luan QingXiao said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes: “This Uncle, just because there’s a little distance between us, doesn’t mean I can’t hear what you’re saying.”  

The guard was a bit embarrassed, but his eyes viligantly monitored Luan QingXiao’s every movement.  

They stood at the school gate, the shade of the tree covering them. As the atmosphere became heavy, the leaves on the tree, like they had been scared by the tension in the air, hung on the tree silently, not daring to move even an inch.   

“Guard Uncle, I know you mean well but the Classmate Luan I know isn’t the kind of person you say she is. You shouldn’t view a person in only one light.” Nie Zhen’er frowned as she said this. 

Seeing the frail girl in front of him speaking up for the infamous school bully, the words that the guard had planned to say got stuck in his throat, unable to exit or be swallowed. There was a constipated look on his face.  

“No need to care about what insignificant people think, let’s go.”  

Inwardly, Luan QingXiao wasn’t as calm and unperturbed as she appeared on the surface: 520, I used to think the female lead was nothing but a pretty face, but unexpectedly…  

A cute and kind girl, it really makes people like her ah.  

520 said cutely in a milky voice:【Precisely because the female lead is so good, that’s why host has to help her avoid her miserable fate and achieve happiness~ A beautiful soul that is worthy of being protected ne~ Host, do your best!】

Luan QingXiao decided, on the premise that it won’t affect the mission, she would treat Nie Zhen’er a little nicer.  

But as the vicious female support, being good to the female lead can’t be done too explicitly, otherwise if she OOCed she won’t be able to complete the mission.  

The base pay for her job wasn’t high but the bonus after completing a mission was extremely generous. For someone that lacked money like her, the mission is still the most important.   

Nie Zhen’er caught up to her. She nervously glanced at Luan WingXiao’s exquisite side profile: “Classmate Luan, are you angry?”  

Luan QingXiao lowered her head and smiled faintly at her. She used her forefinger to bop the other gently on the nose: “The school flower herself stood up for me like this, how can I get angry?”  

Nie Zhen’er’s heart thumped twice. As she was about to say something, she saw that Luan QingXiao had already entered the classroom.  

Nie Zhen’er walked in behind her. The sounds of books being read aloud halted briefly, messing up the voices that had been reading orderly in sync. The eyes of many students strayed from their books and wandered over to Luan QingXiao and Nie Zhen’er, looking back and forth between them; The two people who are the polar opposite of each other just walked through the door together. 

Liang Yan’s gaze was focused on Nie Zhen’er. He could tell her mood was very good, the corner of her mouth constantly formed a small smile.  

Liang Yan’s heart felt stifled, mixed alongside with a trace of hurt. He couldn’t help but knock against his desk twice. After getting the majority of the class’s attention, he pursed his lips and said in a perspicuous voice: “Teacher Lin will be here soon to inspect the morning English reading. The content of this page is a bit too simple, it cannot exhibit the level of our class that is much higher than the average class’s. Everyone, flip to page fifty eight and let’s read it from the start.”

It was almost time for the final exams. The previous English teacher was hospitalized after a sudden stroke and couldn’t continue teaching but coincidentally, Teacher Lin who had stepped down from teaching the Year Three Rocket Class just came back from her maternal leave so the principal had her teach the Year One Rocket Class. Teacher Lin has rich teaching experiences, on the first day she told them all that she will only teach the most outstanding students. 

The students in Rocket Class were all prideful, after being incited like by Teacher Lin, they acted as if they’ve been injected with chicken blood, all of them fully prepared to let Teacher Lin know just how outstanding they were.

Although they’re only in Year One, there’s no way they would be any worse than the third years!  

Thus, in Rocket Class Year One’s English classroom, the studying atmosphere was unprecedentedly fervid.  

In the Rocket Class, one spoke with their grades. Although Liang Yan’s grade wasn’t as good as Nie Zhen’er’s, he was still the cream of the crop in the Rocket Class.   

As the class president he was also responsible and diligent. In the Rocket Class his words held certain weight. The students in the Rocket Class felt that what he said was reasonable so they all flipped to that page. The English representative read the first line and the rest of the class followed suit.  

A roomful of gazes moved back to their books. Seeing that no one was staring at her with weird looks anymore, Luan QingXiao let out a sigh of relief. She suddenly felt that Liang Yan actually wasn’t that bad of a person!  

Luan QingXiao lifted her head and looked towards where Liang Yan was sitting. At this moment Liang Yan turned his head around. They locked eyes with each other. 

One side’s gaze contained admiration and the other held resentment.  

【Ding! The male lead’s blackening value has reached 15%! Once the male lead’s blackening value reaches 100%, the blackened mode will be unlocked. The consequences will not be favorable, may host proceed with caution! 】

Luan QingXiao:…I take back my thoughts from before.  

This male lead shouldn’t be praised lest he becomes too full of himself!  

The awe in Luan QingXiao’s eyes disappeared in an instant without a hint of it to be seen. Her brows are full of taunting mockery. She ‘hmphed’ softly and lowered her head to flip through the English textbook.  

‘She’ liked Liang Yan but she won’t love without dignity.  

The minute Nie Zhen’er sat down, her sleeve was grabbed by Li Ni, “Zhen’er~” She stared at Nie Zhen’er with sparkling eyes. 

Nie Zhen’er was momentarily confused but then she remembered the words she had said yesterday after school, “NiNi, the teacher’s almost here, let’s talk after morning self-reading class, okay?”  

Li Ni immediately let go of her hand: “En, en~I can’t wait to hear the story between you and Luan QingXiao!” Saying this, she excitedly stomped her feet twice.  

Nie Zhen’er flipped open the English textbook, her face slightly hot. She softly said: “What story is there to tell ah.”  

There’s only her one-sided yearning towards that blazing light.  

Below is the author’s fantasy(Not real!)

Luan QingXiao: I am very poor but the mission can make me a wealthy woman.

Nie Zhen’er: What is your mission?

Luan QingXiao [serious face]: To make you happy, Nie Zhen’er.

Nie Zhen’er [suddenly blushing]: T-then you don’t need to do much, you and me being together brings me happiness ah~

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